Friday, June 27, 2014

#583 - VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon as weapon

For the umpteenth time that day, I was on the receiving end of a demonic attack, this time, by a nurse at Valley Medical Center (VMC) in San Jose, California, who launched a demon on me as I sat on the emergency room floor awaiting treatment for injuries sustained from a two-day long battle with demons and their people.

A demon emerges from a plastic bag carried by a person performing the bizarre series of hand movements I have witnessed thousands of times by demon people conjuring demons to use as weapons
I was on the floor, by the way, because I needed to both use and charge my cellphone at the same time, and there were no electrics outlets near a chair. Plus, there was plenty of demonic activity to document at the hospital. So, I used my phone's camera while it charged, and while waiting for a doctor.

The demon's face as it is carried towards me
I'm glad I decided to keep at it, even while injured, because, as luck would have it, I was finally able to capture what a demon person looks like when they possess an inanimate object with a demon and launch it on someone.

This was a task I thought I'd never accomplish because the movement is so discrete, and the demon can only be seen by a video camera when either the demon or the camera is in-motion. Even then, it can only be seen by reviewing the footage frame-by-frame, and picking out only the frames that show the demon.

There's a reason why, after all this time, and after thousands of such attacks, that it took so long to get the perfect video. For one, to detect the act perfectly, you'd have to point the camera directly at the demon person—right distance, right angle—and they'd have to be unaware that they are being recorded. That almost never happens because demon people are notified of a target's every movement and thought by the demons hovering over the target (i.e., Voices Demons).

For some reason, that either did not dissuade the demon person in the video or else Voices Demons got sloppy. Regardless, the demon person had to be swinging her arm, too, for any of these two factors to be relevant to the production of this video (read why in PICS | Scores of demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment):

The type of attack in the video is specifically designed to be innocuous to the unsuspecting eye. Any demon can make itself quite visible to anyone. It's done this way so that demon people—and demons—can attack people in plain view of everyone else without it being detected by those who don't know what to look for. All the cloak does is help a demon person keep hidden what they are doing to others, so they can do it anywhere, anytime.
NOTE | Set the playback quality of the video to the maximum setting (1080p HD) when viewing.
The video shows but one series of hand motions that, for some reason, indicate to a demon that the demon should possess the object held in the demon person. The demon knows who to attack when the object being carried is brought near (and or pointed at) the intended target.
NOTE | The demon doesn't stay in the bag or whatever it is called into; the bag (or what have you) is some sort of anchor point for the demon to hold on to as it emerges from wherever it comes or whatever state it is in (it could be a state, not necessarily a space, is what I'm saying). It is the friction caused by the hand movements, I believe, that provides some sort of energy that the demon uses to emerge into this new state or from its originating space. It movements are also an indication to it that it is being called; in other words, the series of hand movements are unnatural (bizarre) on purpose, so the demon knows when it is actually being called, versus when the caller is simply scratching themselves.
When such a demon leaps from the object to the target, they shrink to a size and approximate shape of a large peanut shell, and turn into shadow (that is, looks like a shadow); they, then inflict pain to a targeted region of the body by crawling in and underneath clothing and skin. They can and often do enter body orifices, including the anus, nose, mouth, eye sockets, and ears. They can penetrate through the skin in order to apply injury to a bodily organ.

Demons and their people target specific areas of a victim's body over and over, a little bit at a time. They could kill you instantly or inflict the overall damage that is the ultimate goal, but, with demons and their people, that would preclude the prolonged suffering that is their primary objective.
NOTE | For a specific list of injuries demons have announced they intend to inflict—and have now begun inflicting—see People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs.
The sensation of being injured by a demon varies; sometimes, depending on what the demon targeted, it feels like the sudden onset of the flu, especially when they target kidneys. If it's your neck or lower back, it feels like being stuck with a splinter that needs removed. If it's your head, it will burn, swell and ache. If it's my neck, shoulders, or lower back, those stiffen and never gets better. If it's your heart, it will beat erratically, and you will struggle to breath. If it's your eyes, you will get double vision, and they will feel dry.

The list goes on; but, the idea is that, over time, all these targets began failing in their capacity to work properly.

Some injuries obvious, immediate
Not all injuries are sustained over a prolonged period of time, particularly, when demons need to complicate a specific act or complement a problem they have already created. Recently, demons have injured my hands and feet to make walking difficult, and to make it hard to use my hands and to make them unsightly.

Here is one of the injuries to my foot:

My toe was struck with such force that the toenail eventually peeled away from it
Here are the latest injuries to my hands:

Beneath the nails and hang nail, demons (or their people) have embedded dirt or something that cannot be washed away The nail of the first finger has fallen off; also note the redness of the fingertips, which were subject to repeated burning
Voices Demons, as usual, have threatened future violence if I seek treatment for any of the injuries they cause. This, of course, is not the first time they have made this type of threat; one similar to it was made in THREAT | Voices Demons warn against exercise, threaten severe injury.

Confrontation with police came less than one hour after posting pics of demon attack
I had been settled into an emergency room bed less than 5 minutes before two San Jose cops burst into my room and read me the riot act for this post. I watched them for signs of demonic attack, which I did not see or feel (there are more than one series of hand movements that conjure demons, and there are foot movements, as well; spoken commands supplement body movement periodically).

The conversation was a short one; but, overall, they expressed her dislike of the post, yet indicated that they were not adverse to it, being a free country and all. I don't want to speak for them where they did not speak, but I'd have to guess that any real misgivings would be that this person is—more or less—singled out from more demon people than I can count. For that reason, it looks unfair from anyone's vantage point, except for mine. That's hard to accept unless you're me, even if you disagree with demon people in general. All of this assuming, of course, that you are aware of the demon and demon people problem, which they undoubtedly are.
$666 is not the usual amount for emergency services at VMC
At the end of the lecture, I asked the cops how the nurse heard about the post. Not just how so quickly, but how at all. One of them said someone called her and told her; then, he said the hospital received a call from a concerned citizen. Then, he said it was a friend of hers. If it happened in any of those ways, I'd be amazed simply because it was after 2 a.m., and less than an hour after I posted her pics to this blog. Not only that, but I invite only people I know to have an interest in the subject; none of those people would track down that nurse, whose name is not mentioned, and whose picture isn't all that clear, for the purposes of alerting her to the post.

What really happened is that, if someone called, they were alerted by Voices Demons (or another demon); everyone, then, involved would have to know demons and, consequently, the things they are doing with people and to people. Whether those particular police officers had any connection to that, one cannot say with certainty. Guessing is not acceptable, as those things are particularly heinous.

Post-attack signature (a stylized number eight)
As usual, before, during and after their attack, demons left a sign of their signature, stylized number eight at the place where Scratchen is living now, and out of a fan's power cord:

The demons' signature stylized eight, made out of a power cord, appears towards the wind-down of the latest attack
To familiarize or refresh yourself, search this site for stylized eight.

About the designation 'demon people'
The origin of the phrase is strictly from the Voices Demons side, and I have adopted it accordingly. It's a common reference used between me and the demonic community to identify a person or group that does what you see in this post. I use it elsewhere, including on this blog, in that context only.

My opinion on the phrase is irrelevant; it is vernacular, and has no other substitutes. Still, I proffer the following:
  1. God made no demon people.
  2. God does not want people He made to become demon.
  3. Demon people are victims of delusion by demons, to be sure, but, there is a point where the person becomes completely accountable to God for their actions. If I had to guess at which point, I'd simply take a look at the person's face after they launched a demon at me:
An unrepentant face, a haughty look

Odds-and-ends, waiting for integration into the post
Click each image to enlarge it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

#582 - Cyberstalker advises pending death, cites reasons for societies' demonic allegiance; reader passes on Jesus' compassion (i.e., charity, forgiveness)

I always thought it was the power that drew people to demons offering it; but, my cyberstalker set me straight on that earlier this morning with this e-mail:

My cyberstalker cites all the reasons demon people get to use their demon powers
(apparently, you have to be a bad person)

Now, you all know. Hopefully, when my death finally happens—which is apparently going to be real soon—everyone will renounce evil, and, of course, start humble lives as God-fearing Christians; however, based on the history of e-mails and letters I've received from this person, I'd say probably not (given that old habits die hard, and all that):

NOTE | For more on this stalker and others, search for stalker on this blog.
Non-anonymous harassment occurs simultaneously with anonymous stalking
This reader (and others like him) tend towards conversations just like that shown below right around the time I receive a stalker e-mail like the one above. They are always the same, and there is usually about 3 of them each time the blog gets a few good pics or videos. This is just one of the dozens upon dozens of nearly identical conversations I've had with other readers like him.

They almost always accompany or proceed every time I have a violent encounter with demons and their people; they are always unsolicited, from people I don't know but like to pretend they do, and appear to be calculated to annoy and insult and taunt.

As you read it, keep in mind the other person knows full well about the attack, and is playing dumb about the existence of the demons, the scope of the problem, and the reality of my injuries (notice the avoidance, even after continuously being led back to the topic). This is about as disgusting as it gets to me, particularly because this person knows about my devotion to God, knows his own and demon peoples' aversion to Him, and decides to mock using that:

I omitted the series of body stabbing and slicing pics in the series of screen captures above; however, you can see one of them in Scores of demons reside in the Jungle Homeless Encampment.

The rest of the conversation is presented here. Notice the time of day God decided to send him to me as a blessing (after 2 a.m.).

A follow-up conversation with a "Christian brother"
On June 26th, 2014, I decided to give the reader above chance to be confused with a Christian, instead of the mocker I suspect him to be. I took the bait at every turn (lying about being on drugs, even, in order to put his claim of fellowship with God to the ultimate test). As you'll see from the conversation, his own concerns came before Christ's, as I was clearly in danger, needed help, and yet couldn't get what I needed until I completely denigrated myself to him.

This is the opposite of how a true Christian would act in real life; if you're not a Christian, then you may miss the point of this conversation, just as the reader did. Still, I'll risk it; it's at least interesting, if not educational and extremely telling:

Appealing to his Christian duty to help those in need, and his sense of (gay) community...
Jesus tells us how to answer that; but, I digress
Let's entertain his issues, I'm thinking, because there's plenty of time to entertain mine
Why would I apologize to a person who was messing with me at 2 a.m., just like all the other people that day and night had been? What exactly did I do but make a note of a part of the experience of a day in the life of a demoniac?
So, someone calls you and says, "My eyes and ears have been injured." You respond, "Your blog is selfish. You only think about yourself." Bad timing on personal feedback, to say the least
Demons and their people, who cause addiction and cravings, love throwing their handiwork in your face
However, feeling that any drug issue (whether your fault or theirs) has no bearing on your need to escape danger, I bite with a mock confession
Now that he has his ammo, he feels like he can legitimately back out of his Christian duty to help someone in need (perhaps some would agree? Go ahead; try that with Jesus)
A lot of Bible versus to remind him that his duty is backed by Christ, not precluded by any, less-powerful evil
First attempt to dodge his Christian duty; he's not a friend, he's not a Christian (he's a liar)
You don't go to the emergency room for being called a "faggot tweaker," and I'm pretty sure he knows that
So, as a Christian, he would send me to a gay sex club, if only he had the money
Oops! That option might work, though, but we still haven't worked out the part where I get to say I was wrong for reacting to being called selfish on the same night I was practically blinded and deafened
I'm not at a place where I can accommodate his request, even if I wanted to; plus, it was extremely late, and I needed to get indoors, especially considering the increased exposure to danger by being on the streets after 1 a.m.
I couldn't lie; what he was doing that night was exactly what I said he was doing, which is what has been done on every day of a demonic attack for the past year (mocking me)
I present him with the option of discussing it face-to-face; but, that would be too Christian, wouldn't it?

So, my point was, was that he had an opportunity to be Christ-like in the literal sense, and in every sense. He didn't notice. He simply wanted to fulfill his agenda for the "in-crowd." (demon vernacular)

Grandma threatens to cut imaginary funds over 'meth' conversation (above)
So, today (July 1st, 2014), I get an e-mail from my grandmother saying that she saw that I was on meth again. Wow. I'll just share the e-mail, and let people think what they think. Simply put, there's those in the know, and then there's the idiots. You're either one or the other:
Never call (or called) for money; don't need it 
I am working, and providing for my own room and board
This e-mail (unbelievably) implies that I solicit money from her from time-to-time. Never, ever happens. In fact, I was just feeling guilty the other day about not calling her and the rest of the family enough to let them know what's going on. The timing and content of this e-mail is just so suspicious...

I'm so embarrassed by my family sometimes; how could they act like this when they know what they know? The demon people just laugh and laugh and laugh at us when stuff like this happens on my end. They think, "What a jack-ass people they are."

I can't blame them.
NOTE | Some readers would ask, "Why humiliate yourself and others by putting their (and your) shame out there for others to see?" Because this is about a problem bigger than myself and others. Just as fear is no factor for me, neither is humiliation; the work must go on, regardless. By putting this stuff out there, I have encouraged others to come forward with their demon problem, who also experience the same kind of ridicule that was holding them back from sharing.
Demon peoples' anger rages on
What can I say? They are genuinely pissed about getting caught red-handed on video doing the slimey things they do.

Grandma says nothing from stalker received on her end
I asked grandma about this e-mail; she denies receiving any mail like that described by the stalker above:

I wondered, though, because the stalker has been sending mail to every place I have lived in California for the past several years now (since the blog was first started, actually).

Facebook reader weighs in on stalker's free time
Long-time reader, Elizabeth Meiser, who was first introduced in READER | Michigan woman pens letter to jail, advises abstention from drugs, sex, wrote this in response to my stalker's latest series of e-mails:

The Voices Demons expressed a similar sentiment, but in characteristically muted fashion: "I think he's trying to say you're not being ignored."