Friday, August 10, 2012

VIDEO | Scratchen's life threatened again by repeat of eye illusions

Two buttons on the end of the sleeve of a black jacket tilted at a specific angle towards the camera and lighting and shadow adjustments made by the demon issuing the threat, who issued a threat against Scratchen's life, form Scratchen's eyes; it is traditional to create such an illusion in art for these types of threats
One of those violent and hate-filled Jawa-like demons, whose glowing eyes you can see in the beginning of this video, issued a warning against being an enemy of Tuzzo, saying that it would have dire consequences if I did not expect battle to the extreme.
It would not repeat the warning for the video camera; the army of Tuzzo is too scared to do that, generally (I guess), which is the other reason I'm not afraid of a three-foot muppet or any other of their foul-smelling kind (by the way, the demon's entrance infused the air with the old familiar smell of fear, which now smells like fight to me).

Rather, as shown in this video clip (MediaFire [5.44MB]), the demon resorted to a commonly used way of threatening, which is to create an accurate and detailed illusion of the person they intend to hurt, but with evidence of how they intend to hurt them.

They have done this in mirrors and video, whereas you could see me as I am now, but modified to show the type of mortal injuries they intend to inflict.
NOTE | This was described previously in a post on this blog, but which now appears to have been erased, probably because they want no evidence of death threats issued to me (even while claiming that they don't care if people know, and that they couldn't do anything about it anyway). The opportunity was recently taken by demons through a human collaborator, who had access to my laptop for nearly eight hours yesterday, and who received instructions from a cloaked demon on what modifications to make to my laptop while on it while being secretly recorded on video (see SECRET VIDEO | Two humans work me over for payment as a job).
The threat consists of two buttons at the end of a sleeve on a hanging coat that were angled toward the camera to create the shape of Scratchen's eyes; then, the demon used its innate mastery over light and shadow to create the rest of the illusions.

This is the second time a threat against Scratchen's life in this manner was caught on video (see PHOTO GALLERY | Demons re-create Scratchen's "eye" with power strip).
Demons use illusion magic to re-create Scratchen's eye with light, shadow and a power strip

This threat is very real, in that demons are petty cry-babies when it comes to losing, or the prospect of losing. At the merest hint that a life form lower than themselves could "get over on them," they will kill their own mothers, if that's what it took to win.

Killing Scratchen, who is a cat that is as non-threatening and inconsequential as can, is the very maneuver I'd expect from a superior race who never had to be "just happy to be nominated" or be patient or take turns or share or cooperative with others. As a consequence, they are stuck in the "terrible twos" when it comes to injured pride and challenges to their superiority, which is trumpeted by nearly every one of them at least hourly.

SECRET AUDIO | Demons recruit Long to taunt about homelessness they caused

An oft-repeated tactic by the Voices Demons is to cause a major life catastrophe well within their means and practice, such as losing your job, home, car, money, relationships, etc.—after repeatedly having announced prior their intent to do so, and after having waiting for you take every preventative and recuperative measure first, in order to try and foil them. Then, having already dispatched a horde of Voices Demons (or collaborator of varying kind), will use your family and/or friends to berate you for having lost those things, and for reasons that have no basis in facts that could even be known to the person stating them, and for reasons that are not even plausible.

For example, in the case of theft, you might be berated for not taking appropriate security measures, which could have happened, for example, when a demon walked right into your safe while cloaked and then beamed your money and valuables out of the safe once inside. And, even if that's the case, no one is going to accept that explanation if they're told not to by their Voices Demons.

You may also be blamed for having a weak personality or for having been intoxicated; however—and, as was the case with me—you will simply be intimidated into giving it to people who have the ability, and have threatened to use their ability, to cause harm, and who are recruited by demons for that purpose, i.e., the gang-stalkers. That's called either strong-arm robbery, or just plain robbery, and maybe with assault with a deadly weapon.
NOTE | For the record, I was rarely intimidated, but was beaten, which means they hire people who are willing to get your money either without violence or with. Then, you will be berated for making poor choices of friends, even though, in my case, I did not choose to hang out with an enormous crowd of White and Mexican gay-bashing straights and motorcycle gangsters—all of whom were way outside my peer group—who lived (or wanted to live) a life of organized crime, which would have been a change so major in my life's history that not even unabashed and wanton drug use could explain such a ridiculous change in my case. Everyone kept referring to them as my "friends," even though I never defined them as such (even the police did this in reports). When I would insist they weren't friends—but, rather, a gang of thugs equipped to rob and the like—family and friends would still call them this. Of course, I couldn't understand why at the time because I didn't know about the advanced positioning of the demons within my social support network; and, having had no other reasonable and likely explanation at the time, I was eventually driven to my first suicide attempt in jail in December 2006—the stated goal of the gang-stalkers' campaign of harassment and fear—when my own mother lied to police to put me there on behalf of the Voices Demons.
In this audio recording of a phone call with long-time friend Long Cao, a perfect example of this is given in the situation in which I became homeless due to the wrongful failure to refund any money for rent paid to my current landlord/human collaborator, after having been forced out only two days after having paid the money (and, a portion of that money came from the county specifically for the payment of rent).

Long and my family know that I am dependent on them for basic needs, ever since my release from a three-year custody, which has almost nothing to do with my situation compared to other factors, none being more prominent than the demon one; however, instead of meeting those needs as promised, they provided barely enough, forcing me to eat less and do absolutely nothing that cost money, which included buying household and clothing essentials. So, when catastrophe hit, as prepared as I was with the knowledge in advance by the Voices Demons, there was nothing I could about it.
Long "Kevin" Cao
Not only that, but my mother promised to pay rent twice, but then refused after it became very late. This could have been, and was cited as, the reason for eviction from my first apartment, even though I know that particular landlord to be in league with the demons, and that I would have evicted me for any reason or no reason.
NOTE | In the eviction trial, Judge Barnum was actually instructed to violate clearly established case law by a centurion demon, standing partially cloaked behind his right shoulder, whereas I would have had the eviction dismissed, and would have been awarded the fair market value of three-months rent, plus moving expenses, for a total of $3,995. This shows how petty and baby-ish demons handle losing, or the prospect of losing, and is a clear downside of having nearly unlimited power as compared to others in this world as far as maintaining it as a lawful, civilized and orderly place. They simply state that they are allowed to break laws against some people. I find they are awfully adept at it breaking laws in very technical and ingenious ways to really buy this; they go about things in ways that make Mission Impossible look like crap. There's that, plus the fact that they only break laws, so it's not like breaking laws—even for a reason—is something that is a contrast to what they do otherwise. (Finally, let's not forget that we're talking about demons here, and not people; I didn't ask for an explanation as to why demons do bad thing in the first place. Would you? They look like skeletons in cloaks, monsters with fangs—no halos, no angelic wings, or long, flowing white robes. Do you think they do good sometimes, even inadvertently, ever?)
So, basically, as soon as the Voices Demons and the gang-stalkers attacked, I went from being known for my history of a crime-free life, full of nothing but a self-supporting lifestyle that was at least the minimum required for any adult in this world (but, in most ways, above average), to this loser pushover who lost everything to drugs, all in one day (it doesn't happen that fast, believe me).

Another demon-led attempt to evict me from my home is described in HOME | Demonic plan to oust me from new apartment backfires on roommate.