Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Proving sucker demons, definitively (also Removing sucker demons embedded in your skin)

About this post
This post tells you how to prove the existence of sucker demons, particularly, the worm-like variety, which bury their heads and half their bodies straight into your skin, leaving only enough of the tail end protruding to match the length of the surrounding hairs. It also tells you how to remove them. For now, it contains only written instructions, which are followed by links to similar posts that show images and that describe sucker demons in greater detail; however, should circumstances permit, it will also include a video showing the proper pinch for finding and removing them.

About "proof"
I'd like to clarify the purpose of this blog as it relates to "proof" of demons and the like. First of all, I'm not providing proof to people that demons exist when they should already know that they do. That, by the way, includes any one person alive. But, if you ask for proof, I won't stand for an "it's Photoshopped" rebuttal when I present a photo. The blog is a collection of thousands of photos that collectively prove demons exist; and, I have thousands more I haven't posted that do no less; moreover, I have the ever-ready ability to produce thousands more at my leisure—and those right before your very eyes.

Rather, the blog is not about proof; it's about "what's next." If you're not interested in answering that question or hearing an answer, your belief in demons is very, very irrelevant to me. I see no problem I need to correct; I'm neither offended nor made insecure by your skepticism.

I use the word "proving" in the title to this post to mock those who ignore the obvious. You can say you can't see what I see in a photo or that I doctored a photo; but, your fingers won't except any argument as to what they feel, and it is they that this post invites you to use to prove demons exist in lieu of your eyes.

Instructions for finding and removing sucker demons
Using just menthol oil, clear plastic wrap and your (or someone else's) fingertips, you can prove that sucker demons exist, and that they embed themselves in a person's skin. Simply apply the oil to, say, a leg and an arm, and then wrap it in plastic wrap, thin and tight. The white, microfine hairs that you can only sometimes see, but always feel, are sucker demons, which you detect by pinching the air just above the surface of the plastic wrap using your thumb and forefinger; your body hair—which they resemble—will remain trapped underneath the plastic wrap.
NOTE | If sucker demons were nothing more than hair, they wouldn't protrude through the plastic wrap (something they can do per the semi-cloaked state inherent by their nature). That's proof enough; but, if you want more, read on to learn how they defend themselves (a display of their intelligence means sentient life).
Neither pinch nor touch the plastic wrap, hovering your fingers a millimeter above the surface from the beginning of the pinch and until you feel the soft, heathery feel of a grove of sucker demons (numerous thinner sucker demons, which encompass a single, thick sucker demon). Touch your fingers lightly together to get a sense of the location of the sucker demon in the grove's center; the thicker side of the pinch points to the root sucker demon. The distinction between the sucker demon in the middle and its surrounding sucker demons is readily made, in that it is much thicker, and feels sturdy enough to pull without tearing as easily as the others; and, when you apply a gentle pulling pressure, you will feel the root tug at a specific point on your skin.

Once you've identified the location, repeat the pinching maneuver until you find the root. Between each pinch, you must stretch your hand out completely—usually, until it pops. Failure to do so will mean failure to remove the sucker demon. That's because the surrounding sucker demons entangle with your fingers whenever you touch them in order to prevent a grip on the root (by forming a wall between your fingers). You have also have to pull your hand at arms length away from the site in order to break the entanglement.

When you find the main sucker demon, pinch firmly enough so that, when you pull it, it tugs at your skin from the root; pinch no harder than what is minimally required to feel it tug at your skin.

Then, using the strength of your grip as a guide, hold the sucker demon without actually tugging it. As you do, you will feel the surrounding sucker demons slip into your grip, and the root sucker demon grow thicker and sturdier.

Although it may require several passes, you can unroot the grove of sucker demons by slowly pulling them in any single direction of your choosing. Unlike when acquiring a grip on the grove, you may drag your fingers on the surface of the skin when removing it. Keep pulling until the sucker demons detach themselves, repeating the process as necessary.

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Videos of sucker demons
My entire collection of videos showing sucker demons are available on YouTube. Following is a video showing sucker demons that was made just today:

NOTE | For optimal viewing, watch this video in a dark room, and maximize the brightness on your display; because sucker demons are fast, and because they are small, play back at HD quality only.

Videos of sucker demons show only one side of the story, namely, their movement; the other side is made visible in each video frame. If you just watch the video, you've only seen about 10% of what any given video of demonic activity has to offer. Download a copy of the original video and pause it on each frame to get the rest (the compressed version for streaming via YouTube loses detail and omits frames).

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