Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VIDEO | Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness

The following video clip shows the positioning and hand gesture demon people sometimes use to deploy a demonic weapon, which usually look like spikes and tendrils, emitted from their hands or an object held by them (although, in this clip, you cannot see which). More importantly, it shows two demon people at work together, which is the usual attack method (and policy).

The clawed hand of a demon replaces the attacker's own hand when deploying a demonic weapon

The location is the computer lab at the Little Orchard Homeless Shelter, where I sitting at a computer workstation, but am using my MacBook Air. As I work, I am being constantly bombarded by demonic weapons by those in the lab, and those passing by through the hallways behind me. The most important piece of evidence is not the actual strike—which, as I stated above, you cannot see exactly—but the demonic hand transformation of the men participating in the attack:

Two thick, red demon fingers replace this man's usual five, right after his launched a demonic weapon

Although not shown in this post, in another portion of the full-length video, the man in the black shirt returns for a solo attack, which, again, is indicated (in part) by the transformation of his hand into that of a demon's (but not the actual strike). The fingers on his hand are grossly elongated, and appear to sport black claws on their tips (although, they are actually the retracting remnants of tendrils of the demonic weapon known as, "The Bear Claw of Fire").

The full-length video is 23 minutes long, and, to your untrained eye—and certainly without pausing it in specific locations, and then comparing what you see to what's been posted before on this blog—you will not see anything but the use of a computer lab by patrons. This clip would be no exception, without having paused at key events and describing them:

Line-of-sight to target required to deploy demonic weapons
The video from which the clip was taken not only showed several other two-man collaboration combinations, and showed several new (to me) one-man demonic-weapon deployment hand gestures, which allowed for a wide-sample comparison of common characteristics, and, consequently, added one more vital discovery of information regarding deployment requirements. It also allows for a better evaluation of key differences between dumb weapons (mechanical) and smart (sentient) ones.

All weapons require the target to be in the line-of-sight. It appears that a demon person must be able to see you to target you. The video shows every demon person sustaining a non-blinking glare at me right before deploying their respective demonic weapons:

Eye contact with the target appears to be required for demon people to deploy a demonic weapon

Based on my experience, however, this is only required for dumb weapons; smart weapons, i.e., weapons that are actually demons [see VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon], appear not to have this requirement, although it can be reasonably assumed that at least a mental image of the target—or some sort of mutual familiarity with the target between the demon person and the demon—is required for targeting.

Also, it seems that a line-of-sight is only required for targeting; once the weapon has been aimed, so to speak, moving behind a wall or corner or door will not shield the target from being hit. The tendrils (or wires) will go straight through whatever material stands in the way, or even snake around or under or over it, if there's an opening.