Saturday, August 2, 2014

UPDATE | "Nighttime Flyer" Demon, revisited

Recent enhancements to a nearly two-year old video of a white, disc-shaped flying demonic entity trailing me as I walk down a dark street show that it has a wire-like tail that cannot be seen in the original [see animated pic, below]:

The flyer has a tail that can only be seen with enhancements to the original video
It extends into view attached to the body of the flyer from somewhere off-camera, and retracts as the flyer flits out of the picture [watch video, below]:

NOTE | This clip came from a series of videos first shown in VIDEOS | Orange flyer stalks from behind, green orbs light the way during nighttime walk.
Based on its dragon-fly-like flying pattern and, of course, its wiry tail, it is probably of the same variety of the demonic entity shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Two Demonic Entities Fly Into My Apartment. Both of these nearly identical-looking demons fly perpendicular to the camera’s line-of-sight and bob in and out of view from the right [see pic, below]:

The first flying demonic entity can be seen on video at the location of the right circle

The only difference between the two entities are the color, size and shape of their bodies. The body of the first flyer looks like a grayish-colored dust bunny in the shape of a cat-tail; the body of the second is flat, white and diamond-shaped. Also, whereas the first entity sat motionless on the end of its tail, the second entity looks like it might flap its body, just like another flying demonic entity that flit past me in a darkened apartment one night around the same time I captured the dust-bunny-on-a-wire demon on video three years ago. It is (somewhat) shown (but definitely heard) on video in Flying (Glowing) Demonic Entity.

Variety known for extreme camera-shyness
Apparently, these entities are not only averse to being captured on video, they take offense when they are. At that time I captured the first flying entity on video, I wrote:

For years, demonic entities, such as these two, have been flying in and out of my apartment by sliding through the crack under the front door—sometimes all day and all night—always keeping their distance, but otherwise making themselves visible; however, until [this] day in September, they were too elusive to capture on video.

To catch these, I hid in my bathroom with the lights off and pointed the camera at the door mirror, angling it so I could catch them as they flew in under the front door. Because this was (and is) such a frequent occurrence, all I had to do was wait [a short time] for them to appear[, and take advantage of the moment.]

Apparently, my little victory made them feel unwelcome, as it was nearly two years before I ever saw one again—and that only on video, and only after skimming it frame-by-frame over a year later.

Other flying demons
These aren’t the only demons I’ve captured on video, flying. Another variety of flying demonic entities are sucker demons, which are shown in at least seven videos in SCIENCE | Sucker demons fly like some fish swim.

Some humanoid-shaped demons fly, too, such as the Spectre of Death, who can be seen on video flying into my apartment while I slept in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Spectre of Death.