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VIDEO TIMELINE | Skull Demon Perched in Backyard

The original, uncompressed version (and only posted copy) of Skull Demon Perched in Backyard is added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline calendar on May 8th, 2012, at 1.14 PM.
Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by compressing video files stored on their servers.

A giant demon with a skull for a face, posted outside Long's housekeeping client's house.

PHOTO | Skull Demon posted outside Long's client's house

Yesterday, I helped a friend with his housekeeping business. While I was at his client's house, the tell-tale signs of demonic activity began to occur, and, as always, I turned on my cellphone camera and began to scan for signs of demons and demonic entities.I wasn't disappointed. Outside a living room window, a skull demon was perched in the side yard, looking inside the house; it was blended with a rose bush.
An original, unprocessed still frame from the video showing the skull demonThe location of the skull demon, which sits on its haunches, balancing with an arm on the ground, and an elbow on its knee
It was taken during a demonic attack that originated at 5821 Castano Drive, in San Jose, California. There, I was assisting Long with his housekeeping business. Their presence can only be explained one way: they simply don't want income to reach me. That would break their home turf advantage, they claim ("Nobody goes out of bounds while we're involved," is what the Voices Demons have said repeatedly).
The same still frame from the video showing the skull demon, color-processed in image editing software
The video from which the skull demon photo originated can be downloaded from MediaFire.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voices Demons: An unidentifiable, Voices Demon-resistant entity discovered

This post is simply about what I was told, with a few suggested conclusions added by me; the veracity of this information cannot be determined first-hand. Even still, it's a good example of a part of my day-to-day interaction with the Voices Demons, and it gives me an opportunity to tell a few stories I haven't yet had an opportunity to tell. In sum, it's an interesting read, true or not.

I tend to think it's all true. It's a big universe, and I've seen more creative renderings of fact than any fiction could supply. This is a rather dry story, in fact, compared to most things I've personally seen with my own eyes. If this were made up, the Voices Demons could (and would) do better—believe it.

The hear-all, see-all, tell-all Voices Demons say that there are new entities in San Jose that humans can see and talk to, but can't or won't talk to the Voices Demons. Apparently, these entities either have refused to identify themselves to the Voices Demons or could not be identified using the standard means for hailing non-human entities (in other words, the inability to make contact—visual or otherwise—may be biological, not intentional).

So how did the Voices Demons become aware of these new entities? Eavesdropping on human conversations that, at first glance, seemed to be speaking into thin air. The Voices Demons say that the substance of just the human side of the conversations convinced them otherwise, and, in particular, that there are entities afoot they cannot not see or otherwise detect without employing a certain degree of deductive reasoning.

I find this an odd claim considering that Voices Demons can cull images from the human mind; so, if a human can see something, so can they—eventually, and with some effort and requisite familiarity with the subject of the culling. From this fact, one might conclude that these new entities must not be identifying their kind or origin to the humans they talk to because they know that the Voices Demons can sift through human minds until they find any information they are looking for. That, in short, amounts to invisibility to the human being spoken to, much like God would do were He to speak to a human through the Holy Spirit (you can hear, but not see). Even still, some sense of a presence would be palpable in the mind of the human, and the Voices Demons claim that there is not.

I guess it's possible if you consider what know of other demonic entities' abilities to completely block a Voices Demon's ability to cull thought and memory from any mind, human or otherwise; however, this requires great effort that is noticeable, and which Voices Demons have devised ways to overcome, which, by the way, usually involves simply waiting until the blocker tires out. Again, though, that's a palpable effort that indicates, aside from common reasoning, a physical presence of something there, which the Voices Demons claim they are not feeling.

So, if blocking is what these new entities are capable of, they must be incredibly powerful to be doing it on a non-stop basis, and without knowing which Voices Demon is trying to cull their minds (this is required in order to "tune" out a Voices Demon; you have to hear the pitch of its voice first in order to block it), and without the blocking actually being detectable, which would be akin to God-like power.

The Voices Demons have ways around even that, though. When they can't sift through a mind, they will invariably resort to various forms of persuasion (or coercion) to get information—it is, after all, their business to know everything about everyone. But, no one is forthcoming about their dealings with any entities. It's like they don't know who or what they were talking to, or even the fact that they were in fact talking to someone at all.

While blackmail is preferred, the Voices Demons have resorted to bribing, using their vast wealth at their disposal acquired, in part, to their unfettered access to any part of any building or structure in the world, like Fort Knox (they steal).

Don't believe them? Neither did I; but, they did make an effort to prove this point to me by very convincingly describing some of the interior structural security features of the aforementioned Fort Knox, including its rather interesting underground tunneling features. I haven't made any attempts to confirm whether Fort Knox has such tunnels as they describe (I simply don't care), but they sounded so plausible based on some of the specifics that one wouldn't include in any far-fetched tale, such as the amount of time they said it takes to travel through them and other things. It helps to consider the source, too: they control the Wind Demons, for crying out loud, so who do they need to impress?
NOTE | That is, note to self (all others ignore): Since I know that they keep up with cars traveling faster than one mile in 17 minutes, the relatively slow travel time at Fort Knox could suggest that underground travel is more difficult and/or certain types of building materials may hinder their ability to travel at normal speeds. I'm thinking that because Voices Demons are tethered to a source, dragging that tether through whatever rock is between them and the knot is arduous [see Characteristics of the voices of a Voices Demon].
More about blocking Voices Demons
Anyway, here's more on the blocking of Voices Demons by other demonic entities, seeing as I touched on the subject above; these are things I do know—no speculation from this point forward...

I have personally witnessed and/or experienced the blocking of broadcasting (both sound and psychic) of the Voices Demons on three different occasions. If the new entities are blocking the Voices Demons from hearing them or blocking the Voices Demons from reading the minds of the humans, it might have been done in one of the three ways it was done on each of those occasions:
  • Last spring, a cloaked demon of the centurion looking kind (male or female in form, but with reptile faces, that wear jumpsuit-style uniforms) blocked a couple of Voices Demons that followed me into an area surrounding both me and the Centurion Demon for about half of a minute.
  • Last fall, a demonic entity of the "giant head-of-a-hobgoblin/Spectre of Death" variety cornered the Voices Demons with its long, black forked tongue. 
NOTE | I've also seen these same tongues coming out the mouths of non-demons, including Scratchen and Long. It means you've been dominated by demons, physically and mentally, and especially during periods of high demonic activity. During those periods, you will act evil, no choice about it—even if you're a cat (or baby, for that matter). No kidding!
This variety of demon looks like a giant mask of a skull—only the face, but not back of the head, which can't be seen, as it appears to be embedded in whatever vertical surface the face hangs from; it also seems to have no body. The type of vertical surfaces it posts to has included the back of my dining table chair and the place above my neighbors' garage door where a basketball goal should be mounted instead [see Demonic attacksNeighbors have links to demons, Deputy links self to demons for a brief background on my former neighbors, where these entities were first discovered, and with whom they seem to enjoy conversation].
  • It could also be similar to whatever ability a demon of the hobgoblin variety has to open wormholes [see wormholes]. One night last fall, such a hobgoblin demon sucked a Voices Demon into a wormhole to silence its incessant chattering. The prattle of a Voices Demon is always more than I can tolerate, but, then again, I'm always around it; other demons, for the limited time they spend around it, tend to tolerate it just fine. Not so on this night, in that it was way more than this one particular hobgoblin demon could tolerate, too. So what does this 8-inch tall, black-cloaked, skull-faced hobgoblin demon do about it? He simply pointed his arm and two fingers in the direction of the source of the Voices Demon's chattering voice, flicked his fingers, and—POP!—a wormhole opened. Instantly, the chattering stopped; the Voices Demon was silenced, apparently having been sucked into the wormhole and deposited wherever the wormhole led. I remember that, in spite of the fact that I had been terrorized for hours by these little hobgoblin demons, and after so many years of constant talking, I was still made happy by the incredibly unusual silence. Anyway, I don't know where the wormhole led to, but, when the Voices Demon returned, he remarked at how long it took to get back; and, when he said this, he sounded annoyed and tired in a way that left you wondering whether it was somehow hard for it to leave wherever it had been sent to by the wormhole, or it was very far away, and took some time and effort getting back. I made a mental note, then, that my theory that proximity to a Voices Demon is key to hearing it (meaning they can be run away from), and that they do not have unlimited energy. This is super important to know, as Voices Demons are the known harbingers of death—the crow of the black raven, so to speak.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

GANG-STALKING | Gang-stalker eludes to demons in confession to crimes

Joshua Koppenhaver (or Williams), nicknamed "J-Wack" for his desire to be an assassin for his particular group of gang-stalkers, held an camper's axe over my head about 5 minutes prior to me making these audio recordings on June 7th, 2006 (?).

After chickening out on killing me, as he and others had planned for that night, he decided to answer a series of questions in a conversation that he expected to just be between us.

I had other plans, however, as I concealed a mini-recorder in my pocket while I acted out a series of concerns, and otherwise presented carefully posed questions, in order to get as much information about his group's intentions and inner-workings. After all, my home, my car, my savings, and, obviously, my life, were in jeopardy (I eventually lost all but the last of these things to these filth), and police were not only no help, but were involved, as well.

By "carefully posed questions," I mean, not just worded a certain way, but with the topics treated in such a way as to elicit as much information about them as possible without inviting suspicion. In spite of a carefully played hand, Josh's reluctance to answer my questions is quite obvious throughout the recordings.

For more on police involvement and acquiescence, see:
  • Two thieves discuss cops refusal to address constant burglaries   LISTEN   •   READ
  • Cops let two attempted murderers walk   WATCH   •   READ
  • Gang-stalkers warned of future violence   READ
Following is the collection of recordings, in no particular order:

As you listen to them, keep in mind that neither one of us is admitting to the demons' involvement in our lives. In the recordings, Josh simply refers to them as "his people," or "the people" his mom has that are keeping an eye on him no matter where he's at. You can hear in the background of one of the recordings what sounds like someone talking to Josh; as it turns out, it's a Voices Demon.

Also, Josh is probably unaware that I can hear his Voices Demons talking to him sometimes (I had yet to be contacted by them frequently myself). It scares me to think now what he might have been exposed to; I had not yet met any demons face-to-face that I didn't think were a dream (in other words, the connection between the demons I fight now had not been made between the demons I faced as a child).

In another recording (to be posted soon), Jon Harrington makes reference to Josh's demons as "Josh's people," as well. You can hear the panic in his voice as he does so. Mind you in this instance as well, I didn't know at the time that Jon or Josh—or the rest of their gang-stalking group—were involved with demons, and otherwise beleaguered by demonic activity.

In fact, When I first encountered them, Jon and Ariel repeatedly asked me if I "heard voices." At the time, I thought they meant in the mental-illness sense (although now I know better). Then, the answer was no; but, now I am in contact with real entities that remain (mostly) cloaked that speak as if they are just "voices in the air." These voices, however, can be recorded on tape and are heard by those around me.

The voices question wasn't the only indication of demonic influence within the gang-stalker culture. For example, Josh and J.R. and Danny spent an inordinate amount of time drawing demons. Back then, I just thought it was bizarre; but, now, I see that there could have been more to that.

AUDIO | Gang-stalker confesses, describes criminal agenda to victim

Listen to the secretly recorded conversations between James Alan Bush, victim of gang-stalking, and Joshua Koppenhaver, perpetrator of gang-stalking; listen, in particular, to his attempts to cover-up demonic involvement by calling demons his "people". You can actually hear another voice in the background in some of these recordings, which is actually a Voices Demon telling him what to say, and what not to say, to me:

Transcripts will be added soon.

Note on 6-15-2012
Some of these are duplicates; but, I was in a hurry to post these since the Voices Demons had said that I was going to be arrested soon—which actually happened within 24 hours.

For more information on how these recordings were obtained, see GANG-STALKING | Gang-Stalker eludes to demonic involvement in crimes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

READER | High school classmate offers prayers, garners my unending gratitude

Coco Ficklin is a former classmate from Indiana, who I first met at Southport Middle School (Indianapolis), and later graduated with at Southport High School.

In other words, she knows me well.

After looking at my videos and reading my blog, this is what she had to say:
Hey! I have been thinking about you so much lately. Praying for you as well. I pray about all these demonic spirits. I pray that you can get enough money somehow to move away from all of that. It isn't healthy. Have you ever bought sage and burned it in your apartment? Thinking of you....

Coco is a well-employed worker with impeccable ethic; she is also a devoted mother and wife. These facts alone make her sentiments meaningful to me; but, considering that she knows me just about as well as anyone else—and sends an e-mail like this—blows me away, and makes me very grateful to God for wonderful people like her.

Voices Demons play keep-away with cellphone

Today, the Voices Demons played "keep-away" with my cellphone. They transported from pocket-to-pocket in my coat, and then in my laptop bag. When I finally caught it, it was in mid-rematerialization.

Prior to dematerialization, the phone emits a soft, dim flash of blue light, and feels like it is spinning, even though it isn't. When it is finished rematerializing, the spinning sensation on your hand stops.

For some reason, my cellphone has been an object of obsession for the Voices Demons, who have repeatedly altered, hacked, hidden and otherwise interfered with its use and operation on a constant basis for over nine months; now, they constantly complain when I manage my to-do list, calendar an event, or use it to streamline my media-publication workflow, and, in particular, automatic uploads of newly acquired photos and videos of demonic activity to multiple online storage servers.

Huawei (pronounced "wah-way") Ascend M860 ($139)

This comes in very handy in situations where you aren't able to backup any given video manually, say, in such as times as when you catch on video the Spectre of Death breaking-and-entering into your apartment, and then swooping up your cellphone into his bony grip, but are sleeping through the whole thing (even though you've only been recording for nine minutes) as happened to me in this video:
Unfortunately, this inexpensive phone is as vulnerable as it is convenient, in that it is easy for demons to interfere with. For example, by simply placing a hand on its touchscreen, a cloaked demon can cause immediate malfunction in a cellphone, an effect that is due not only to the nature of the cloak, but by merit of the bioelecticrochemical properties of a demon's makeup.

In order to repair damage to the phone's software caused by the demons, I eventually learned how to manually restore the phone to the manufacturer's specifications in an instant, so that I can recover from demonic interference without missing a single step.

TECHNOLOGY | Recovering from EVP-related damage to your Huawei Ascend

A demon can short out and otherwise cause malfunction in your Huawei (pronounced huh • wah • way") Ascend cellphone—the cellphone on which I made many of the 80 or so demonic activity videos in my collection—by merely brushing against the touch screen.

And, if you're plagued by demons and are among the over one million owners of the Huawei Ascend, that's going to happen on a daily basis.
Huawei (pronounced "wah-way") Ascend M860 ($139)
So, here are the instructions and software for restoring it to the original manufacturer's specifications for Mac OS X users:
  1. Download the MetroPCS | Huawei Ascend Stock Recovery zip file and unzip it.
  2. Power off your Huawei Ascend.
  3. Enter 'fastboot mode' on your phone by holding down both the Volume Down (-) button and the End Call button (the rightmost button on the bottom of the phone's front), and then pressing the Power button. 'Fastboot mode' is indicated by the white screen that displays the MetroPCS corporate logo; continue holding down both the Volume Down and the End Call buttons for approximately 10 seconds.
  4. When the phone seems that it is going to stay at the white screen, plug your phone's USB cable into the phone and your Mac.
  5. In Terminal (Mac OS X), type:

    sh Downloads/MetroStockRecover/
  6. Press Enter to run the script.
  7. When the script is finished running, unplug the phone from your Mac. The phone will reboot automatically.
Next, upgrade your Huawei Ascend to the latest version of AndroidOS that it supports:
  1. Download the upgrade files for the Huawei Ascend.
  2. Move the downloaded file to the SD card on your phone.
  3. Unzip it, and then move the dload folder from the unzipped package to the top level of your SD card.
  4. On your phone, press the Menu button, and then touch Settings.
  5. Touch SD card & phone storage settings; then, touch Software Upgrade (under the Internal phone storage label) and follow the on-screen instructions.
NOTE | Go to the product support page for the Huawei Ascend for more information and other resources.

READER | Young man's soul seeks relevance of Bible to demonic crisis

I greet criticism for all things biblical with enthusiasm; I see it as an opportunity to affirm my faith, and, if I'm lucky, set someone's thinking along the righteous path.

Here's my post that created such an opportunity for me by and through a couple of members of the Facebook group, Paranormal:
James Bush (2 days ago) Want to know my fears? Want to know what the Bible says about our ability to conquer fear? Then, go to:
Here's an excerpt from Joyce Meyer's take on fear:
Life is not easy—we all know that; but, God has equipped us with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to do difficult things with a smile on our face and joy in our heart. 
We are anointed by the Holy Spirit for 'hard.' We don't have to have everything easy; we are not wimpy—we are full of the Holy Ghost…warriors! We have the power of God in our lives to enable us to do great things. 
Without God, we're just natural; we can't do anything more than anybody else. But, we have the super! We have the super, so [that] we can live supernatural lives, and we can do supernatural things.
Want to see me do something supernatural? Then watch this video of my hand flying off my arm in order to grab my cellphone before a demon does at:
These are the comments that sparked my aforementioned enthusiasm, intermingled with my first response halfway through:
Phil Baughen (Yesterday at 2:38pm) the bible says many things, but most of it contradicts itself before the end.
Alex Nordman (23 hours ago) especially when you compare the old and new testaments to each other.
Phil Baughen (22 hours ago) even in the same book though they contradict lol
James Bush (19 hours ago) If that's the case, then I take comfort in it. After all, it would be nice to know that God is flexible in that way, particularly, considering that it appears that, in this lifetime, an intimate relationship with the person of my choosing isn't permissible.
Phil Baughen (13 hours ago) but then that would mean god isnt divinely perfect, which defeats the whole concept :S
Phil Baughen (13 hours ago) the thing i really dont understand is that your searching for answers (paranormal) and yet your not questioning your own beliefs, personally i think that would leave you open to bias thoughts. tell me im wrong.
Skeptics Vs Believers (9 hours ago) it is not what is written, but what you are capable to read
My response is a combination of my enthusiasm and experience:
James Bush (about an hour ago via mobile) I think you have me pegged in your mind as a hardline, close-minded Bible thumper, and I'll grant you it may certainly look like that; but, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rather, I am a very logical, practical man, in that, I don't care who wrote it, if I don't hear it, see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, or otherwise experience and live it, it ain't real. I don't want these things to be real. The simple fact of the matter is, however, they are real, and, as to the parts that I've mentioned so far, so is the Bible's authority on these matters.
Also, please remember—always—though, that I am not evangelizing; I'm simply telling things as I personally know them to be. You don't have to be in agreement with me or feel challenged by what I say. Instead, like all researchers or enthusiasts of things paranormal, you have to look at all of the data proffered by persons like me, and sift for what you think is useful, interesting, intriguing or entertaining to you or the science as a whole. The Devil doesn't pick only the best and brightest human minds to work his wares on; sometimes, he picks on the crazies and the fanatics, too. But, even those people can tell you the sky is blue (in other words, they can tell you the obvious); so, what trouble would they have in pointing to a ceiling-crawling demon on video and calling it scary?
Call me what you want, but this is scary by anyone's definition
As a crazy fanatic, I am saying that the things Joyce Meyer spoke of limited the knife slashes to my hand instead of my throat, as the Voices Demons have demanded others to do on at least two occasions (that is, slit my throat). Admittedly, how I got to the beliefs I announce on my blog is not well-explained, and I am not surprised by your comment. It's my fault, really, for coming across the way I do; but, it is a fault that I hope will correct itself over time via my future blog postings.
The reply to the above was:
Phil Baughen (8 minutes ago) actually im open to the bible its why i have read the different versions of it and compared it to other religions that pre-date it and share its beliefs or rather Christianity took these beliefs and altered the names.
Phil Baughen (6 minutes ago) the devil is one of the biggest contradictions.
The response to this post was:

Phil Baughen (1 minute ago) you are completely self righteous and deluded my friend, perhaps you require an exorcism because you are demonically possessed.

JUSTICE | Demon doctor also endangers healthcare of HIV-positive inmates

As if disclosing the HIV-positive status to other inmates wasn't enough, Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D., P.A.C.E. Clinic, also refuses adequate medical care to HIV-positive inmates, and uses the Santa Clara County Counsel and VMC medical staff to get away with it. This criminal complaint made against them more fully explains the situation, and also highlights the kind of retaliation one encounters when making a complaint against a demon doctor:
Criminal Complaint against Neysa Fligor and MaryAnn Barry for Perjury

Comments on this post from the Facebook group, Paranormal:
Jin WalĂ©n (6 hours ago) I think that demon doctor is just a "normal" human, there are few things that can be as evil as humans because humans do things to their own kind that demons wouldent even do to others.
James Bush (5 minutes ago) Yes, he is a normal human. That is true.
This is also true: the evil of demons is more refined than the base crassness of the evil borne of a human.
What I should have done is simply say what I saw: this doctor speaking to demons, and doing what they say to do ‎(and, liking it).
Anyway, you can read about my efforts to stop his part in a demonic scheme to endanger and ostracize the very people demons claim to have infected with a deadly virus at:
You will find from the documents posted in that collection that my 'abnormal' observation has a very 'normal' solution, and that I enacted that solution 'normally.'
It's not all kooky upstairs, is what it is intended to show.

JUSTICE | Demons give people HIV to endanger, ostracize

According to the Voices Demons on multiple occasions, demons sometimes infect people with the HIV/AIDS virus, and then endanger their lives and/or cause them to be ostracized and ridiculed. Whether or not this is actually true is one issue, but another is what I'm going to do about it.

The first thing I did was attempt to sue a known demon collaborator, Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D., P.A.C.E. Clinic, who provides HIV/AIDS "care" to HIV-positive inmates at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction, the fifth largest correctional institution in California.

The second was to report to the Office of Civil Rights his wanton and blatant violation of the medical privacy rights of such inmates, by which he would disclose their HIV-positive status to anyone and everyone who would listen in both obvious and subversive ways.

The following letter was written by me to the Office for Civil Rights in re the violation of the HIPAA privacy rights afforded to inmates at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction by Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D.: Letter to the Office for Civil Rights for Violation of HIPAA Privacy Laws

The Office for Civil Right has denied my claim several times.

First, they said the P.A.C.E. Clinic was not covered by HIPAA rules. So, I proved to them that it was using the Privacy Notice, which is posted on this site.

Then, they tried to say that jails were different than regular medical offices. They are not different with respect to HIPAA privacy rules, and I proved to them they were one and the same.

So, after proving them wrong on every point of contention, they promised to "get back to me" with their intended plan of action, which was to formally cite the above-mentioned doctor, and to monitor compliance with HIPAA privacy rules going forward; however, neither a call nor an e-mail was sent afterwards.

Accordingly, I will continue to push the issue until inmates all across California are kept safe from this despicable practice, and are made safe by the rules of HIPAA.

P.A.C.E. Clinic is a unit of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Health & Hospital Systems, which I have linked to demonic activity three times in this blog:

In one post, I provided a photograph of an actual demon in the hospital emergency room:
The all-too-common black-cloaked, masked face of the kind of demon that operates on human bodies
Although I don't recall specifically seeing this demon, I (and many others) saw plenty of demons at VMC that day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

JUSTICE | Rule 60 motion cites fraud by Kaye Scholer LLC

My attempt to undo the despicable and fraudulent maneuver by my former counsel in my cop brutality case, Kaye Scholer LLC, who decided to withdrawal at a crucial juncture in that case, and without having done any appreciable work in the past eight months...or ever.
Motion to Vacate Order Granting Withdrawal of Counsel (DRAFT)

GANG-STALKING | Two thieves discuss cops refusal to address constant burglaries

Daniel Anthony Napolitan ("D-Nap") and Daniel Cortez ("Spyder"), two thieves who repeatedly burglarized my home, discuss my attempt to report their activities to demon-possessed police officers of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

In this May 21st, 2006, phone call, D-Nap is calling Spyder from my home—using my own phone—to report what he witnessed in the exchange between me and the aforementioned police officers, as I attempted to report the burglary that happened the Friday prior.

Listen to this surreptitiously made recording of their phone conversation on MediaFire at:

Following is transcript of this phone conversation:

[coughs] Yeah, it’s D-Nap.
What’s up, D?
Hey, uh, you know what? If you got some time later...
If you can make some time later, it’d be cool if I could get...get up, uh...get together with you, and let’s talk about something real quick.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, [it’s] something to do with, like, you know, over here, there, everywhere.
Like, [stutters] give me a general idea.
Um, just, like, just something that...
Hey, hey, hey, well, officer came over to, uh, take the, uh...what do you call it? The, uh, report on the last of the, um, goods being stolen last Friday or whatever, alright?
But, then, it didn’t even happen. He said he didn’t want to come here...this and that, and...and, then, he said something about me, like, a...a remark that just like Ja[mes]...I’m not, like, in danger or nothing, but, it’s like, weird...weird shit, man—small-town.
What the fuck?
He was like this, he’s all, “Danny’s out already?!” Like,, fuck! Like, dude, who am I?!
Who? Who said that?
The cop!
The cop said who’s “out already?”
He asked about me! Uh, I could tell you. That’s why I want to sit down and tell you all about it ‘cuz it’s kinda fuckin’ wack., they don’t even give a shit about this place, and...
Okay, okay. Who’s telling you all of this?
Dude, this is...this happened… Okay, check it out: I...I listen to their phone conversations; I listen to everything. I seen it go down (about James). James is trying to give a report, as far as, like, you know, his iPod, his, uh, car keys...
Right, right, right; but, what does that have to do with the iPod, though?
They...well, they came to fill out a take a report.
He called them to come fill out a report.
But, they weren’t... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Okay, so, go ahead; finish the story.
So, yeah, but the thing, like, one of the things he said was, “Danny’s out already?” ‘Cuz he...and, the cop wouldn’t come here...
That doesn’t have anything to do with the iPod, bro, or anything...
No. Well, that was... The cop was supposed to come here to do a...take a report.
Yeah, for a report...stolen...
Yeah, for his...for his...just for the things missing.
Yeah, well, it all comes up I told you, right?
Well...well, here’s how it happened: the cop wouldn’t come to the house; he stopped, like, 10 houses down, and, then, the cop—Sunnyvale Police—calls James’ phone. They said, “Hey, can you, uh, go out and, uh, talk to my officer out front.” Okay?
No fucking way!
The cop wasn’t here out front. He was, like, 10 houses down. He wouldn’t...
[laughs] I know; I heard... I heard you.
Weird shit. He walks down there, I’m looking down there; they’re talking forever, you know?
With James?
James and...and the cop, and, it was like, the cop—first off—came out here, because he didn’t want to take a description of any...anyone he thought might have been a suspect over the phone; but, once he’s here, he, like, like, notices where he’s going or something...
Yeah, for an investigation.
He don’t give a fuck of it. He’s like, “I ain’t takin’ no report.” He didn’t even take a report. He was, like, like, laughing in his face, in a way. And, he said...and then something about Danny, and, then, he says, “Danny’s out already?” Like...
...dude! Like the fucker knew me and...
I...I...I understand...I understand totally, bro.
So, do you know anything about it? That’s all I’m...
What do you...what do you... So, what do you want to talk to me about?
Well, I was just, like, actually, know...
That’s some funny [inaudible] shit, for real.
Yeah, yeah, but, uh, I was looking to get, uh, maybe, you know, uh, these metal boxes off and get lit or something.
Bring the metal boxes up, and I’ll have that for you.
Is there a better time for you? Later? Now?
Let me take care of one errand, and then...
Good shit.
Yeah, I’m not going over there, though, bro.
It’s cool. No, it’s like super-cool here, but...but, I want to get out of here.
I’ll meet you at Carl’s. How ‘bout there?
Right on.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Peep-Eye

The original, uncompressed version of Demonic Peep-Eye is added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline calendar on February 6th, 2012, at 5.08 AM.
The peeping eye of a one-and-a-half foot tall demon through a hole in the lid of peanut butter jar (with a little peanut butter still on the lid)

Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by compressing video files stored on their servers. Click here to watch the video.

As I prepare to capture demonic activity on video, a curious one-and-a-half foot tall demonic entity peers into the light tunnel aperture (a peanut butter lid with a hole drilled through it) on the lens of my video camera (my laptop), which I sat on the floor while making adjustments to the mount (a TV stand).

WEB SITE | Gang-stalking and demonic activity linked

Did you know that there is a link between gang-stalking and demons? You do now.

In 2 Worlds, a web site that preceded my blog by several years, is someone else's explanation for the same problems I am having.
In 2 Worlds explores the non-conventional aspects of gang-stalking—a demonic tool of evil
It accurately describes many, many things in which I have yet to touch on; but, they lack the photos and videos that I have, which prove that I know what I'm dealing with, even if this web site has a better description of how it all works together; but, the bottom line is, between the my former web site, The Sunnyvale Knock, this blog and In 2 Worlds, the link between gang-stalking and demons has never been clearer.

Or, it will be.

Planned updates to this post will include the parallels between the information on In 2 Worlds and this blog, so that those who do not understand where gang-stalking comes from and where gang-stalkers get their information and resources and ideas and abilities can now understand.
NOTE | Gang-stalking is how I was first attacked by demons as an adult, and is the basis of The Sunnyvale Knock web site published in 2006, which described my life as a victim of gang-stalking. It had 'normal' content on it at the time; but, with my newly acquired videos and other information, it now makes me look like I was clueless (which, in a way, I was).
If you want a better understanding of what it is like to be a victim of demonic entities and, in particular, gang-stalking, then In 2 Worlds is required reading. It'll also help you understand my mindset and motives for what I do and how I do it, which will help you more easily follow along with the topics presented in my blog.