Tuesday, December 29, 2015

VID/PICS | The green, not-quite-hobgoblin Rabbinic Hobgoblin demon

A close inspection of randomly acquired video footage made two days ago revealed a demon standing next to my armoire, talking to other demons. He stands just to the side, showing only the front half of his face, and that, only its profile. Still, his disproportionately large, green head (as compared to his body), makes him easy enough to see, particularly, on video, which is clear enough to see his facial expressions change, head turn and mouth move as he speaks (non-stop), provided you're viewing the original. When coupled with his beard and hat, he sort of reminds you of a Jewish rabbi; but, overall, he looks like a cousin to a species called hobgoblin demons—at least on this blog:

A variety of demons akin to hobgoblin demons in appearance, the species for which I have dubbed Rabbinic Hobgoblins
The quality of the video, when played on an iPhone 6s Plus, is astounding, even though the demon is semi-cloaked.
NOTE | For demons, that means looking half-visible, moving faster through time, and wearing a coat of slithering tendrils made visible by chroma.
As a consequence, the demon's mouth moves incredibly fast, even after cutting the playback rate by half; not only that, but he is also caked by a layer of even faster, slithering chromatic tendrils:

These hindrances to optimal viewing, which are common to nearly every video made during a period of high demonic activity, require that you either view the YouTube version of the video at 1080p HD or download the original from MediaFire and view it with Quicktime Player.
TIP | When viewing the original video in Quicktime Player, you can see a couple of other demons hiding, for example, in the white laundry bag, by skimming it frame-by-frame. (i.e., by stopping playback and then by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to reverse and forward  the video one frame at-a-time.
About the video
One of the best places to stage a video camera during a period of high demonic activity is through a crack of some kind. The video above was made while my iPhone sat upside-down, while pointing through the crack made by the bottom of my bedroom door and the floor, which extends into the living room where the demon was spotted.

The reasons for positioning a camera in this way, and the reasons why cracks and pinholes work best for focusing and otherwise seeing hard-to-see demonic activity are explained in various posts to this blog, one of which is Demonic Feng Shui. Although it is somewhat dated, and incorrectly defines a portal's constitution, this clip taken from that post fairly sums them up:
Effect of interplay between objects' surfaces and geometry and light and shadow
Chroma, the red, blue and green "snow" that fills the air during periods of high demonic activity, is the stuff that hyperdimensional portals are made of (apparently), which is why it's always present wherever demons are passing to-and-fro between states. Just like snow, it drifts into piles, clinging to surfaces (walls, door frames), and becoming more and more concentrated as it collects; this higher concentration of chroma allows for demons situate portals. It's why most demons can be found near cornersinside closets or under beds, in treesclothes, and wherever multiple surfaces are close to each other (and, therefore, creating a high concentration of chroma). It's why Santa Claus uses the chimney to enter your home—chroma is funneled down the chimney (yes, it flows) and into a square box, i.e., your fireplace, making it the easiest place to create a portal. (How does he fit? Whenever transferring via portal, you become microscopic in size, even if your destination is another part of this world.)
Demonic Peep-Eye shows a video of a demon peeping into a pinhole aperture fitted over the lens of my camera, in order to decloak demons, whose green-yellow eyeball can be see very clearly, straining to see what was inside the aperture:

Check back later for more links to posts that discuss how demons of the Rabbinic kind, as well as others,