Monday, October 20, 2014

VIDEO | Utility pole follows me on walk

A note about this post (August 23rd, 2016)
A utility pole, following me?! When I originally posted that a utility pole followed me on my walk, I wasn't satisfied by the "evidence" that is the video below. It's not enough, and even if it were, it wouldn't remove much of the claim's incredulity; but, at the time, I felt it was important enough to note, even if I weren't believed by everyone who read it. The persons who get the most out of this blog, and who read it the most, knew about walking light posts before I did, anyway.

Now, I'd like to supplement this post with one that came much later in the future, Peeping Light Post, which contains videos that pretty much cinch the matter as to whether light posts can be possessed, and whether they can be moved when possessed.

Yesterday, I made my fourth video that shows an object tall and/or high-in-the-sky, and that is, by nature, stationary, seemingly following me on an early morning walk, in that it lingers in the picture long after it should have disappeared behind me as expected.

In this clip, the utility pole stays above my head longer than any object I pass, darting in and out of the picture long after it should have been behind me for good (compare the rate at which I pass the light post, and watch how close the utility pole sidals up to it:

I had to make four such videos to be convinced to post one, mainly because I can't explain the phenomena, and it's not (yet) pivotal to my concerns or anyone else's. I don't even know when it happens until I see it later on video, anyway (except for today, for the first time, a pine tree slid closer to the road on which I was traveling); and, although I am sure on what circumstances and actions make this possible, I can't predict or guarantee reproducibility like I virtually can with, say, the actions and circumstances related to the arrival of demons and the opening of wormholes.

In the other videos, the objects following me were a pine tree, the sun, and a satellite mini-dish mounted on a pole, respectively. I will try to post those soon, as even a single, clearly documented phenomenon benefits from added support.

I wish I had posted the first three videos before so that this new video doesn't seem like a rarity; one-of-a-kinds often have little educational potential or relevance, and I don't think people should be disinterested in their world morphing and bending around me (sometimes). Generally, there is more to learn from repeat phenomena than from an isolated incident; multiple occurrences of a phenomenon provides more data for better conclusions, and likely has more relevance.

This is certainly the case with these four videos. For example, one can deduce that it apparently doesn't matter how big or how high or how far the object is that can "follow" you. It was the sun following me in one of the videos, and there's nothing farther and bigger than that; utility poles, palm trees and satellite dishes pale in comparison by distance and size, and yet the sun followed me in one video as if it were mere inches from my shoulder.

Matter equals putty in hyperdimensional portals
I'm not surprised to see something that is big and heavy or hard be moved or bent like it was really made out of mere lightweight putty during periods of high demonic activity, when hyperdimensional portals are opened en masse to facilitate trips between here-there-and-everywhere.
NOTE | Read my early explanations of and observations pertaining to hyperdimensional portals at How demonic entities enter our realm (and the injury they can cause) and Wormholes.
As first explained in [link], there is no gravity inside a portal, which also means there's no mass. But that only explains why large, heavy objects like pine trees can be moved around quickly and easily, not why hardwood tables or marble countertops, for example, undulate like a wavy body of water.

Yet, both of these things happen near hyperdimensional portals; I've witnessed them with my own eyes countless times. I even have some unposted video showing my aluminum bathroom faucet, looking as if the camera is recording from behind road vapor. At my apartment on Julian Street in San Jose, where I lived between late 2011 and early 2012, the opening of hyperdimensional portals were so frequent that I was able to make quite a few observations about them that may lead to an explanation:
  1. There is no gravity (already mentioned) inside a hyperdimensional portal. In [link], I describe a frequent early childhood experience in which my stomach would lurch as if I were falling (falling, but without the downward pull) as I was suddenly thrown into the portal opening in the middle of the night by a demon transferring me somewhere via a hyperdimensional portal (humans lose consciousness in some types of spaces/dimensions where demons do not, and wherever somewhere is, I never woke up while there); you can actually see the weightlessness characteristics of hyperdimensional portals by watching the video of the ceiling-crawling demon exiting one.
  2. The two points in space the portal brings the two points together, as if the origin and destination were neighbors, and not far off points. How do I know a hyperdimensional portal connects two distant points in space? The creature that crawled out of one in VIDEO | Glowing, scorpion/vole-like demonic entity climbs, leaps off backyard fence definitely isn't from Earth, yet somehow I recorded it on video in my grandmother's backyard. Not only that, but the two demon-human hybrids that attacked at the law library awhile back could have only entered through either a portal, given that there surprise attack would have been foiled by the only entrance to the third floor (the scene)—a slow, loud (read obvious) elevator [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Intruders Attack].
  1. The rate of time flows at a different pace relative to normal; when inside the portal, time seems to move super-slow outside it. In Clicks, pops and squeaks in videos are actually demon chatter, what sounds like the common, everyday squeaks and other noises almost certainly heard in any given house—when slowed down and lowered in pitch—turns out to be intelligible speech by demons speaking while in a space that shares portals' timeless characteristic [see VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time].  In VIDEO | Demonic Time Traveler Attacks, compare the super-fast motion of the demons as they sprang up from the floor next to my bed—presumably where the portal opened, since there were no holes in my floor at the time—to the gentle sway of the curtains in the background. It may be possible that time actually stops inside a portal, in that people who are mutilated or operated on in conditions similar to those of a hyperdimensional portal (no time, malleable matter) don't die, no matter how long their heads are separated from their bodies, it seems. To see how demons take advantage of malleable matter and no dying in the ether (the timeless, malleable staging ground of hyperdimensional portals), see:
  1. When you travel through the event horizon of a portal, you are infinitesimally small, an observation made in [links]..
  2. Matter is as malleable as clay. In Electrical conductivity of electronic device affects cloaked demon's ability to maintain contact with human skin, a still frame from a video of a demon who stretched his arm to an unnatural length, bending it at an equally unnatural angle as he wraps it around a corner in order to strike me with the object he's holding, demonstrates not only that matter is malleable in portals or the like, but that malleability, when extended to living tissue, has none of the adverse effects that bending someone's arm around a corner in normal space would.
NOTE | A space also characterized by malleable matter would be inside the bottle of a genie, which is how and where genies pour out of the narrow spout, stretch into the air as a gradually expanding stream of smoke, and then expand into their natural shape. I describe the demon shown in the still frame in the above-referenced post as a Jinn (or genie), which inhabit pockets of such space within our own.
Combining portal characteristics to explain other observed phenomena
These observations of fact pertaining to hyperdimensional portals combine in some ways to explain things seen in some of the videos showing demonic activity posted to this blog.

For example, in Demonic Peep-Eye, a video shows a doll-sized demon stopping on a dime at the opening to a lens aperture mounted over my video camera, after having run to it at an unnaturally high speed. Because he had just exited a portal, he weighed nothing and gravity was nonexistent, so he needed no extra distance to decelerate. He takes off as fast as he arrived, with virtually no perceptible build-up to the speed at which he ran away. Between his arrival and departure, his eye darts back and forth as he scans the inside of the aperture, but not as if he is in a hurry or hyped up, but as if the video is being played at double-speed. A hyperdimensional portal, opened in front of the camera explains how he appeared and disappeared without me noticing, and the weightless and timeless characteristics of these portals explain the way he moved.
NOTE | More demons can be seen moving weightlessly, and clearly without mass (no acceleration curve, no inertia), just as they exit a hyperdimensional portal in VIDEOS | What demons look like when they float (instead of walk).
VIDEO | Sliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them) proves that the weightless and malleable matter characteristics of portals can be joined in the absence of the other characteristics, in that the heavy walls are shown in a video to be easily slid by a single person, and the matter surrounding the walls being moved obviously are just as easily bending and otherwise reshaping to accommodate the new location and space the incoming wall occupies [see also VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten].

You can see just how close two different points in space are connected by hyperdimensional portals (as well as their weightless nature) in VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor, in which a hobgoblin suddenly springs out of the floor (weightlessness) from one portal to another in a wall a few feet away (close connection points in space) [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Oliver Moves Demons between Floor and Wall Portals; see also Scratchen teleports through space (and, possibly, time, too)].