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#521 - ASTROLOGY | Is there a correlation between demonic activity and astrology?

This is still a draft. Many people do not know that demon powers come with demon possession; so, the fact that all my demon-possession videos were made during sun sign's ingress/egress into a new house of the zodiac means nothing. What I will add is proof of a connection, and then an explanation of the relevance.

A correlation between specific moon phases and an increase in activity of certain varieties of demons has already been established in Videos of demonic activity grouped by moon phase and SCIENCE | Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases, where, for example, it was determined that hobgoblin demons always appear—along with their stylized-eight logo of sorts—at or near the first quarter by comparing the dates of the attacks to the dates of lunar events, which are obtainable from any moon calendar.
Hobgoblin demons use any household item or material that can be formed into their logo, which is blend of the number eight and the crescent moon, just prior to their attacks, which always occur at or near the Moon's first quarter
Now, another correlation was discovered between a different kind of demonic activity and a specific astrological event, in addition to the one tying hobgoblin demon attacks to the moon's first quarter; specifically, that, whenever my sun sign, Libra, enters or exits one of the twelve houses of the zodiac, I can (somewhat) channel my inner demon's powers to greater effect in my campaign of demon butt-kicking.
NOTE | I have videos of this coming up that will astound you; but, for now, I'll say only this much: humans are not helpless against demons; and, they are not weak by comparison. God would not call them His children otherwise.
This was determined in a similar way: by comparing the dates of the videos showing my inner demon revealing itself in, on or over my person, such as the most recent video showing my hands and forearms morphing from human to demon and back to human again [see VIDEO | Human hands and forearms disappear, reappear as demonic], to the Libran house-transit dates provided by any astrology calendar.

Although entertained by it, I've never been a believer in astrology until I learned that it was how the wise men of Tarshish (Spain), Sheba and Seba learned when and where Jesus would be born in Bethlehem:

And, not until I learned that this information was provided by God's people themselves (i.e., the Israelites), who elude to the bringing of gold, frankincense and myrrh by these wise men in the book of Psalms, thousands of years before they were even born:
The kings of Tarshish and of distant shores will bring tribute to him; the kings of Sheba and Seba will present him gifts [Psalms 72:10].
But, even if I didn't believe the Bible (fat chance), I'd have to be crazy (possible) to ignore the facts right in front of my face. In every video in which I exhibit some sign of demon possession, Libra entered or exited a House of the Zodiac. Here are three examples:
  • On February 21st, 2013, on which the video from VIDEO | Human hands and forearms disappear, reappear as demonic was made, and in which my hands and arms morph into that of a demon, Libra entered the House of Cancer the day before;
  • On January 8th, 2012, on which the video Two of Me was made, and in which my face morphs from a softer, waifish version of me to a more sturdy, gruff one (and then back again), Libra also entered the House of Cancer just a few hours before; and,
  • On January 5th, 2012, on which the video Demon in the Dark was made, and in which my face appears to morph into that of an angry-looking demon, Taurus entered the House of Libra.
The videos I am currently using to match certain kinds of demonic activity to identical (or closely related) astrological events are listed in this spreadsheet.

Astrologers' feedback
Having made the demon connection to astrology, I contacted 142 astrologers nationwide to see if anyone else has made this connection, and whether they could add to my findings in any way. Here's the message I sent by e-mail:
I am contacting astrologers around the country to allow them an opportunity to advance their chosen field of study by helping me understand more fully the connection between specific astrological events and certain kinds of demonic activity.
If I'm successful, I will publish my findings to my blog about demons that plague the Bay Area of Northern California. It is the most comprehensive collection of media and information on demons that has ever existed; and, in its first year, it garnered nearly an eight of a million page views. There are over 500 posts, many of which show real demons and the like in photos and on video. In some posts, you can even hear them talking.
This blog is essentially my collection of notes, which I add to as I suffer along with everyone else. In other words, I'm learning as I go, and I'm sharing my knowledge with others in the same boat I am.
Here's what I've learned that may be of interest to you:
A definitive correlation between specific moon phases and an increase in activity of certain varieties of demons has been established. For example, it was determined that hobgoblin demons always appear—along with their 'stylized eights'—at or near the moon's first quarter.
For the demon-possessed, there seems to be a peak in their ability to access the abilities and powers of their inner demons whenever their sun signs ingress or egress a new house of the zodiac.
Once you've seen my work, I'd love your feedback, plus any similar information you may have acquired for yourself in the course of your career.
Many thanks!
One astrologer suggested that the notion that demons have a connection to astrology just like everything else under the stars, e.g., humans, Jesus' birth, etc., was too absurd to be anything but a joke. In her reply, she wrote:
There's nothing unscientific about the data I present, although some might consider it incredulous that another could make a discovery like the demon-astrology one
My response was that my e-mail was anything but a joke, and was based on my belief that, no matter how transparent a demon's cloak, it will never be so invisible as to escape the purview of the stars:
You asked if I was kidding; I'm not. 
I can understand your need to ask that question after reading my e-mail again, in that it seems that I'd assumed the recipients were already familiar with my blog and its subject matter, and that they were comfortable with it. I guess I'm used to only talking with persons in-the-know, and I am a bit beleaguered these days with the demon problem itself.
On top of that, I assumed my own homegrown demonic nomenclature was ubiquitous by now. What's a hobgoblin demon, I'm sure many asked themselves, and why would he think I'd even want to know? [see What does a hobgoblin demon look like? at if you want to know]. 
Let me try to correct those mistakes with a simpler explanation: I have a lot of videos showing demonic activity, each having enough similarities with others so that groups can be formed. 
For example, every video showing a 'hobgoblin demon' could be grouped as 'hobgoblin videos.' If the group is large enough, you can then use other data pertaining to the video to deduce other facts about hobgoblin demons besides what they look like. 
This is, in fact, what I did last year, which led to the discovery of a connection to the times they appear using the dates the videos were made (they come and go; they're not always around) and the occurrence of the moon's first quarter. 
It wasn't a natural question that preceded all others; it's just that I happened to notice that every time they attacked, there was a crescent moon that same night. 
As it turns out, they use the shape of the crescent moon as part of their "logo," which they recreate out of any wire or cord or what-have-you in the places you frequent right before they attack. 
Anyway, that's what led me to look for an astrology connection (the science of planets, etc.). I would not have done so otherwise. 
SIDENOTE | The other part of the logo is the number eight. I tried to make a connection to numerology; but, I couldn't, which shows that not every hunch works out. 
Recently, and on a whim, I decided to create another group of videos from my collection, this time, all videos of me showing signs of demonic possession, i.e., any video in which my face is superimposed by that of a demon. Then, I looked up the date of each video on an astrological calendar, writing down each event for those days. A comparison of each days' events showed that my sun sign entered/exited a house of the zodiac no more than a day before the videos were made, if not on that same day.
Because I make videos every time a demon rears its ugly head over my ugly head, I can reasonably conclude that my inner demon's ability to express itself increases during sun sign house-transits (that, or my resistance to being possessed is inactive). 
Either way, being possessed of a demon does more than make you Halloween costume party-ready, it also yields abilities in you that usually only demons possess [read about the fortune-telling slave girl in the Book of Acts, for an example]. So, with this information, I can now predict when I may have such abilities, which, over time, are proving to be useful as a defense against demons. I know when to practice, and I know when to attack. 
It was after this second correlation was made that I discovered that astrology plays a role in demonic activity. I wouldn't have thought so before; demons seem more about science than magical arts, especially hobgoblin demons. 
That's why, up to now, the hobgoblin demon-moon phase correlation was pure science to me because a lunar calendar can be used for that, too. It was only on a hunch that I tried using an astrology calendar—not on the mistaken belief that all things magical must go together. I'm neither naive nor uneducated nor unthinking. 
Glad I tried it and found success, though, even though I don't have the slightest idea as to what I can do with these two pieces of information in a way that will provide immediate relief for me and others like me. 
But, more information like this might bring us there, and I know where to start to get that information—astrology.
By contacting astrologists like you, I had hoped to:
  1. advance your knowledge in your chosen field with this interesting information;
  2. get any similar information you may have already discovered; and,
  3. advise you that, while demons are scary, and I would never have associated astrology with them before—even while many Bible-thumping preachers do—it would appear that there is to some degree. 
Anyway, if you have questions, I desperately want to know how an astrologer thinks about things like this. So, feel free to ask anything, anytime.
This astrologist also balked at the incredulous claim that there exists a connection between demons and astrology, as if demons were holy, and not subject to the stars like the rest of Creation:
"I wish you would not do the blog!"
This statement reflects a common misunderstanding that comes from my approach to tackling life's problems, which is to embrace them fully. If this astrologer had read my blog, he would not assume that I would make this a choice if writing and publishing caused (or exacerbated) the problem, nor would anyone else.
NOTE | If that erroneous assumption came from his experience with those who do embrace demons and think they have a choice now that they have, I can understand his anger; those people are an arrogant lot, and it's angering to see pride on the face of these foolish people, which is always followed by their trademark expression of disdain for others.
I answered accordingly:
I wish I were not in that situation. A blog may not be the most obvious solution to my problem; but, taking notes while in a problem such as this can definitely be an important part of solving it. (Of course, that's true for any problem.)
Sharing those notes with the world—i.e., the demons' playground—is the only responsible thing to do, considering that lives are at stake.
If my blog comes off as anything different than my collection of notes, I'd be surprised to see how, especially given the number, types, and severity of injuries I've personally reported, which underscore the serious and undesirable nature of the problem.
Instead of yielding to the irrefutable point I made, he then insinuated that I've somehow claimed astrology explains my situation, a claim that would be illogical to make:
Showing that related videos were made on dates having the same (or a similar) astrological event was never intended to provide an explanation for any problem I have; it would be illogical to think that the correlation could even provide anything useful at all to a victim of a problem of such magnitude
No victim of demonic possession or ritualistic abuse by demons and their followers need an explanation for them, nor would one suffice; but, rather than pointing out that obvious fact, I reiterated to this astrologer the same as the previous, specifically, that astrology is supposedly related to everything under the stars:
I didn't say it did; and, astrology has everything to do with everything in this Universe. Nothing is excepted.
Not resisting the logic of my argument, the astrologer next accused me of something called demon thinking, and again insinuated that I am somehow infatuated with the entities that are literally torturing me day and night, and that I am trying to make my imaginary problem more fantastical than it already is by making some sort of illusory connection between demons and astrology:
Add caption
My response just says what I've said before: the connection was an accidental discovery, which is useless to me at this time. I'm not even optimistic for its use in the future, quite frankly.

A third astrologer also blamed choice-making for demonic involvement in my life, which is disproved in my case by those who benefit from their relationship with my demons, an argument the Bible clearly refutes [see READER | Why are demons following you? Is it because you're a bad person?; see also READER | Did you bring demonic possession on yourself somehow?]:
I point out the error in one's thinking that those who claim to have a demon problem are inept at recognizing the real factors that are the roots of life's difficulties—a seemingly common error, which I now think is actually an mocking insult from those who know better
None of that helped; rather, it terrifies me to think that a human can think so illogically. As a race, we're doomed if this type of thinking prevails. Instead of saying this, I simply point out that the choices he thinks an adult could make that would bring demons upon him are not likely the same that a five-year-old child would (or could) make, therefore negating that argument with a third irrefutable fact, specifically, that this problem began at age five for me:
My dealings are as non-optional now as they were when I was five.
I'm not saying that any choice I've subsequently made cannot be used for evil by demons, in that demons have developed ways of using stigmas and prejudices to convince people to hurt others, while making victims feel responsible for and deserving of the demon- and/or demon-person-caused injuries that ensue.

Holding fast to the blame game, this astrologer's argument shifted blame to choice-making from a past life; apparently, karma is considered a safe place to put an arguments one doesn't want to lose on logic:
If it cannot be established that your life's choices caused your demon problem, then, for some astrologers,  that means it was your past life's choices that caused it, which means you're screwed, and to leave them alone
I'm surprised at how many people suspect (or know) that someone has a problem like this, and doesn't just wish them the best; it's as if blame and shame will somehow differentiate them from the victim, and protect them from having the same problem. Every human is a victim of demonic activity, directly—even the ones who think (or look like) they are not. The difference comes in one's awareness of it, and the kind of activity inflicted upon them by demons. When you blame someone for being overtly affected by demons, you're taking a demon's word for it that the person is to blame for it, not God's. You may see a connection between what a demon says about persons they afflict, but that is absolutely arbitrary according to the Bible.

Of course, trying to convince anyone who actually talks and listens to demon of this usually works better for me when I simply point out that the demon problem I face is shared by many people, all of whom describe it in the same way, and some of whom have their own photos and videos sporting the same tell-tale characteristics of demonic activity as mine do. It also helps to point out that, just as they have likely witnessed, not everyone is, in fact, all that bothered by demonic activity. In fact, I could say that "wide is the path that leadeth unto destruction; but, instead, I said this:

I don't believe it is only my problem; and, I don't believe every one sees it as a problem for them. 
Regardless, whether I could solve the problem was not at issue; I simply stated that it looks like some demons do some things by an astrology calendar 
Then, I asked astrologers to shed light on, add to, and proffer possible explanations for.
Astrology is never a "solution" to any problem, anyway; it's a tool—maybe—in combination with other tools. 
So, anyway, I definitely didn't mean to confuse or upset you with my data. Because it's right there to see for yourself, I didn't think by sharing it I could anger anyone. 
The demon-astrology connection could not be a solution, and I'd never brag about having created one before having enacted that solution until every single demon was exorcized from every person afflicted by possession. It's an observation of fact. Nothing more.

#520 - The Rape of a Demoniac, Part II

Update on September 16th, 2014
This case was investigated by the San Jose Police Department, who referred it to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office for prosecution [D.A. #RF-1408-19594; Stacey Capps 408-792-2516]. Today, I was informed that the case was rejected. Tomorrow, I hopefully find out why.

This is a draft; but, I'm posting it early so anyone facing a similar set of circumstances might be able to avoid for themselves that which happened to me. Also, as with any subject matter as the one posted here, you should pray and read your Bible to guard your mind. Many weak-minded idiots don't get the point in talking about everything that happens in a life-and-death situation; but, the God-minded know that truth has a purpose no one can discount as anything less than vital. Accordingly, read Part I of this post, which contains relevant biblical passages before going forward:

The first half of the gory details
They were alternately pushing on the back of my head or pulling on my ears until their dicks reached so far down my throat that I vomited; but, that vomit only went as far as the top of my throat. Then, I was forced to swallow it. Until I did, I wasn't allowed to breathe; a dick that far down your throat blocks your air passageway completely. Plus, my nose was running with snot from the constant retching and gagging, which happened every time I was forced to "go all the way down to [my] balls and hold it."

How long I had to hold it depended on how long it took for my body to tremble or convulse involuntarily from lack of oxygen or fatigue (this went on for hours at a time). Once that happened, I was allowed to go back up to the tip, but "don't take your mouth off it. And, suck hard on the way up. I want it dry by the time you get to the top."

If I did take my mouth off or didn't suck— hard enough—or didn't answer, "Yes, sir," to every command—I got hit with his belt. Hard. Multiple times.

Meanwhile, the Voices Demons cheered them on, relishing every moment of the rape they had planned.

Proof of connection between demons and the rapists
The Voices Demons (otherwise known as San Jose's "little birdies") can be heard in the background of a video made during a sexual encounter with one of the rapists [see video-2012-01-29-20-57-36]:
The audio track contains the highly offensive recounting of child molestation by the man from Devil on His Shoulder [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Devil on His Shoulder]; also, the heads of two centurion demons blend with the glare from a lamp
Confessions of past sexually deviant conduct adds credibility to rape claim
If you have a hard time believing that this man--plus, four others--could take part in such a thing as what I described above, listen to the following excerpts from this video:

Another time, I was in a wedding; I was one of the groomsmen. And, [the groom] knew I was gay, and set me up with his partner, and [he] made me put out for all the other fucking groomsmen—even for, like, his 14 or 15-year-old brother. Fucking hot!

I like going to the porn theater at night, real late. There's a couple of young kids that ride their bikes there that are not old enough to get in—Mexican boys with big dicks. They take me behind [unintelligible] and fuck me. I buy them some porn once in a while. They're, like, 15 or 16—they're hot! They'll put me on the ground and throw my legs up in the air, and [unintelligible] I will fuck [them] and I get fucked [by them]. [Voices demons roaring in the background] First, they [unintelligible] and then they decided it was better to get their dicks off [unintelligible].

It's not like I'm raping them, right?

Do you think it's wrong that I let them fuck me?

And, they know what they want. [pause] They fuck hard, too. [pause] They cum, and their dicks stay hard, and they cum again...whew!

I got a motel room one time, and [unintelligible] suck me off [inaudible] middle school. It was hot!

I'd love to be a sex [educator] for boys like that—8th, 9th and 10th grade boys.

Take, like, the whole football team or something...or wrestling team.
NOTE | To see the (almost) full-length video, read Night of the (Pedophile) Confessions.
If you have a hard time believing that demons were involved, listen not only to the Voices Demons railing in the background, but also look at the two demons heads floating in the glare from a nearby table lamp:
The heads of the demons floating in the glare from a nearby table lamp hover over the shoulder of one of the four rapists
The demons floating in the glare from a nearby table lamp are best viewed in the original, uncompressed version of the video showing them. Devil on His Shoulder can be downloaded from MediaFire [88 MB]; use Quicktime Player to watch it.

Child-molesting rapist inadvertently admits to rape by failing to deny it in phone conversation
If you think admitting to child molestation isn't damning enough, consider the fact that this same person failed to deny the acts described above in a phone conversation with me afterwards, which was recorded, and can be heard at PREVIEW | Former jailhouse lover's photo lures demon-possessed pedophile into rape confession:
This is a preview of an upcoming post; I'll announce the final version when it becomes available. It'll include a description of my interaction with the police department investigating this case.

Following is the first pretext call facilitated by police, which was made in order to get some of the information needed for an investigation of the sexual assault allegations made against a confessed pedophile, namely, the demon collaborator shown and heard in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children.

Here is the complete transcript of the pretext phone call, in which the demon-possessed, self-confessed pedophile tentatively agrees to commit another rape, this time, against my former jailhouse lover:
Paul! What's up?
How ya' doin', fucker?
Yeah, this is Paul, right?
Okay,  Paul, what's up, man?
What's this guy into?
Well, I…pretty much…you know, I'm…I'm thinking…I've been with him before; so, I know a lot about him because he was my cellmate.
But, basically, you know, I think he'd be down with whatever you and CJ were doing. He might even want CJ to be there, I'm not sure; but, eh…uh, the only thing is, you know, I'm not real sure, like, for example, if he's going to be down with, like, the vomiting thing. Like, um, you know how, like, you guys were, like, pushing, uh, like, choking me out, or whatever? You know, like, pushing my…pushing your dicks, like, down—or, at least CJ was—like, pushing down my throat, making me, like, [wretches]—shit like that? I don't know if he's down with that; but, then again, it's not necessarily true because I was, uh, here with a dude the other day, and he pulls up porno on my computer, and there's a whole fuckin' selection of pornos where dudes are doing that. So, I guess it's a thing. I thought it was just a you-and-CJ-thing because you guys were not even talking about it; you guys were fuckin' just doing it. And, I was just, like, what the fuck? And, um…and, then, I…he showed me these pornos, and I'm, like, "So, dudes do this shit." So, I was, like, "Okay, cool." So, anyway, I was talking to Jesse, and Jesse's like, "Yeah, If he's got shit, I'm down." And, I was, like, "Like that?!" And, he's like, "Yeah!' He goes, "I fuckin' am into that!" He goes, "You know that." And, I said, "Well, I don't know that." I said, "The only thing I knew about you is that you like to get fucked." Well, he goes, you know, "Well, I like to be the bottom." And, I was like, "Cool! Whatever. Alright." So…but, he's like, "But, he's gotta have shit." And, I'm like, "Yeah, he's got shit; so, don't trip." You know? So…anyway, um, the only other thing is, is, uh, like I say, he likes to fuck, but, um, you know, uh, probably don't hold him down, and don't… Well…but, you could do that, I guess, if you want to; but…which… You know, I…I didn't like that shit; but, uh, I would not do the thing where they can't breathe. I…I don't know how he'd take that—he's younger than me. That scared the shit out of me; but, uh, I think it would probably petrify him even worse. I don't know! I don't know! I haven't asked him that. I didn't talk to him about that day; but, definitely, uh, ask him, like, feel him out first. But, uh, I don't know.

Have you talked to CJ lately? Would you be able to get CJ involved or not? I would not…I probably would not be involved at all. I know I wouldn't, actually.  But, um, would CJ be into this or no?
I don' t know; I haven't seen him for months.
Alright, cool; have you seen him since that…that day we both saw him?
Yeah, I tried to get ahold of him, and dude just slammed the phone in my fucking ear; so, I don't know.

Alright, so, what's up with you?
Nothing. Right now, I gotta get going, unfortunately. 
Okay. Alright.
I'm on my way out of town today; but, I'll be back around on the weekend.
Alright, you wanna talk back, er…talk then or do you want me to hook you up…? What do you want me to do with this dude?
Well, I don't have free time in my schedule probably until next week.
Okay, you wanna talk then?
Yeah, sure.
Alright, talk to you later, man. 
Okay, sounds good.
Okay, bye.

Here is a photo of Jesse, who was used as a lure to initiate the pretext call:
Jesse Thompson's photo was used to lure the suspect into a confession of sorts
Jesse was my former cellmate and jailhouse lover while I was incarcerated at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction:
Jesse's wristband, which all inmates are required to wear while in custody

This is the series of text messages that preceded the phone call (in reverse order, for whatever reason):

San Jose Police Detective John Lynch gave me the following Pretext Call Kit to make the call:
It includes the recorder, extra batteries, instructions, and a ear/speaker piece, which you insert into your ear, while holding the phone up to the other end.

Background: Confessions of a pedophile
During a January, 2012, sexual interlude, he surprised me with his confession that he's a pedophile, as recounted in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children; you can actually see his demon looming in the air over his shoulder, blended with the glare from a nearby table lamp [see also Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]; you can also see a demon's head floating above his shoulder in the glare from of nearby lamp:
Following are audio excerpts of the relevant portions of the video:

Another time, I was in a wedding; I was one of the groomsmen. And, [the groom] knew I was gay, and set me up with his partner, and [he] made me put out for all the other fucking groomsmen—even for, like, his 14 or 15-year-old brother. Fucking hot!

I like going to the porn theater at night, real late. There's a couple of young kids that ride their bikes there that are not old enough to get in—Mexican boys with big dicks. They take me behind [unintelligible] and fuck me. I buy them some porn once in a while. They're, like, 15 or 16—they're hot! They'll put me on the ground and throw my legs up in the air, and [unintelligible] I will fuck [them] and I get fucked [by them]. [Voices demons roaring in the background] First, they [unintelligible] and then they decided it was better to get their dicks off [unintelligible].

It's not like I'm raping them, right?

Do you think it's wrong that I let them fuck me?

And, they know what they want. [pause] They fuck hard, too. [pause] They cum, and their dicks stay hard, and they cum again...whew!

I got a motel room one time, and [unintelligible] suck me off [inaudible] middle school. It was hot!

I'd love to be a sex [educator] for boys like that—8th, 9th and 10th grade boys.

Take, like, the whole football team or something...or wrestling team.

There's more to come later; but, first, a glimpse at the reaction of some of San Jose's citizens to the acts of these men and their demons:

FROM: <> 

Hey you micro-dicked fucktard, go prostitute yourself and score your drugs on the street with the other fucking whores and addicts. 

...if you really were "raped" then judging by your past..., you set yourself up for it.
A third e-mail received last night made reference to a "penectomy," which, for reasons unknown, has been a point of interest for gang-stalkers and demons alike since 2006 [hear a gang-stalker reference a penectomy in his conversation with another gang-stalker pertaining to the demonic agenda in AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006]. He asked whether my penis was cut off during or as a result of the sexual assault:
FROM: Hand Lover <> 
did you get de-dicked?
Cuttin it off is the only way to get over it...