Monday, May 25, 2015

VIDEO | Demon orb rides shotgun

It's a good thing my choice is to confront the demon problem full-on, headstrong, because, if I had chosen otherwise, I couldn't even run from it with a car, as evidenced not only by the speed at which one can be seen traveling in a recently made video clip, but by their obsession with establishing a presence in every place and everything.
NOTE | One demon rally goes: "In every closet, under every bed!" Surprisingly, that's one of the least disturbing of all their rallying cries. The ones they gave to their people would chill you to the bone. It is a world sick with sin, let me tell you.
The video was made during my transit from an apartment to a car as I held my iPhone in my hand, the camera pointed behind me. In the portion of it shown below, you can see a demon orb racing around the corner of a building and then into the car in front of me:

Like a lot of orbs in the videos I've posted to this blog, distinguishing the orb from a lens flare is difficult without analyzing the flight path; plus, demon orbs make prodigious use of "environmental camouflage" when moving within viewing range of a human—a behavior well-documented by video and pics in hundreds of posts to this blog.

Clip provides tactical data for pending war against demons, demon people
What else is interesting about this particular clip is that it shows a slight decrease and flare of the orb as it crosses the path of the lamp attached to the building; it has been observed that entering and exiting "twilight zones," the borders created by shadow/light and weak light/strong light, require an adjustment of some kind on the part of a demon camouflaging using light and shadow. This is the first video I have that demonstrates that the required time to make the adjustment can be an impediment to motility; it is the second video proving that demons are affected by things we can touch and access [see SCIENCE | Red demon orbs turn blue under extreme heat].

Other clips providing requisite context
The following posts show some of the most recent videos showing demons orbs like this one on the move or on the attack; they should be viewed in tandem with the clip above for context and reference: