Thursday, August 7, 2014

PICS | Possessing demon revealed in man's eyes, hands

During periods of high demonic activity—the kind I create in the manner described in Demon people fail at attempt to use powers on their own]—I can pan my camera across my face (or move my hands in front of the camera) and capture my possessing demon. A possessing demon is nearly always revealed in the eyes and hands/arms of the person it possesses in portions of a video where the camera is panning across the person or the person is moving during such periods.

In part, the physics of light explain why a video camera can capture a possessing demon, and the period of high demonic activity explains why demons can be captured on video. The opportunity to capture a possessing demon on video (being at the right place, right time) comes from being the cause of the period of the high demonic activity.

Unfortunately, the panning-camera/subject in-motion method for capturing demons on video provides only one or two still frames that actually show the demon. They are blurry, too, although not as blurry as the non-demon objects in view.

Like the Jungle Homeless Encampment [see PICS | Scores of demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment], the Little Orchard Homeless Shelter [see AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker] is a resting place for hordes of demons in possession of people. During periods of high demonic activity, all I have to do is record video of myself or someone else and it's only a matter of minutes before I'll capture a possessing demon on video.

A few nights ago, while at the shelter during a period of high demonic activity, I turned on my iSight camera (MacBook Air), waiting for an opportunity to capture something such as a demon in possession of a human. I only waited 3 minutes and 42 seconds, as shown in the still frames below:

Pausing on this frame revealed the slit eyes and spike-fingered hands of a possessing demonSame still frame (l), enhanced
Same frame shown above, zoomed to show the slitted pupilsSame zoomed image (l), enhanced
Same still frame shown above, zoomed to show spike-fingered hands Still frame showing my spike-fingered hand from another video
[see also PHOTOS | Man with demon hand sports morphing demonic shirt pattern]
To find the demon, I had to examine one frame of the video at a time (called skimming). The man possessed looks like himself in every other frame; but, not in any of the other frames of the video, which means the demon revealed itself in less than a blink of the eye. Scientific factors explain the brevity of a demon's appearance under the circumstances by which they are captured on digital video; it is not likely the demon's conscious choice, even if advantageous [read Rotating camera reveals inner demon's head next to mine].

There are at least two other ways to capture possessing demons on video:
  1. Under certain circumstances, possessing demons can be captured in multiple, successive frames, as discussed (and shown) in Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video, one such circumstance is darkness. Because most video is not recorded in the dark, most possessing demon photo ops are found by skimming in-motion video stills, as described in this post.Demons can be recorded on video in the light whenever they position themselves in front of objects of the same general size, shape and color (called camouflaging), as shown in Spectre of Death, Camouflaged and Camouflage Terror.
  2. The in-motion camera/subject method works to capture non-possessing demons, too, who may not only be cloaked, but moving too fast for the eye to see, as shown in What it feels like when a demon possesses you.
To see dozens more demon possession pics and videos, search for possession; also search for camouflage.
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Here's a photo that hasn't been posted yet of a demon possessing me during a period of high demonic activity, that was captured on video by the technique described in this post a couple of years ago:

One of my inner demons, revealed in a still frame from a portion of a video in which the camera was panning across my face [see also PHOTOS | The demon possessing me, revealed]
Just today (08/11/2014), I captured the demonically-altered hands of a human, which are visible because he has just used his demon-given powers to launch a demonic weapon at me:
Two thick, red demon fingers replace this man's usual five, right after his launched a demonic weapon
Same still frame as above, enlarged

Tendrils on the end of each demonic finger, which look like long, black fingernails

The disproportionately large, demon hand, starting to return to normal
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