Monday, November 10, 2014

VIDEO | Possible second biomechanical demonic entity caught on camera

As I set up my camera to record more tree demons outside of Scratchen's apartment [see Creating Spaces, demon-style: High demon population leads newcomers to unorthodox objects for possession], a golden-colored cord—triple-braided, from the looks of it—slips into view, and then very quickly back out again, all on its own; you can see the best part of it shown on video in the following still frame:

As I set up my video camera on the window sill facing a vacant lot full of tree demons, a velvet rope slips in and out of viewThe mechanical entity, magnified by 200%
In the video clip, it appears very briefly in the bottom-left corner twice:

The Voices Demons called it a velvet rope, and said it was both a demonic entity and a wire camera. All I know is it did move on its own (into the camera view, and back out again—twice); and, as hard as it may be to believe, a demonic-entity/mechanical-device hybrids exist, as clearly shown in the pics of it posted to VIDEO | Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle (and, to a lesser extent, the video companion to that post, which shows how it strikes a target).

Unless I see more of it, though, it looks like nothing more than a sucker-demon possessed piece of decorative rope to me, similar to sucker-demon possessed shoestrings, as shown in Sucker demon-possessed shoestrings attack legs on verbal command, or sucker-demon possessed body hair, as shown in PICS | Demon horde 'OCCT' flashes stylized '8' in shadow, body hair.
NOTE | It could be the same sucker demon that kept knocking my camera down every time I set it on the window sill, in order to keep me from capturing tree demons outside on video, which you can see in the full-length clip.