Saturday, November 1, 2014

VIDEO | Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle

Start by looking to the left of my neck in each of the following still frames. See that wire brush-like tool, buried in the skin sharp-side-up?

It pops out of nowhere, from everywhere, and strikes like lightning: a mechanical tentacle with metal spikes on its end, which either stabs or slices my neck and face. It happens a lot these days, and is the primary means by which the skin on my face and neck, and all the underlying muscle and bone and ligaments deteriorated to a ghastly state, literally overnight; that's because it appears (and I've been told) to be radioactive:
Discolored and welted stripes from the spikes scraped across my neckReddened (and almost deadened) skin with stripes left by a tentacle that dragged its spikes across my skin

In the past, any video made of assaults by this particular demonic weapon made it look like nothing more than blurry streaks of black; however, tonight, on a late night walk through San Jose, I finally acquired a video with many still frames showing this spiked, mechanical tentacle up-close and in-focus:
A mechanical tentacle(?) pierces my neck with its spiked end

Several other still frames show the end result of being spiked, specifically, strands that look like hair—but feel like hot, wire string—jutting from the puncture left by each spike:

Hair-like strands jut from each puncture left by the spikes

The video shows a lot of different types of demonic activity, but this particular demonic weapon is shown striking my neck and face more frequently than everything else put together. All demonic activity—both the use of the demonic weapon and all other remaining kinds—will be highlighted later; but, for now, here is one highlight of the demonic weapon striking me in the neck:

Following is the entire raw, unprocessed footage, taken directly from my iPhone, from which the above clip was made:

More highlights from the video coming up; in the meantime, several still frames were selected from the video that show metal spikes piercing the right side of my neck.

Similar assaults from other videos
About the only thing that comes close to as shocking as the frequency in which I am struck by this weapon—that is to say, constantly—is that there are so few images of it. Usually, during an attack, I record video; unfortunately, as the images on this blog attest, my attempts to capture the instruments used to modify and damage my body has been largely unrewarding, not only when considering attempts versus success, but the quality of those successes. For example, here is the second best image I have of the weapon shown in this post:

Another still frame from a different video showing the same type of assault as shown in the still frames above, but of significantly lesser quality, negating the possibility of credible testimonyEven with sharpening, contrast improvements and noise reduction, the teeth of the weapon are not prominent enough to be seen on many display and common lighting conditions
Yet another still frame from a video made on or around the same night as the video that is the subject of this post; you can't really see the golden teeth bearing down on my head from behindWith edits, and if you squint, you can barely see the golden-spiked weapon; if this is all I had, I would never mention the assaults

Compare these still frames to those shown first, and you'll see why I would have hesitated to post any pictures of this weapon if it were not for the quality of the media that is the subject of this post. The incredulity of the story itself does not allow even mention of the assaults without decent video and pictures; and, even with great media, you still get this from time-to-time:

There's no blur in any of the still frames—or in the video, for that matter; in fact, what makes this post so unique among all others is that it doesn't have any blurry pics