Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IN-PROGRESS | Enhancing nighttime outdoor images showing demonic activity with GIMP 2.8

Most demonic attacks happen when you cross a border from light to dark during a period of high demonic activity; it is somewhere in the twilight in-between that creates an opportunity for demons to create and or access portals for materialization and power use and exchange [see Demonic Feng Shui]. At night, that most commonly occurs when you're walking in the light of a street lamp, and then step in the shadow of a tree. The things that can happen when you take just that one step will astound you; and, when caught on camera, will astound others.

Accordingly, during the last period of high demonic activity, I made several videos of walks at night while recording my face with my iPhone 5s. As predicted, I captured some astounding (and horrifying) images. By far, the most astounding images I captured are shown in Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle, which shows one of several demonic torture devices used to degrade your skin, muscles and bones by repeated and unstoppable lightning-fast strikes—hundreds of thousands of them—over a very extended period of time:

Golden spikes on the end of a lightning-fast mechanical tentacle dig and scrape into the side of my neck in order to damage the skin and underlying muscle [see Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle]
Each strike does negligible damage; but, it adds up, as shown by comparing these before-and-after pics, which were taken not at all far apart:

Before (less than a year-and-a-half ago)After (just a few days ago)
The significance of acquiring images that show hideous and maniacal weapons beating people into a slow, torturous death cannot be overstated. This tool, for example, doesn't just show how this one particular demoniac is tormented by demons and their people.
NOTE | Do you think that weapon shown above was invented just for me? Broad use was intended for a torture device calibrated to destroy human tissue molecule-by-molecule that can be launched at anyone, anywhere, from in-and-out of nowhere, and everywhere—all in the blink-of-an-eye. Now, you see why I hate demon people; they are traitors to their own kind, in that they acquiesce to and assist in the destruction and degradation of humanity by deploying weapons like this on their own kind.
It shows how the general public ages—and what ages them—and it shows how people acquire certain illnesses and injuries—and what sickens and hurts them. And, by inference and implication, it shows who does those things. That's all useful to know, as there are a multitude of unseen factors that contribute to our plight as a race, and only by knowing about them can we begin to solve the problems influenced or caused by them.

To that end, let's take a look at the difficulty of capturing images of demonic activity in the shadows of night:
  1. It doesn't always happen where or when you'd expect it (unless you're me). The degree of demonic activity that must occur must be frequent in order to increase the likelihood of capturing images of it;
  2. It occurs in the blink-of-an-eye. Most of such activity occurs in the ether, which is demon-speak for the state in which molecules comprising the demon and/or demonic weapon are synced to those inherent to the dimension from which these come, thereby inheriting a time flow rate much faster relative to ours;
  3. It's partly invisible. Objects and demons whose molecules have not synced with the same time flow rate as ours are sometimes—and most likely—in cognito, demon-speak for semi-transparent and (mostly) intangible;
  4. It causes unconsciousness or short-term amnesia. Demons have tasers they use on targets to render them insensate to their wares [see Bone-killing demonic weapon used on jaw in attack at demon person's home]; but, even without their use, interaction with anything ethereal can have an amnesiac effect on short-term memory.


Not all tree demons—which are deadly [see Jailhouse letter writer dies of apparent drug overdose, possibly suicide]—are in plain enhancing nighttime images to key to finding them, and can be vital to your and others' survival