Monday, May 5, 2014

#579 - Demon-inspired jail/prison murder plot taking shape by actions of correctional officers

While I did point out before that demons prefer suicide to murder, I should also point out that murder is not beneath them by any stretch of the imagination. This, of course, comes as no surprise to long-time readers, who, in the past, learned the details of a plot to have me killed inside prison walls, such as the one sung about by demon people, as heard in:
Even still, it's all just song-and-dance until something happens, of course, which brings me to the events described in this letter I wrote while in jail for the past year:

As you can probably infer, the correctional officer tried to label me with identifiers that would indicate to murderous inmates that it was okay to be a problem to me. The other two "documented and verifiable" incidences involved being labeled a snitch and a homosexual who spreads diseases to members of gangs behind bars.
NOTE | To read about the other things that happened while I was in jail, see 16 murders, other crimes solved while fighting 36-years-to-life prison term in county jail.