Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#539 - SCIENCE | Sucker demons, humans must facilitate demonic possession cooperatively, in tandem

The connection between the sucker demons and a demon's ability to maintain possession of a human was first established in Sucker demons connect demons to humans for possession, when it was discovered that sucker demons abrogate the disparity between the physical and the demonic, two forms of matter that cannot otherwise interact constructively without them.

As is more fully explained in that post, sucker demons can hold on to something physical with one end of their thread-like bodies while holding onto something demonic with the other. In other words, they tether a demon to a human.

They also insulate a human from the biologically devastating effects that stem from direct contact with a demon, the same effects by which demons now use as a weapon against their victims, and which feel like a mixture of extreme heat and electrical shock.

Finally, sucker demons provide a gateway for impulses from the demon nervous system to that of the human's while regulating that flow and dampening feedback.

In sum, sucker demons are like electrical components, in that they are insulators (by keeping the "hot" parts of a demon from touching the human), resistors (regulating the connection between the two when they do touch), transformers (converting demon nerve impulses to human-compatible) and connectors (creating a link between the two bodies overall and their respective nervous systems).
NOTE | Given the similarities between electrical/electronic parts/components and the demon make-up, it is likely that demons invented them; and, given the similarities between the way a demon connects to a human and the ways those parts interact, it is likely that products made from those parts, especially, televisions, radios and telephones, were invented and/or inspired by demons, as well.
But, even with all their intellectual superiority, demons still need a helping hand to climb into a human's body. That's because a demon's electrical field must be grounded by material of equivalent size and sufficient conductivity as it is passing through a human in order to overcome the repelling effects of the human's electrical field. That means that humans are naturally shielded from demons that can possess them, and that another human has to touch and push a demon into a person before that demon can go inside him.

The preferred exit and entry points are the back and anal cavity. That explains both the high number of sucker demons congregating in those regions of the human body, and why the demon-possessed are atrophied disproportionately in those two places, as well.
NOTE | Voices Demons use sucker demons to atrophy muscle tissue and damage skin of gay men to simulate the effects of HIV disease; this is why they can be found in swarms at men's bathhouses, such as The Watergarden [see VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demon's invade The Watergarden; see also VIDEO | Blood-soaked sucker demons infect with HIV].
Since demons can shrink to the size of a tiny, black dot, they can fit easily into the palm of someone's hand. Then, they can just as easily be patted into the back of an unsuspecting victim. But, the anus is by far the most preferred because the anus cavity is easier to slip through, and the naturally porous lining of the intestine easier to pass through.

With that, in comes your anonymous sex partner. Or, worse, one you know. As shown by the video of my anonymous sex date with a demon-human hybrid, this can happen. In VIDEO | Demons caught in bathhouse sex video, you can see several little demons hiding behind my legs, waiting to be ushered into my body by the man in and around one of my exit/entry points.

Although not shown in that post, there is a still frame in the original video showing a balled up demon riding the men's anatomy into, well, me. Rest assured that a swarm of sucker demons pulled him in like the open mouth of a sea anemone when the demon "approached."
NOTE | Some demons can enter without assistance if they can get a running start first. The sensation and symptoms associated with this form of entry into the human body is described in What it feels like when a demon possesses you.
This fact about demon possession not only explains the inordinately high number of demons at The Watergarden, but also at gay men's houses. A warning about this, plus video evidence of it, can be found at The (tweaker sex) Life of a (bag whore) Demoniac.