Thursday, November 15, 2012

#458 - Voices Demons' mistake exposes Long's lie

This is a draft; I need to move on to other things; but, it's good enough for you to get the gist of things...

A failure by the Voices Demons to provide Long Cao with information relevant to a reprisal of his ongoing role as the friend-aggrieved-by-friend's-tomfoolery exposed his involvement with them, which he enacts at the behest of the Voices Demons immediately following any maneuver or mishap they consider significant; specifically, he was caught telling a lie for them. That information was that I did attend a court hearing for a small claims case in which I was a witness, in spite of an alleged drug binge that would have precluded attendance.

During the hearing in a case in which Long is the plaintiff, he sent this text message, while I sat in the court room, and while he sat at home:
Long alleged in a text message that I failed to attend court due to drug use; in fact, I was in court at the time he sent it, while he sat at home (the messages are in reverse order)
I did not see this message until I got home because my cellphone battery died just before the hearing.

In this situation, I call that luck-of-the-draw. In a call made to him afterwards from my laptop using Google Talk, he admitted his own failure to attend the hearing:
Following is a transcript of the phone conversation:

Long Hello?

James Hello, Long! Long?!

Long Where [is] your cellphone?

James Er, uh, the battery died.

Long Where're you?

James I'm at the law library. I went to court. How come you didn't go there? [sighs]

Long Because I text'ed you this morning—I call[ed] you; but, you didn't answer the phone. I don't know. I'm still home. Maybe [you should] cancel [it], okay? I don't want to go!

James Okay.

Long Yeah, just tell them to reschedule, okay? What…I…I called you this morning three…too many times; but, I didn't…you didn't answer the phone.

James  Okay.

Long And, then go there, and reschedule [for] another time.

James Oh...

Long But, [are] you go[ing] to the airport tomorrow or no[t]?

James Yep.

Long Okay, I['ll] be there at 3 a.m. in the morning.

James Okay.

Long But, I text['ed] you; and, I called you three, uh…[at] 7:30; but, you didn't reply. You didn't answer.

James That's because I was on my way to court; [then], my battery died. [omitted]

Long I don't know; but, I have to…you have to charge [stutters]… You have to charge…

James You know…

Long [inaudible]

James You know, Long, show up to court whenever you have an appointment to show up there. [pauses] But, don't worry about it…

Long You [took] drug[s]! I don't know [whether] you forgot [to go]. I don't know. I have to call you first.

James Okay, whatever. Alright…

Long Maybe, uh [you can] reschedule or cancel—I don't know.

James Okay.

In the phone call, he never mentioned the text message he sent nearly an hour prior, nor did he make any accusations. Of particular note is that he never proffered an explanation as to why he implied that he went to the hearing, whereas he hadn't (and, whereas, I did).

The mistake wasn't his, though; it was the demons'. They assumed they could erase the text message as soon as my phone was turned back on, cellphone hacking and tapping being their forte and all. Undoubtedly, they told Long as much right before I made the phone call, and instructed him to pretend he had never sent it while talking to me.

It was their handling of my spontaneous decision to make the call after the hearing that probably made them feel real special; however, it was the spontaneous decision afterwards that explains why they probably stopped feeling real special, and railed against me afterwards. On a whim (or an instinct), I decided to record the call with Long; and, they knew what I'd do with that recording once I discovered the text message.

Other instances of Long's involvement with the Voices Demons
Long assumed a similar role shortly after I became homeless due to the same set of circumstances from which the small claims case arose, which can be heard in Demons recruit Long to taunt about homelessness they caused. In it, he mocks my newfound homelessness, which was orchestrated by the Voices Demons, in conjunction with Lee Ayers (Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes). It also immediately followed abuse by the Voices Demons, and an unlawful act on the part of Mr. Ayers, in which he collected a full month's rent, but forcefully ejected three days later without refunding any money.

He has been trained and tasked to engage this role after every instance of round-the-clock physical assaults by the Voices Demons' cadre of sucker demons and the like, which, this time, lasted over three days; he starts by lobbing at me accusations of neglect and/or poor judgment about something, anything or everything, and ends by assigning blame on drug use. As in the above case, in which I was at court in spite of the his/Voices Demons' presumption that I would not go, the accusations are never true.

He is also instructed to ignore injuries, complaints of injuries, and signs of diminishing health. This is not too difficult in my situation, as the Voices Demons—like many who habitually abuse others—know how to inflict significant and debilitating injury in increments, and without overt signs of injury. Such damage is caused to areas of the body that are not visible (or that are typically concealed); this last time, this supposedly included my heart, kidneys, lungs, and brain. They also claim to be causing incremental damage to pain-sensitive body parts, such as the eyes, eardrums, ligaments and tendons of the knees, achilles heels, elbow joints, neck and shoulders. A relatively new stated goal of diminishing my appearance includes degradation and loss of teeth and gum health.
NOTE | While not every claim can be verified, there are some visible signs of damage to my body. My eyesight is blurry after an attack, and my joints have otherwise inexplicable pain.
The type of attack varies depending on the variety of demon and the target area on my body. For example, sucker demons (or cloaked demons that extend sucker demon like tentacles) use their tentacles to pierce the skin or reach places inside the body through an orifice; they can also use them like whips. These demons' tentacles are like Swiss Army knives; but, unlike this all-in-one tool, a tentacle can be adapted to almost any task which requires burning, cutting, and phasing (the ability to pass through solid material). Phasing, when combined with burning or cutting, is particular useful to the Voices Demons, in that they can inflict harm without leaving external scarring or wounding because these abilities allow a sucker demon to extend a tentacle through the skin layer via phasing, which can then be "tipped" with heat to burn or the requisite solidity to cut or pierce.

The specific body parts they attack—and the manner in which they attack them—are:
Sucker demons' frequent and prolonged anchoring to my skull caused deformities
NOTE | According to the Voices Demons, the cumulative effect of these regularly occurring, prolonged sessions of physical assault will be blindness, deafness, loss of fingertips, loss of teeth, heart attack, dialysis, and debilitating mental performance and capacity.
It appears that it was known to others that Long would be used in this way by the Voices Demons, as described in Bail bondsman warned of Long's betrayal and subsequent demise. In a series of text messages sent to me in 2007 by my then-bail bondsman, Jake Peters (Jake’s Bail Bonds), Jake warned that Long will be my "demise," eluding to Jon Harrington's statement to Paul Casey, in which he says of the gang-stalkers' credo, i.e., “We prolong peoples’ inevitable demise...”:
In that post, I wrote that I had no idea at the time what Jake thought Long was up to. To-wit:
Jake declined to elaborate on his specific concerns, but it's clear that he has been advised of, or has seen or heard something, that indicates that Long will betray me at some point.
Perhaps he was too distracted by the threats made to him by the Voices Demons to think to ask, as suggested by a statement he made—out-of-the-blue—during our meeting with him:
[T]hat's when they're going to shut me down—so, I have to pay the $50,000. I'm not gonna...I'm not gonna get shut down! I'm not going to close my office! And then, once, once they audit, audit me or audit my insurance company, they see that there's $1,000 that's unpaid because a discount was given...

#457 - Voices Demons harass, threaten United Flight #44 passengers, pilot

This morning, as I sat on United Airlines Flight #44 to Phoenix, Arizona, marked only the third opportunity in nearly six years to gauge the Voices Demons mobility and telepathic range, this time, to determine just how far these much-loathed demons have extended their reach since their first appearance in Sunnyvale, California.

I was en route to my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, which is nearly 2,373 miles away from my home in Santa Clara, California. I expected the Voices Demons to be relegated there, taking out their anger on whoever they could find for having allowed a victim to "come up for air."

Instead, as I flew at however fast a plane goes at whatever cruising altitude it cruises at, approximately seven of them regaled passengers about their crusade against "fags" and "pedophiles."
NOTE | Apparently, the Voices Demons do this as part of a demon-led campaign of indoctrination, which is intended to keep people from questioning what they see and making judgments. When a victim is in a crowd, the thoughts of those in-the-know within that crowd will not be permitted anywhere near what has not been specifically permitted by demons on the subject of the demons' culling of society [see The New Holocaust: Demons recruit humans as part of "The Exclusion"].
I wrote this while waiting on the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport:
So far, the black sucker demons of the worm-like variety embedded under my skin in my shoulders, armpits, back and hips, and a sucker demon of the tumble-weed variety, which is sidled next to the nerves along the length of my spine, neck and at the base of my skull, are being used to cause dizziness, headaches, pain, tiredness and the strange sickness that washes over me at the Voices Demons behest [see Cloaking field of demons used to sicken, drain energy in victims; Sucker demons use 'acupuncture' to immobilize victims; see also Sucker demons dance on fingertips].
Meanwhile, the Voices Demons are screaming and yelling fag and pedophile into the air. I have managed to tear an appendage or two from the tumbleweed sucker demon. They just informed me that they were telling every passenger on board the plane that I was high, a fag and a pedophile; and, that they were pointing out any fidgeting on my part to the air marshal as signs of a pending problem as an unruly passenger. They are now narrating every word and every thought in their conversational exchanges with everyone, so the talking is—as usual—non-stop. Prior to boarding, they vowed to give me a heart attack at the 50,000-feet mark; subsequent to that, they vowed to cause some sort of technical glitch inside the contact for every 10,000 feet the plane climbs [see Sucker demons interfere with electronics on contact...].
They were asked multiple times by multiple centurion demons to remain quiet, and to stop disturbing passengers. As usual, this merely offended them, and, in a retribution of sorts, proceeded to inform an otherwise incognito air marshal that I was on drugs and was about to erupt and would somehow become a disruptive and dangerous passenger at any given moment and so on. This went on for about 30 minutes before several Tuzzo* people quelled concerns.
NOTE | Tuzzo who? Read the Voices Demons' definition of Tuzzo people at the end of this post. Acquire a passenger manifest, and you'll find some of them.
On that, they proceeded for the pilot.

Voices Demons continue to presume to dictate daily activities
So far, while in Indiana, the Voices Demons have attempted to resume dictating my day, much to my astonishment. I'm not allowed to eat, talk, etc., they say. Why any demon would be interested in doing that to the exclusion of having any freedom in their own life is beyond me; but, they consider and portray themselves as saviors to the world, and their work otherwise a divine calling (the actual word used by one of the Voices Demons, while berating the others for not living up to such).
A photo of the control tower at Indianapolis International Airport, taken while riding in the back of my mother's boyfriend's car, while on my way to the first complete and timely dinner I've had in months (at Denny's), and with family I have not been "allowed" to see face-to-face for nearly six years
Already, I have had to throttle them back into line with a few odds-n-ends from a bag-of-tricks I haven't used for years. This may be part of the reason for my family's resistance to this same trip last year [see Family stalls plan for respite, in spite of injury and suffering at hands of demons].
Back home again in Indiana
 My hope is to remain undistracted long enough to accomplish a few objectives planned during my trip. As I write this post, Turn Up the Radio (Madonna) is drowning out several Voices Demons as they yell, "Turn off everything! Turn off the computer!" and "Take your hands off the computer now!" They are using their version of the authoritative and commanding tone of voice of a police officer, which they have derived from years of stalking the same, a psychotic by-product of their all-consuming drive to become "the boss of people" and "rulers of the Underworld."
NOTE | I'm not sure how they intend to fit these future roles, while maintaining their current one of controllers of the Internet, particularly, if you consider the fact that they spend all their time with me. I don't intend to ask, though; it would just encourage it.
They are issuing their usual threats, while sending several imp demons to further injure the ligaments in my left elbow and knees. They are also inflicting pain in the cervical portion of my spine (lower than the neck); one or two were entrenched in the groove of my back along the spine, and had extended their hands into my kidneys. I have already ripped one of my shirts fighting them off.

This experience, as it occurred on the actual airplane itself, was nearly identical to the one shown in Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril, in which I am lashed in the eye by one tendril after having pulled another one piercing my neck (shown below):
A tendril of a sucker demon pierces my neck (enhanced) Another lashes my eye after removing the first (enhanced)
Like all small demons of this variety, these particular imps can be dispensed with by pressure and force. Usually, a spinal twist a la chiropractic will usually sever a tendril traversing to (or through) a vertebrae; and, if the tendril is near enough to the surface of the skin, a twist and pinch of the skin just above it, followed by a short tug, will do the same.
NOTE | Placing a thin cloth between your fingers and a demon's tendril makes for effortless—and complete—removal. For further instructions for removing the tendrils of demonic entities from your person, see HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin and HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom.
Voices Demons' range 56 times greater than 2006
In May 2006, when the Voices Demons had announced their attack, and for the first month or so thereafter, which began in May 2006 at 1220 Tasman Drive SPC 379 in Sunnyvale, they could not make it past my driveway; but, gradually, over the course of a month or so, they extended their reach to several miles from my old home (the very one they stole from me in 2006, in fact). A couple of months later, I decided to drive to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where I inadvertently discovered that I could communicate with only one or two Voices Demons. A couple of months ago, I returned to Santa Cruz with the specific intent to determine whether their range had increased.

It had. Not only could I hear them clearly, there were more than just the two from before. Still, it wasn't all of them. Half of the usual horde of Voices Demons were present this time; however, completely absent were the usual cadre of other demons that carry out the physical attacks which follow the tirade of epithets and litany of threats issued by the Voices Demons that always precede such attacks.
NOTE | Not all attacks are announced. Three such notables are the attack by a horde of red-colored demons [see ], now vanquished by a can of hairspray and a lighter, the attack at the law library [see ], in which my laptop bag was rifled through by two half-breed demons as I lay unconscious on the floor, and an attack—followed by a kidnapping—at a nexus of hyperdimensional portals, i.e., my old apartment at 471 Julian Street in San Jose.
On a subsequent trip to San Gregario State Beach in September, however, the Voices Demons' were accompanied by their usual henchman, eventually. It took them a couple of hours to catch; but, like the sun creeping up over the horizon and spreading out and across the landscape, the blended spectres of demons began to merge with rock faces, trees, hills, and plants, and anything with enough contrast in light and shadow in their coloring or topography with which to simultaneously merge and camouflage their their shapes and faces. Once the area was saturated with demonic filth, the sucker demons began their attack, the beginning of which is shown in a video in VIDEO | Sucker demon attacks at nude beach, a segment from which is shown below:
This increase in range was predicted, even though the increase in the Voices Demons' range was not expected, it was predicted. Last year, in Voices Demons' increase geographical range slowly, arduously, I wrote:
For all the wondrous and magical power they purport to possess, expanding their geographic area of operations still requires a substantial amount of time and effort by Voices Demons. This allows those afflicted by them the option of fleeing by putting some distance between themselves and this insidious demonic scourge.
At first, I thought a human possessed by these had to first travel to an area they had never been before, and then remain there long enough for the Voices Demons to establish a presence. I surmised this based on their gradual increase in range, which, as of March 2006, went no further than my front door at 1220 Tasman Drive SPC 379, in Sunnyvale, California, but, by May, had extended to a convenience store five-minutes away, before reaching to nearly everywhere else in the Bay Area of Northern California, including St. Helena, by August; then, it seemed that I was the determinative factor in how far they could go.

But that assumption burst when I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in September 2006; while there, I could hear one of the Voices Demons, albeit barely. Her usually vibrant and young voice sounded old and frail; and, it sounded muffled (as if my hearing were failing) and quiet (as if distant). Moreover, she had a hard time holding a conversation or making sense in one, but spoke constantly, taking no breaks between words and sentences, which is characteristic of their speech when establishing telepathic communication with new subjects. It may also require intense concentration to maintain long-distance telepathic communication at first.

The same observations were made in December 2008 at San Gregorio Beach; however, this time, two Voices Demons were able to reach that far, suggesting that it is not just a matter of laying a foundation for telepathic communication in a new area for others, but individual ability and skill that allows for the breaking of new ground.

As I write this blog, the Voices Demons that berate me day and night claim to have extended their range to approximately 100 miles from San Jose; however, I believe that they now extend even further.
Obviously, it does.

* About Tuzzo people
Tuzzo people is the moniker assigned by the Voices Demons to humans having some degree of telepathic-communicative abilities, which appear to be limited to the following:
  • they can hear your thoughts if they listen for them
  • they can hear your thoughts if you project them
  • they can speak to each other in their minds; however, they cannot (or do not) speak to non-Tuzzo people in this way
  • they can readily communicate with any Voices Demon, whereas victims of Voices Demons—such as myself—can usually only communicate with the perpetrators; however, this may be a rule imposed by the Voices Demons themselves, and not an actual limitation of a given person's telepathic abilities
When I communicate with Tuzzo people, the very same Voices Demons that continually declare that they will make problems for my psyche—a declaration well-known to seemingly every Tuzzo person I encounter—portend to act as intercessors, carrying the message from the Tuzzo person to me, while ensuring that the meaning and intent is clear. They tell Tuzzo people that their message is tailored for the recipient, and may be amended for clarification derived from the "memory banks" of the Tuzzo person themselves. In my case, however, they take any and all opportunities to alter the message in order to elicit a response from me—which is immediate, and does not need nor benefit from an intercessory relay—that will be disadvantageous to me in some way, which is, generally, socially.
Voices Demons do more than just relay messages to and from Tuzzo people; they also ask them to lie, attack, and otherwise commit illegal acts against enemies of the Voices Demons [see, for example,
CRIME | Phone calls expose mother's lie to police about attack by Tuzzo person; see also VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark].