Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#448 - PREVIEW | Former jailhouse lover's photo lures demon-possessed pedophile into rape confession

This is a preview of an upcoming post; I'll announce the final version when it becomes available. It'll include a description of my interaction with the police department investigating this case.

Following is the first pretext call facilitated by police, which was made in order to get some of the information needed for an investigation of the sexual assault allegations made against a confessed pedophile, namely, the demon collaborator shown and heard in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children.

Here is the complete transcript of the pretext phone call, in which the demon-possessed, self-confessed pedophile tentatively agrees to commit another rape, this time, against my former jailhouse lover:

Paul! What's up?
How ya' doin', fucker?
Yeah, this is Paul, right?
Okay,  Paul, what's up, man?
What's this guy into?
Well, I…pretty much…you know, I'm…I'm thinking…I've been with him before; so, I know a lot about him because he was my cellmate.
But, basically, you know, I think he'd be down with whatever you and CJ were doing. He might even want CJ to be there, I'm not sure; but, eh…uh, the only thing is, you know, I'm not real sure, like, for example, if he's going to be down with, like, the vomiting thing. Like, um, you know how, like, you guys were, like, pushing, uh, like, choking me out, or whatever? You know, like, pushing my…pushing your dicks, like, down—or, at least CJ was—like, pushing down my throat, making me, like, [wretches]—shit like that? I don't know if he's down with that; but, then again, it's not necessarily true because I was, uh, here with a dude the other day, and he pulls up porno on my computer, and there's a whole fuckin' selection of pornos where dudes are doing that. So, I guess it's a thing. I thought it was just a you-and-CJ-thing because you guys were not even talking about it; you guys were fuckin' just doing it. And, I was just, like, what the fuck? And, um…and, then, I…he showed me these pornos, and I'm, like, "So, dudes do this shit." So, I was, like, "Okay, cool." So, anyway, I was talking to Jesse, and Jesse's like, "Yeah, If he's got shit, I'm down." And, I was, like, "Like that?!" And, he's like, "Yeah!' He goes, "I fuckin' am into that!" He goes, "You know that." And, I said, "Well, I don't know that." I said, "The only thing I knew about you is that you like to get fucked." Well, he goes, you know, "Well, I like to be the bottom." And, I was like, "Cool! Whatever. Alright." So…but, he's like, "But, he's gotta have shit." And, I'm like, "Yeah, he's got shit; so, don't trip." You know? So…anyway, um, the only other thing is, is, uh, like I say, he likes to fuck, but, um, you know, uh, probably don't hold him down, and don't… Well…but, you could do that, I guess, if you want to; but…which… You know, I…I didn't like that shit; but, uh, I would not do the thing where they can't breathe. I…I don't know how he'd take that—he's younger than me. That scared the shit out of me; but, uh, I think it would probably petrify him even worse. I don't know! I don't know! I haven't asked him that. I didn't talk to him about that day; but, definitely, uh, ask him, like, feel him out first. But, uh, I don't know.

Have you talked to CJ lately? Would you be able to get CJ involved or not? I would not…I probably would not be involved at all. I know I wouldn't, actually.  But, um, would CJ be into this or no?
I don' t know; I haven't seen him for months.
Alright, cool; have you seen him since that…that day we both saw him?
Yeah, I tried to get ahold of him, and dude just slammed the phone in my fucking ear; so, I don't know.

Alright, so, what's up with you?
Nothing. Right now, I gotta get going, unfortunately. 
Okay. Alright.
I'm on my way out of town today; but, I'll be back around on the weekend.
Alright, you wanna talk back, er…talk then or do you want me to hook you up…? What do you want me to do with this dude?
Well, I don't have free time in my schedule probably until next week.
Okay, you wanna talk then?
Yeah, sure.
Alright, talk to you later, man. 
Okay, sounds good.
Okay, bye.

Here is a photo of Jesse, who was used as a lure to initiate the pretext call:
Jesse Thompson's photo was used to lure the suspect into a confession of sorts
Jesse was my former cellmate and jailhouse lover while I was incarcerated at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction:
Jesse's wristband, which all inmates are required to wear while in custody

This is the series of text messages that preceded the phone call (in reverse order, for whatever reason):

San Jose Police Detective John Lynch gave me the following Pretext Call Kit to make the call:
It includes the recorder, extra batteries, instructions, and a ear/speaker piece, which you insert into your ear, while holding the phone up to the other end.

Background: Confessions of a pedophile
During a January, 2012, sexual interlude, he surprised me with his confession that he's a pedophile, as recounted in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children; you can actually see his demon looming in the air over his shoulder, blended with the glare from a nearby table lamp [see also Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]; you can also see a demon's head floating above his shoulder in the glare from of nearby lamp:

Following are audio excerpts of the relevant portions of the video:

Another time, I was in a wedding; I was one of the groomsmen. And, [the groom] knew I was gay, and set me up with his partner, and [he] made me put out for all the other fucking groomsmen—even for, like, his 14 or 15-year-old brother. Fucking hot!

I like going to the porn theater at night, real late. There's a couple of young kids that ride their bikes there that are not old enough to get in—Mexican boys with big dicks. They take me behind [unintelligible] and fuck me. I buy them some porn once in a while. They're, like, 15 or 16—they're hot! They'll put me on the ground and throw my legs up in the air, and [unintelligible] I will fuck [them] and I get fucked [by them]. [Voices demons roaring in the background] First, they [unintelligible] and then they decided it was better to get their dicks off [unintelligible].

It's not like I'm raping them, right?

Do you think it's wrong that I let them fuck me?

And, they know what they want. [pause] They fuck hard, too. [pause] They cum, and their dicks stay hard, and they cum again...whew!

I got a motel room one time, and [unintelligible] suck me off [inaudible] middle school. It was hot!

I'd love to be a sex [educator] for boys like that—8th, 9th and 10th grade boys.

Take, like, the whole football team or something...or wrestling team.