Friday, March 16, 2012

Family stalls plan for respite, in spite of injury and suffering at hands of demons

In spite of the injuries I've sustained and the suffering that continues on a minute-by-minute basis, certain family members, who are more knowledgeable than they lead on, are adding extra steps to obtaining their assistance than are necessary in order to delay my escape from the flames of Hell.

In this email, for example, my grandmother pretends she did not receive my first cry for help:

In another e-mail, my mother wants to make sure it's okay for me to come, when I already told her it was, as if I am the one hiding things, and am otherwise untrustworthy—and not being hurt:

Call me with your probation officers number so we are clear on whether or not it's OK for you to come home.  We would love to be able to see you.

This isn't a lack of understanding on their part; how could you ignore what everyone has seen with their own eyes? Rather, it appears to be complicity with the problem and those who are causing it.

More on the history of their involvement with these demons, which, apparently, pre-dates my birth, is forthcoming...

Daily Gratitude and Prayer

My gratitude, as expressed to God, upon waking this morning, was waking up to still-functioning equipment (modded cellphone is working great):

Other things I was grateful for included an apartment that was not too cold, in spite of a broken heater; a person's expression of interest in my Google+ postings, specifically, a fellow Christian, and the lack of further injury from demons, as far as I can tell.

And, last but not least, the very thing I prayed for multiple times a day—every day—while unjustly incarcerated for nearly three years—being with my Scratchie-cat (Scratchen). She looked so happy and content this morning. I wanted that more than anything, and God beat back evil for me so I could have it today.

Frequently used words by the voices demons

Certain words are used constantly by the people who work for the Voices Demons, at the direction of the demons themselves, who also use these words in place of verbs and nouns in their sentences.

They include:
  • masturbation
  • emasculation
  • pedophile charges and pedophile tendencies and pedophile
  • schizophrenics
  • cogent (adj.) 
  • penectomy
  • the D.A.
  • the F.B.I.
  • dopamine inhibitor
  • remanded
The sentences or phrases often used are "masturbate a problem for [insert name], on the docket for remanding..."

Demons forbid masturbation, vow violence otherwise

Demons and their human collaborators (see have, for six years, have attempted to prevent masturbation by their victims.

It is not known why; but, the demons, those pictured in the video, and others have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy outside windows and doors insuring that any type of sexual activity by their victims is thwarted or disturbed or otherwise made uncomfortable enough to generating anxiety and phobia regarding sex. The end result may also be to cause enough anger in the victim to cause the victim to lash out in ways they otherwise would not.