Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Demons pick prison: Soledad

The voices demons have announced that the prison they are sending me to is Soledad.
They are not yet clear on why that particular one, or even whether it is their call.
As I wrote this entry, one of them said, "What's the matter, James? Don't you like people telling you you're going to prison for being a pedophile?"
I'll have an answer for it just as soon as people (and not demons) tell me that.

Update on June 20th, 2012: It is now assumed that Soledad was picked because it is the closest prison to the Bay Area. The Voices Demons are known to have a limited range; so, if I were shipped very far away, they would not be able to follow. Soledad, then, would appear to be within their range.

Long replaces Scratchen's food in defiance of demons

All three of us will probably pay; but, whatever the cost, it is worth it.

Scratchen is the only soul between us whose heart remained loving throughout everything that's happened, showing us both that love endures through adversity for those who are patient and faithful.

Demons threaten to incarcerate long-time friend

The demons attacking me not only threaten to cause me to be incarcerated, but sometimes do the same to people who refuse to help them.

As to what task he refused, and his reason for refusing, I am unclear. That information would never be purposefully given.

But, whatever happened between the Voices Demons and Long (aka Kevin) Thang Cao, it was big enough for them to notify even me of their intent to play hardball with this 41-year old escapee from communist Vietnam.

Vietnamese immigrants like Long are among the most exploited by demons in the Bay Area, due, in part, to their status as immigrants. By combining the demons' well-known stronghold in the criminal justice system with the California law that allows deportation of a foreign national for violating the law--even for committing a minor offense--and one can readily see how easy it is to influence those who do not want to return to a life of poverty and hunger, or, in the case of a defector from communism, worse.

Why some demons are hard to photograph

They're fast.

Very fast.

But, sometimes, curiosity gets the best of them. As it turns out, they abhor secrets; and, humans who keep them are fair game for inspection, anywhere, anytime.

As I prepared to capture more paranormal activity, a curious demonic entity peers into the light tunnel aperture (a peanut butter lid with a hole drilled through it) on the lens of my camera (my laptop), which sat on the floor while I made adjustments to the mount (a TV stand). Probably just to make sure I wasn't hiding something in there.

And, yes, they are really like that. Some demons will not attack a human unless they have already exerted some sort of influence on them prior by and through other entities. In my case, they use 'reptoids,' demonic entities that I call the Voices Demons, who can read every thought, and even cull some—but not all—memories from your mind. In all the ways this is useful to a demon, I don't know; but, it does keep good track of their prey, and helps them exert control over the emotions and actions of a target, which is key to cultivating a viable demonic host.

Demon collaborator murmurs threat at courthouse

"Two strikes" and "fag" were the only two things this county process server had to say under his breath in order to express the sentiment long-expressed by his demon masters.

This method of intimidation and harassment, long-employed by gang-stalkers and others like them, whereby unwelcome comments and derogatory remarks are made in passing, or are folded into a conversation nearby, was directed at me. It was meant to threaten life-time incarceration and, by using a person unknown to me in an unexpected place, intimidate me by showcasing the demons' reach.

The stated goal by the gang-stalkers in 2006 was to incarcerate me for life for being an "HIV-positive  needle drug user" and a "fucking fag."

That goal has been continuously reiterated up to even today.

Objects', persons' electrical conductivity limits demonic power

While considering the electrical properties exhibited by a demon when passing through objects, I concluded that conductivity may play a part and whether the demon is able to pass through the object or not. This may explain why a demon can easily pass through the relative sturdiness of ceramic tile with ease (no static electricity), but has much more difficulty passing through a flimsy bed sheet when it is full of static electricity. This suggests that demons in physical form are vulnerable to electrical fields to some degree.

A related observation: a demon passing through an electronic device, such as a cellphone, causes malfunctions, such as shorts and data loss. A similar effect occurs if you come in contact with a demon, and you are holding your cellphone in another hand.

My specific experience is that, when I have touched a demon with my cellphone in-hand, the screen illuminates irregularly (brighter on some portions, dimmer on others); the phone will then vibrate, and then shut off or reboot.

NOTE | Cellphones are not the only things affected by a demon's touch—so is your brain, which also has electrical properties. A demon touching your head can immediately immobilize you and render you unconscious. You will have no memory of what happened when you wake up. In my case, I've incidentally recorded a few incidents, so I'm aware that this does, in fact, happen [see Assault by Demonic Intruders and Demon Attacks in Law Library].

Some demons can emit electricity that shocks you. Large sucker demons, such as the one shown in "Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon," will shock you if you grab onto it. It's powerful, and disables the nerves in your fingers, hand, and arm. There is almost complete numbness in your fingers afterwards. And, while it's jarring to receive a shock when you don't expect one, it's only painful for a split second; after that, you're numb and disoriented (and nauseous). There is no sound associated with being shocked by a sucker demon.

The man-like demons can shock you by touching their fingers to your skin. It's loud—even the small shocks; but, not as intense as the shock from the baser, less-intelligent sucker demon. And, unlike a sucker demon's shock, it does not make you numb or nauseous; it's just jarring. There are no after effects from being shocked by a demon.

Left eye focus of demonic assault, video shows red marks on skin and demon responsible

Tonight, and nearly every day for the past several weeks, a Voices Demon, who sounds like Jason Fisher, my cousin in Indiana, repeatedly announces that I have made it "angry," and that it "guess[es] [it] didn't make a point last time," and, "so [it'll] have to make a point again."

At that point, a demon, which is shown in the attached video,  reaches out with a half-phased hand, and touches my left eye. In the video, you can see redness and skin irritation starting from behind the neck and leading up to my eye. When the demon does this, my vision blurs in that eye, and becomes cloudy. It also becomes irritated, and slightly red. There is a feeling of heat and pressure, too. Afterwards, I have trouble focusing my eyes on things, especially a computer screen or anything small, such as print on a page.

When half-phased out (or semi-transparent), a demon emits electromagnetic radiation, which causes color noise in digital video. Color noise is the appearance of the tiny red, green, and blue dots that dance around all over the picture. A concentration of the color noise forms the outline of the demon, who can be seen standing by the microwave.

NOTE | Many attribute the chroma to low-level lighting; however, it is present in even bright light during periods of demonic activity. Also, when a demon speaks or comes to close to my laptop, a sharp hiss or crack is recorded by the microphone.

Notice the green light flashing on the microwave display screen, which is caused by the demon's proximity to (or overlapping of) the microwave. In other words, the radiation emitted by the demon's cloak is causing it to malfunction. When it walks away, the microwave display will return to normal.

As mentioned in another blog, when I touch a sucker demon while holding my cellphone at the same time, the screen goes out and the phone vibrates, and it takes a few seconds for the phone to come back on.

Demons blame landlord for Scratchen's stolen food

Earlier today, while I slept, someone stole Scratchen's food from a cupboard in my apartment.

This is not surprising that this happened. Whenever Scratchen has only two cans of food left, they disappear.

According to a couple of demons, the landlord is the culprit. That would not be surprising, either. He routinely enters my apartment while I am gone and knocks on my back window when I have guests (in order to scare them); and, once, based on a photo he attached to a recent court filing, he cornered my frightened cat, who is huddled into a corner in the photo, wide-eyed, with her back to the camera.

Even if he did this, however, he would have done it only at demonic prompting. Based on my lifetime of experience with them (the 26-year hiatus notwithstanding), stealing in this way is characteristic of their preference for needling someone to death, versus all-out killing them.

They could steal everything you have in the blink of an eye (read the Book of Job, in which Satan wiped out everything in Job's field in less time than it took for workers to describe what happened); but, they go for prolonged emotional distress, and subjecting their victim to repeated loss in this way is more effective in their eyes than just doing it once. And, taking from someone you love—as I do Scratchen—makes stealing her food ideal over taking, say, toilet paper. It is doubly so when they know you cannot afford to replace the food right away.

This pattern is easily discernible to me now, but only after hearing about one of their human counterparts, Jon Harrington, instructing his protege, Josh Koppenhaver, back in 2006, on what to take from my home (keepsakes) and what not to bother with (valuables, unless they're keepsakes).

TECHNOLOGY | Huawei Ascend Upgrade Files

Taking control of your life—the goal of every demon—starts with your electronics, if you depend on them, which is why you need to be prepared to repair and protect them when disaster strikes.

When problems with my cellphone were linked to demonic-borne meddling, I learned how to repair it through the manual restoration of factory specifications, and how to dodge some of the problems thrown at me by modifying the phone, as well.

With the modifications, I am able to run the latest version of the Android OS, along with all the newest Google Apps. I can now use my cellular provider's Internet service and the wireless capabilities of my cellphone to create a portable hotspot, and thereby connect my laptop to the Internet anywhere I go.

This, and more, I accomplished on my Huawei Ascend M860, which is a low-end and cheap ($99) phone, available at MetroPCS stores with the following software, available to download for free:

Huawei Ascend M860 (MetroPCS) Manufacturer Restoration and Upgrade Files (Stock ROMs)

Metro PCS 2.1 (instructions + download)
Metro PCS 2.1 recovery package (direct download)

ClockworkMod (CWM)

Custom ROMs

Google Apps (gapps)