Monday, September 17, 2012

#405 - PREVIEW | Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo

I'm posting these screen recordings that show how I captured, found and enhanced the blue-light demon photo.

Later, I intend to use them to create a video that provides instructions for enhancing photos of demons in low-light and other special conditions; however, for now, they may be useful to experienced users of photo-editing software, such as Photoshop and/or GIMP, and to those who might be in a similar situation, and want to start sharing their photos with others.
Using GIMP to highlight the demons found in still frames of videos in motion
The photo enhancement procedure mirrors that which is described in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like), and which has now been used in two subsequent posts, namely, VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons and VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains).

Step 1: Searching for demons using Quicktime Player X
A video made during a period of high demonic activity is skimmed frame-by-frame for demons using Quicktime Player X (using the arrow keys, which you can't see):

Step 2: Enhancing in GIMP
A screen capture of the still frame showing the blue-light demon is sharpened and color-corrected in the GNU Image Manipulation Package (GIMP).
Step 3: Blending original photo with enhanced
The enhanced photo is blended with the original to undo some of its overdone qualities.

Preview other demonic activity videos on Vimeo