Sunday, February 24, 2019

TECH | Knock-out video-processing techniques for turning night into getting the daylights knocked out of you

Sorry if the heading reads a little funny; I haven't been the same since being knocked out cold by the group of belligerent demons that invaded my home to hurt Scratchen, Fish and the Other Fish a couple of nights ago during the latest period of demonic activity (I'm confident everyone on earth knows of which I speak).

Thanks to the demons who did this, you can see the aftermath of the assault on video. In the clip below, I'm being dragged from underneath my bed by demons, and then laid in front of the camera with my head arranged so it's facing towards it by a pair of arms. After a little brightening, you could easily see my stunned face and wide-eyed, frozen-faced empty stare that evidences every assault committed by the demonic weapon specifically used to cause what is literally a temporary death:

This isn't the first time demons have borrowed my video camera to commemorate such an event; there are at least three other similar occasions documented by this blog. Unfortunately, since YouTube and Vimeo have deleted all of my videos hosted by them, only the descriptions of the events remain.

Still, I think this one says plenty about the problem and the danger. It wouldn't, though, without a little post-processing prowess using the same iPhone on which the video was made.

The original video was too dark to tell what was going on; to make it as clear as possible, I used the same technique shown below:

Using VideoLeap for iPhone, I was able to quickly brighten video shot in the dark—in less than minute, in fact, and realistically, too. Anyone who makes videos during periods of high demonic activity should keep them until they can be processed in at least this one way.

Coming up is a technique that reveals actual demons standing in a dark room with you, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The results are not realistic, but they do make clear that you are not alone, if that's indeed the case.

This may look bad; but, the demons haven't had any appreciable impact of negative consequence on any of my key indicators for personal success—namely, my continuing education and my public writing.

I'm still an ace in class:

The impact to my educational agenda was negligible, as shown by my current gradebook report as a student attending GCU
And, an ace on The Life of a Demoniac | Quora:

My expertise and experience are evident to any audience, no matter whether the venue is personal, like this blog, or public or third-party, like