Saturday, January 10, 2015

PREVIEW | Upcoming pics and topics

The following images were made during the most recent spate of demonic attacks, and will eventually find their way into new posts as supplements to the discussion of a given topic, or as updates to existing posts; they are posted early, and in unprocessed form, to give readers a heads-up on future posts.

Irradiated hands due to recent demonic-weapons fire is most evident in color images [see the hand of the man in the background]By contrast, cloaked demonic entities are easier viewed in monotone images [see sucker-demon variety entity on my shoulder]
Sucker demons (white, worm-like demonic entities) attach to my feet and jeans [click to enlarge] in order to complicate dressing (or undressing)
Peeping demon a lá VIDEO | Processing Still Frames to Find Cloaked Demons

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A Scream-like face, Edvard Munch-style, caught on video as the camera panned past a houseplant at Grandma's houseRotating another, similar still frame 180° reveals a congregation of at least two more possessing demons in and around the houseplant [see Strangest things, places demons possess]

Demon blended in man's pants
A demon's head, blended with a man's jeans, which was visible only because the camera was panning past his legs while they were possessed [see Clandestine surgical mutilation uncovered via demonic-activity video filter:

OriginalPre-processed concept
Demons blended, overlapping in bags of dirty laundry
To be added to Frequently-asked questions by paranormal experts re demon, ghost image-mapping in answer to the question, "Will your video filters find a demon automatically, or is there more work involved?" These images show the results of variations to a video filter script, and will be highlighted in key areas to show different demons in each one:

They will be used to reinforce the fact that unkempt homes foster demonic incursion [see Demonic Feng-Shui] and reintroduce the fact that demons overlap, and even share facial features [see Strangest things, place demons possess].

To be added to Clandestine surgical mutilation uncovered via demonic-activity video filter, in order to demonstrate how cloaked demonic weapons appear in video processed by my filters; the ceiling light, when enlarged, shows a forked prong extending away from its center on a tail, similar to the demonic weapon by which I was bombarded in Demonic bombs, noggin' crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast and Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC:

They will also be used in a new post, which will supplement VIDEO/PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas and TECHNOLOGY | Problems caused by demonic radiation to digital cameras also detects demonic weapons, as well as every other post showing demonic-weapons fire and those that discuss detection of cloaked-matter emissions by CCD (digital camera) sensors.

Facial variations, alterations
Use to show variations of own face by demonic possession (first) and sucker demons (second):

When enlarged, the first pic shows a female demon's modifications to my face; another shows sucker demons contorting my face into the garish and comical.

Use to show how video-processing scripts don't just distort-and-contort video to find hidden demons, they also "see in the dark" with just the slightest of modifications:

Needs much work first, but show how filters find demons using chroma (these look great on an iPhone, crap on everything else—will fix, though):

Other strange places...
A few pics will be added to Strangest things, place demons possess: