Friday, November 20, 2015

VID | Hooded, shadowy intruder peers into iPhone slid under door

In an attempt to capture video showing what I knew to be commotion on the part of the most prenatural eluders ever created by God—demons—I slid my iPhone camera under my bedroom door and into the darkened living room on the other side of it in a kinda fishing expedition of sorts, hoping for something to start the story of how obnoxious round-the-clock noisy and assaultive beings destined for Hell can be to "someone they don't like."

I didn't expect to catch much, and, historically, I haven't; you won't find much on this blog about the all-night and all-day indoor version of the Voices Demons' anger management ritual coming from every room surrounding (and including) the one you occupy, even though this scenario probably comprises the majority of all demonic wear-and-tear rituals (both during and post periods of high demonic activity). The difficulty increased by double on my latest try, in that the camera was, of course, pointed at the ceiling in order to fit under the door, and the room where the action I hoped to capture was dark.
NOTE | Still, plenty can happen on a ceiling in environments where demons run amok, especially at portal sites, where gravity is meaningless where they come from, and for a good while after they get here (indefinitely, with certain species-specific cloaks) [see VID | Ceiling-crawling demon].
Turns out, I got lucky for a change, getting something almost as good as my very first video showing the Spectre of Death flying into my apartment, and only within my first six minutes of trying at that. He wasn't on the ceiling, thoughh—even better: he stood right over the camera, allowing me to capture a video showing a hooded, shadowy intruder fairly close, peering into the lens of my iPhone camera, probably wondering what he almost stepped on. His body language shows a bit of ambivalence about approaching my camera at first, but on what looks like a (too) quick second thought, he examines it with what looks like some kind of pen light (very common among a specific species of three-inch tall demon, although theirs are green) before darting away, as if suddenly and terrifyingly realizing the mistake (given his alacrity in his exit from camera view):

Unfortunately, the video is heavily dithered where the video shows the dark living room; so, I'll describe what the video is showing in that part. Because the camera is facing upward, it is positioned just a few inches from the door, which rises towards the ceiling and to a coverless ceiling fixture.

The remainder of the video, extraneous as it is, is clear enough. It's only the portions after I slide the iPhone under the door that the video quality decreases to nearly unwatchable. Fortunately, the demon intruder (I'm assuming demon, given the all-too-familiar body movement and hooded cloak inherent to only the demon crowd) is rendered in sufficient quality that he is recognizable as such. In other words, he is not heavily pixellated by 18x18 pixel blocks, due to any omitted colors you might expect when a digital camera doesn't have enough light data to render a dark object or environment using the entire available spectrum of colors (although there aren't many variations to black on a demon's robe in the dark; maybe that is why his image rendered so well).

The quality of the video is terrible in the dark of the living room; however, once you see the hooded figure, it's easy to follow (circled, the pen light held by the demon)
NOTE | Play the video at the highest quality available (720 HD). Request the source by e-mailing me directly if the quality is insufficient.

VID | The (quite unintentional) disappearing/reappearing around doors trick

This video is similar to the one in VIDEOS | Cloaked (or semi-invisible) demon people and PICS | Inner demon, part II (and other odds-and-ends) in that it shows me reappearing after apparently having disappeared behind a door:

The following video, which was made a few months ago, is the first recording to show this phenomenon expressed (presumably) by one of my possession demons:

Phenomenon involving doors is relatively new to me, and new information almost never comes my way—at least not like it used to. So far, I have no idea why this happens, although I could speculate (later).