Friday, June 29, 2018

Camouflaging and cloaking, combined

A still frame from a video made during period of high demonic activity several months ago, showing at least demons in possession of a clutter of objects on my deskAnother still frame captured just a few days ago, which shows the same demon trio (plus more), this time in possession of a clothes ironWithout cropping or positioning, the curves in both images matched precisely when overlapped, as did the borders of the frame; these demons accomplished that in 1/3 of a second–while the camera was moving
One of the very first posts to this blog (about seven years ago) featured an image showing the most artistic death threat ever made. The threat was from the Spectre of Death (no less), and was made out of a set of empty plastic closet hangers. Apparently, while I was slept, he crept into the apartment–or, should I say, flew into my apartment—and skillfully arranged the hangers to form the near-perfect likeness of his skull-like face.

It was an illusion made out of the shadows each hanger cast onto the other. By tilting each one at just the right angle, he controlled how dark the shadow was, and how much area the shadow covered an the adjacent hanger.

That alone would have been enough to put the scare into me; but, the Spectre of Death went one amazing step further: he arranged them so that his head could only be seen from a very specific vantage point–one that I would normally never be in, specifically, on the floor, looking up at the closet. Perhaps I dropped something—I don't recall; but, I do know that it wasn't part of my routine, and it wasn't convenient or necessary for any reason to be where I was when I saw his "art."

His foreknowledge of the angle I would be in the future (when I would eventually view it), knowing that I wouldn't rustle the hangers first or turn on a light closer to the closet, was chilling. His message was simple, even though words were not exchanged: I got you coming and going.

The Spectre of Death's face, made out of artfully arranged clothes hangers (2011); it could only be see from a certain angle and in dim light Raising the lights in the room and viewing from even a slightly different vantage point ruined the optical illusion created by the coat hangers and shadow
About the newer images, above
I relayed the story about the Spectre of Death to point out that demons are actually as capable and talented as the images at the top of this post suggest. I could relay—and show–many more examples of this same thing; but, this should suffice to prove that I have a long history of encounters similar to these, and can verify as fact my claims made about demons' ability to create their likeness out of objects in your bedroom in a third-of-a-second.

That's the amazing thing about the newer images; in the first still (left), at least three demons even their bodies on vertical axis while facing the camera right along the z-axis, all in a third-of-a-second. They did this while in possession of various objects on my desk; and, they knew ahead of time how fast and in what direction and at what angle I would pan my camera to capture them on video.

What's more, is they did this twice in a row, the second time, a few months later (while in possession of a clothes iron). Their formation and approach was so perfect, the curves in each image aligned perfectly when the two were overlayed and joined at the frame edges.

NOTE | I should mention the purpose for their visit, lest someone think they were welcome at the time:
A still frame from a video made during a demonic attack, (probably) showing either my head coming off or being put back on [see decapitation]

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Using insignia to identify demon hordes

If the shoe fits, you could say.

To the layperson, many varieties of demonic species don't look cognizable as such. Take, for instance, the demon shown in these two images:

A demon, captured in a still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, specifically, during an attack by same and othersThe same demon, captured approximately 1/3 of a second prior to the still frame shown left, most likely still in the process of possession, having yet to settle into final form
That's why demonic insignia is so important to find; by matching insignia to the markings on any object suspected of demon possession (here, it is an iron), demons that stray far from the more recognizable humanoid from can't hide as easy:

The demonic insignia given me by a demon-allied human, as more fully explained in Demonic insignia, authenticity confirmedIn spite of having yet to possess the iron completely, as made evident by the differences shown by the still frame shown left, the insignia aligns perfectly
NOTE | Since the time of the first post making a connection between insignia and the demons shown in my photos, my collection of insignia has skyrocketed, as have the number of matches between the insignia shown above. More to come...
The following video shows a technique that uses an edge-detection filter to make finding insignia-to-demon matches easier and faster, particularly for demons with a foreign shape and highly complex lines and curves:

A "sketch" or edge-detection filter reduces the number of curves and lines in an image to only those that border a transition between color or luminosity values that cross a specified threshold
Color from the original image (or a portion of thereof) can be reintroduced
to help identify the demon itself and its connection between the overlying insignia 

The original, unedited image, with and without the overlying insignia
Insignia also serves a second, equally important purpose, in addition to identifying strange, new life: it tells you what that life is up to.