Friday, September 30, 2016

DOUBLE FOR MY TROUBLE | Stanford doctor doubles testosterone regimen

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor [you] shall rejoice in [your] lot; therefore [you] shall possess a double portion; [you] shall have everlasting joy. For I the LORD love justice; I hate robbery and wrong.
After years of fighting to keep and maintain my much-needed prescription testosterone medication regimen both with demons and their people, at least those who are employed by or otherwise affiliated with Santa Clara Valley Medical Health & Hospital Systems (VMC), I finally received a breakthrough by the graceful, merciful and Almighty Hand of God.

15 vials of testosterone cypionate, 200 mg/mL each
Per Dr. Paul Ford at Stanford Medicine, I will now receive exactly double the dosage of my original prescription of testosterone beginning this month, and every month for the next year.

Every 30 days for one year, the prescription will be renewed
There will be no requirement for a monthly reassessment of my need for it, either.
NOTE | Before, VMC required monthly reevaluation of a condition that does not heal "just to see if you still need it," and that by a different, unfamiliar and uninformed doctor virtually every time.
If you read past posts on this topic [search: testosterone; search also: pituitary], you'd also think God responsible for my good fortune as I do, especially after watching the disgraceful acts of former endocrinologist Dr. Crapo, who lied and otherwise concealed and falsified blood tests results in order to justify withholding this vital medication, knowing that any real test would have clearly demonstrated a medical need for hormone replacement therapy.

A video posted to Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same, shows a tired and frustrated demoniac (i.e., me) spending nine or so nonsensical minutes at a medical consultation with the doctor, attempting in vain to decipher Dr. Crapo's cryptic reasoning for terminating the therapy altogether, in light of the fact that every blood test prior showed near non-existent levels of natural testosterone, and while every treating doctor prior concurred that the cause for the deficiency is incurable.
Within minutes of obtaining the "smoking gun" video of Dr. Crapo being caught in a lie about a non-existent medical report, every web access server within a mile radius suddenly went dead, thwarting my initial attempt to post it to this blog
A subsequent video then shows a blood test lab technician clearly and blatantly confirming that no such blood test for testosterone levels was ever conducted on the date that Dr. Crapo claimed; a subsequent review of medical records showed that tests that were conducted prior at other times showed a severe deficiency in all cases. Dr. Crapo claimed that, while low, my levels were acceptable, and that the immediate and permanent cessation of therapy was advised, when, in fact, they were at the lowest measurable level.

Follow-up posts recount numerous repeated and failed attempts by a series of ineffectual and otherwise inept lawyers, hospital administrators, a replacement for Dr. Crapo, who was appointed as his replacement after he retired, and at least one local politician to remedy what nearly all of them agree was a wrong to be righted (the replacement endocrinologist excepted). One post describes a doctor formerly employed by VMC,  but which now works at Stanford, refusing to even see me or treat my illness by referring me to another doctor, having heard of the situation by and through his former ties to VMC, and wanting to express his disdain for me and his support of Dr. Crapo and his predecessor, Dr. Winslow, with whom similar issues arose years ago at VMC Hospital.
NOTE | Apparently, it was my handling of the issue that drew his ire, in that I posted the video to a widely read blog (i.e., this one); as a world-renowned blog writer with world-renowned issues, word travels fast and furious and quite publically when it's put here. Publicity is par for the course for me; but, for others, it can undoubtedly be disconcerting, particularly when you are an otherwise highly esteemed medical professional who got caught in a lie that could lead to a patient's early death.
The new regimen, which prescribes one vial (1 cc) every 2 to 3 days (whereas, previously, it was administered once every four days), starts as soon as the prescription is available from the dispensing pharmacy, NimbleRx.

The news, which came today at my medical appointment in Stanford (Palo Alto), California, was unwelcome with my demonic enemies, whose subsequent attempt to "correct" Dr. Ford's refusal to support their agenda of providing only inadequate medical treatment to their victims failed due to a wall of demons in opposition to them, which was erected between them and said doctor. This barrier-maneuver was discussed and agreed upon by participating demons prior to the granting of an increase in the dispensation quantity, being known that there would undoubtedly be a negative and likely physical response of force by them in response to the increase, and that an increase was warranted (particularly the round-the-clock, public advertising by the Voices Demons of their intent to destroy my body, which I am not only subject to day and night, but also the general public).

Update on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Nearly three weeks after submitting my prescription to NimbleRx passed before I received it today; needless to say, the past three weeks have been arduous ones. No small attempts were made to keep it from me, and several persons were exposed as demon collaborators, who might now have wished to remain unknown—particularly, now that they were defeated in totality, and, especially, because supporters previously unknown to both parties (me and them), now have more to sink their teeth into. All bad for the enemy.

On that note: while there was a lot of help, the bulk of the weight and the brunt of the opposition was borne by me; but, thanks to the media powerhouse that is this blog, and the loud-ass mouths of Voices Demons, I can deftly deflect most issues by simply calling them out here. Not a bad return on my investment of just over five years as a blog writer, the anniversary of which was just last week.

Funny, I had to be reminded of that fact by a few of my over 600 LinkedIn associates:
A smattering of congratulations of 5 years of blogging about the world's only enemy of consequence, and being the only one to do it, and do it well