Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Excerpts from my guest appearance on live Internet radio (IN-PROGRESS)

I'm still working on this post; soon, it'll contain a transcript of my entire live interview on Internet radio. In the meantime, here is what people are saying about it:
Well-spoken with thoughts very organized put my mind at ease (being my biggest fear that I sounded otherwise) until I actually listened to the rebroadcast
You can download a copy of the program at the end of this post...

Excerpt: Off to a rocky start
Well-spoken with thoughts very organized, my ass. Well, at least to start. My biggest fear about interviewing before a live audience about a demon blog manifested itself from the get-go, during which the interview asked first the only question I specifically stated I didn't want to answer myself, namely, the one about who I am. I wanted the interviewer to write and make an announcement that described me to his audience, not only because he knows them better, but because he could justify his decision in his own words as to why he chose me as a special guest in the first place. It caught me off guard, and I totally fumbled and tumbled my way through the most incomprehensible answer one could give. Here is the travesty that is my foray into the world of live broadcasting:

(to audience) It’s our honor to welcome our special guest tonight, Mr. James Bush. (to James) Hello, James, thank you for joining us tonight, bud!
You bet, Rodney! Glad to be here. [conversation by loud, rude customers at local restaurant] Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you; can you hear us?
Okay, I sure can; I sure can. [chuckles]
Good, good, good. Well, let’s just  start off: can you tell us a little bit about yourself, bud?
Well, alright, I guess what brought us together was my blog, uh, about demons [chuckles] and demonic activity in my area and in my life. And, that is what I have been mostly about since I started it in the past five years. But, it…that situation’s been going on a little bit, maybe, longer. Uh, it did start, you know, at birth; but, it wasn’t a problem that I advertised and such until five years ago; and, it wasn’t a significant problem that I could put a finger on until maybe ten years ago. And, so, the [part of the] story [that] I think…is most interesting to people—and the one that introduces it is, uh, is the…is, uh, in 2006—I think you posted a, uh…one of my videos [that] kinda talks about some of my experiences in 2006 to the…to your, uh, BlogTalk [Radio] page, uh, a while back. It’s the one that [is entitled,] “Attack of the Gangstalkers.” That was the one that [tells when] things really kicked off with me; and, uh, that’s, uh, that’s kinda…that’s kinda, uh, what I’m about. I’m about those things—and, only about those things, since they require my full-time attention. And, it has it, whether I [want to] put any time or attention into it or not, to be honest with you; it’s that intense.

Above is the video that Rodney's audience was supposed to have seen and/or been shown as I mentioned it in the broadcast. My answer relied and depended upon that familiarity; otherwise, you would have lost interest in the program right about the time I said the word intense.

Following that, you need to read the description of the video, which I've provided below for your convenience:
This decade-old teaser ad is comprised of a series of audio clips from secretly recorded phone calls, each of which were posted in full to the now-defunct The Sunnyvale Knock web site (otherwise known as the "web site that started the demonic war"). 
The phone calls were made in 2006 by me to various members of a gang that committed criminal acts against me and others at the behest of demons—a fact I knew nothing of during that time. The clips, along with illustrations of the persons heard in them, play one-after-another, each portending to one crime out of a series of crimes that were committed against me in rapid succession and over the course of about one-and-a-half months. This tactic was employed to give me little to no time to seek redress for any one crime prior to another one being committed, even though that would only be a hindrance to timely filing of a complaint or a cause of slow resolution due to the sheer bulk of it. 
The reason why no complaint was ever pursued by local police and why no criminal was ever prosecuted for any of the crimes they committed by them—not even the ones they admit to in the recordings—is not made clear until the end of the video: an admission of mass proportions made by the gang's ring-leader in the last clip, when he eludes to local police corruption of which I am clearly already aware. That admission is solidified when combined with the rest of the phone call and other materials posted to the site, to which the ad was meant to drive traffic. 
The aforementioned high-level overview of the content provided by The Sunnyvale Knock web site introduced by the video fueled my hope that the site, in combination with the ad, would raise awareness of the atrocities committed against me and many others by gangs such as this one by providing evidence of the issues I faced in the form of unknowing admissions of guilt by the perpetrators. The voices in this video are, in fact, the self-spoken words of both witnesses and perpetrators, and are accompanied by illustrations of their actual likeness; so, I thought it would be successful. 
The successor to that site, The Life of a Demoniac, explains why it was not. 
The means by which I acquired the recordings are not that complex (I simply called some of them up, and recorded their answers to my carefully posed questions); it is, however, confusing to many as to why they would even admit to the person they injured that they, in fact, injured them. All I can say is that, based on my subsequent interaction with the demons behind that agenda over the ensuing decade, it's probably because they were less concerned about their crimes, and more concerned with finding help for a much bigger concern: the fact that demons were using them the way they were ("...we prolong people's inevitable demise...including our own"). Imagine being trapped by that dynamic, having hurt people, but only having people, to call for help.\ 
Ironically, I am now that help (as it were), should they still need it, having been submerged in the problem for a decade at great expense to all things important, and having been quite successful at thwarting and otherwise hindering the advance of the demonic agenda against persons, who are (or were) targeted by The Exclusion (a demon-led culling campaign). 
The Sunnyvale Knock web site, which contains the complete phone recordings and additional information about them, is downloadable from its successor, The Life of a Demoniac blog.

Nearly 7 years passed between the shuttering of The Sunnyvale Knock web site and the start of The Life of a Demoniac blog, posts for which have been actively published for over five years, garnering nearly 4 million readers in that time—and still growing, exponentially.
The tagline for The Life of a Demoniac is "My inevitable demise, daily," which is derived from the mission statement spoken by the leader of the gang that exploited me seven years earlier, as heard in one of the audio clips: "...we prolong peoples' inevitable demise, including our own." 
The tagline was chosen to link the two sites, and to mock those who think evil will triumph in the end, having been since the beginning "troubled on every side, yet not distressed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed." [2 Corinthians 4:8-9] My expectation is that this will continue to be the case until evil's end, that hope resting on Psalm 107.
There's no way I could even begin to squeeze all that into the few minutes allotted for an answer to that question. Thankfully, Rodney moved on fairly quickly to the nitty-gritty, and that's where I picked up some steam

[missing: about an hour and a half of the show; transcripts coming soon; below, an excerpt from the end of the interview, which gives away the climax, but, something I wanted to put out there first for some reason]

Excerpt: How would you describe your inevitable demise?
Most people in-the-know would find it an offensive question to ask me what my future held as a demoniac. It's almost never asked; and, when it is, it almost always comes with an apology of sorts:

Pretty hard thing to say to someone really tormented by [demons]
But, to those relatively new to the situation—like Robyn Dalton, co-host of Within the Chaos, a BlogTalk radio production—who, at the end of a nearly two-hour long on-air interview asked this very question, it seems perfectly natural:
What does your future look like? 
My perfectly natural answer, unscripted, no less:
Terrific. I put Jesus at the helm. I confessed Him; I confess Him in thought, word and deed. I make mistakes; but—I’ll tell you what—He’s the first to know about them, and He’s the first I ask for help with them.
I have no doubt this: Jesus hasn’t put anything in front of me that I cannot overcome—if not by myself, He can do it; and, so, I see my future with hope. Although I am [often] discouraged, I get right back up and keep moving.
I know that [my] hope comes from Christ. Nobody keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over again and has any kind of hope left after awhile; and, yet, I do! And, it is as strong as ever, and keeps getting stronger.
I know that is Christ working in me. I will overcome. And, that is how I see my future—as a conqueror.
I've justified my beliefs in numerous posts to this blog, one of the best and most thorough being in The Testimony of a Demoniac. My inevitable salvation, explained.