Sunday, October 19, 2014

VIDEO | Cloaked demons rushing light rail car during "anger management ritual"

Obviously, I'm in the process of writing this; it's going to be a big post, detailing what Voices Demons call the anger management ritual. So, Keep checking back; the latest update was on November 9th, 2014, in which pictures of the daytime equivalent of rushing a light rail car were added.

As is typical during periods of high demonic activity, the light rail car I rode this morning was rushed (and followed) by demons [see Phantoms run over 65 miles per hour to keep up with train] and possibly cloaked people [see VIDEOS | Cloaked (or semi-invisible) demon people] from the time I got on at Civic Center, to the time I got off at Curtner—all 5 (or so) miles of the trip.
In this video clip, several cloaked demons and people rush the car as it crosses the intersection of Santa Clara Street on First:

Acquiring a video of this quality was a real boon to my long hoped-for rounding out of all aspects of what Voices Demons and their people call an anger management ritual. What you see in the video is one part of this obscure reference to what is nothing more and nothing less than a days-long, all-day, all-night, protracted and constant assault on a target using demonic weapons: that is, the part of that where demons are everywhere in order to participate in that bombardment [see VIDEO | Latest imp demon video makes second demonic incursion in broad daylight; see also VIDEO | Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly and VIDEO | Hobgoblin demon walks SF sidewalks in broad daylight], no matter where I go, either rushing me, following me, or, as shown in Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay, turning cars into cop cars.

The daylight version of demon-mobbing is a little different; instead of rushing the vehicle I'm riding, the demons will run alongside it, usually off in the distance (like in a parking lot—not on the road or sidewalk), and then stop right before they hit a building or house.

This still frame was taken from a video shot while riding the bus during a period of high demonic activity, and, in particular, a Voices Demons' anger management ritual, and shows one of the "little people" [see PICS | Scores of "Little People" demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment] standing against the wall of a restaurant, after having started running alongside the bus from a far point in the adjacent parking lot:

A little person—three-foot tall demon with the gray face framed by a black cloak—stops here to gauge my reaction to his attention-getting run-along with my busThis particular demon variety travels in hordes large enough in number to saturate nearly every block along a bus route of any given length
Running, rushing demons also decked the town with demonic trimmings
In addition to being everywhere, they also alter the landscape...:

Other parts include attacks by demon people with demonic weapons and bombs, which are shown and described in these posts:

Being booby-trapped...:
NOTE | Demonic activity is exponentially higher on VTA light rail cars than in any other location, including my home [see VIDEO | Sucker demons launched into home by demons, their people]—wherever that happens to be—even though I spend a comparatively longer amount of time there [see VIDEO | Sucker Demon Boards VTA Light Rail Car]; it is also heavier outside the car when I am on it (versus not). It is also heavy on the station platforms [see Giant demon faces make usual appearance during demonic attack; see also VIDEO/PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas].
When it's not demon people, it's the demons themselves...:

In my home, it includes wrestling with demons for my things or while eating...:

Displays of magic...:
Physical and mental torture...:
When not passing a street or alleyway—but, rather, a building with a glass facade—demons will possess objects inside every building along my route in order to create the illusion that each one is occupied by demons that are all staring as I pass. I finally obtained a very decent image of this from another portion of the same video:

A plant and a water cooler suffer demon possession inside a building along my route on VTA light rail early this morningSame still frame, left, enlarged 200%
Apparently, this way, no matter what the light rail passes, there will be a demonic presence in sight.
NOTE | At homes, demons or the residents usually wear black, stand by a bush, tree, behind a fence, on the roof, by a vehicle, just inside an open door or window, etc., and duck behind, right as I look. In the past, Voices Demons prompted people as to when to "duck," based on their ability to perceive my thoughts and gaze; now, demon people do it on their own.