Sunday, April 1, 2012

Demonic associate of Spectre of Death revealed in new video

In my first video capturing demonic activity, the Spectre of Death, as I then dubbed him, flys into my apartment in order to turn off a cellphone that was set up to record such activity; and, in an ominous ending, it shows his shrouded silhouette framed by the eerie blue darkness I slept in, only mere feet away.

But, it also shows something I couldn't explain: a square shape next to Death's head; however, now I can explain it: it's another demon, albeit that flies, and has a large head and small arms. When viewed from its profile, it looks like a flying human fetus.

Unfortunately, the trial period for Final Cut Pro X expired, which would have revealed the features of a face (pictured, below), which, like the rest of its body, is totally black. Based on my observations of smell, touch, sight, and hearing, and on the knowledge given me by others, I believe that whatever demonic entities are composed of—which is not flesh-and-blood—can absorb light to varying degrees.

In a not-so-unusual type of coincidence, the top of my head, combined with the demon to the right, looks like the Spectre of Death in the video
Fingers on the hand of a newly discovered flying demonic entity

The black square next to the Spectre of Death is actually another demon
This particular entity is of a variety that absorbs so much light, he appears completely black all over. He is not simply black in color, that I know of. I have noticed that the entities who absorb the most light also have the most electric scent, are dangerous to touch, are among the fastest, rarely touch anyone or any surface, and make only brief appearances.

The New Holocaust: Demons recruit humans as part of "The Exclusion"

In an effort to expedite and legitimize their efforts to commit murder, demons have recruited humans to cull society of its surplus or inferior people, in an undertaking demons call, "The Exclusion."

Many events had to come to pass before I understood this term when I first heard it in 2006, one of which was the recent statement overheard in an audio recording, in which an observer said to another, "They're culling him." Culling is the reduction of the population by selective slaughter, and the demons are characterizing their victims as society's undesirables in order to recruit human assistance.

The demonic definition of an undesirable member of society is similar to that of a human, as is clear in this recording; however, for a demon, it can also mean anyone who is an enemy, or someone who is affluent or influential in politics. In this case, in order to get humans to participate, the demons are appealing to their propensity towards homophobic and germaphobic paranoia—carefully crafted fears by demons themselves.

In a recording made by demonic collaborator, Robert Malnburg, Jr. (aka Bobby Bradford), two persons discuss what they were told by demonic collaborators about me, which was intended to serve as justification for their participation in crimes against me, which included assault and battery, stalking and harassment, rape, theft, and various acts collectively constituting aggravated mayhem (i.e., torture). Discussion of the 'justification' is instantly dismissed, however, and the two proceed to talk about the incentive: a large supply of low-cost crystal methamphetamine as compensation for their work.

The two also shed light on the overall goal of the demons: to incarcerate an otherwise law-abiding citizen, who had not broken any laws, for life "behind bars or a mental institution."

Once this happens, scientific research can then be conducted without the risks associated with abductions. Such scientific research is already being conducted, but, in order to perform certain tests, researchers must have direct access to the subject. For some psychological studies, this (apparently) must be done without the knowledge of the subject.

Hence, the subject is rendered unconscious, and then is abducted. This is shown happening to me in Assault by Demonic Intruders, a video made by one of the abductors, who used my video camera to show my body being dangled in the air after being rendered unconscious, and then being transported out of my apartment for a short time before being returned to my bed.

Other audio recordings have revealed that doctors are involved, and have worked on me while unconscious. Mostly, they are of Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D., P.A.C.E. Clinic, discussing the type and dosage of various anesthesias to be administered to me. Apparently, he has been recruited to induce unconsciousness, and to monitor my condition during and afterwards.