Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Analytics data snitches on Voices-Demon bitches' AIDS tactics for coercing violence

Not that I could do anything about how they handle their biz-wah, but I can tell you what it is and where they're doing it, up-to-the-minute, whereas before I could only elude to it [see The New Holocaust]. That's due, in part, to Google Analytics, which monitors user flow through my site, city by city, country by country, gender by gender, age by age, and so forth:
Upon seeing my Google Analytics reports, a Voices Demon said, "It's a whole lot of numbers that make you famous." That could mean several things, but, at this time, I think it means, "Wow! Looks like things are going your way"
Some of the rest is due to talking to other victims, asking them to tell me precisely what they're Voices Demons are saying to them, which is always the same thing at the same time, varying only where there is a large time gap between the first time victims started hearing "voices" relative to each other; the remaining parts include my own interaction with other demons, which is never solicited, but proliferous all the same. What they say collectively tells me the predominant theme for generating fear and, therefore, the tactics at work by Voices Demons vying for control over their victims.

Actually, there's one more thing to add: my history (since 1977) and thorough note-taking (from 2006 to present).

From all these things, I can tell you that, right now, the tool of deceit and intimidation is AIDS, and it is being propounded nearly everywhere, at the same time, on countries with moral foundations far less secure than their Christian counterparts (i.e., Hindi and Islam).
Barely over half of The Life of a Demoniac blog readers speak English, and less than a third live in the United States

Even though the purported morality of these two religions is what is often proffered as the reason for any action on behalf of demons when the AIDS tactic is employed, it is the acts themselves that completely destroy and disintegrate any such claim on morality of any kind.

I'm sure that people in countries where these two religions are predominant are being coerced or persuaded or otherwise convinced that AIDS is a threat of such magnitude as to justify in the minds of those of weaker moral fiber the commission of the acts typically solicited by the Voices Demons—that is to say, acts of violence by humans against other humans using demonic weaponry, and, if not, the unpardonable act of refusing to help victims of such violence, or, worst of all, the deplorable, inexorable act of keeping silent about it.

But, I don't judge; I just go by these numbers: 1) the number of posts vs. the post most visited, the AIDS post being one out of 831 of readers' choices, and 2) analytics data on user flow of traffic through my site, country-by-country, which you can see for yourself:
San Jose and San Francisco, one of which is represented by the image above-right (the other, bottom-left), are less concerned with AIDS, and more about the timing of the next period of high demonic activity, which they know to coincide with the topics of the posts they visited most
Demons, AIDS, crystal methamphetamine and a demoniac from San Jose have joint mindshare in the minds of many, world-wide
Countries that have been in large part devastated by AIDS are more resigned to the tactics by which demons use humans and drugs to open doors, concerning themselves with only what they can find out about the disease itself
Some countries have both concerns, AIDS and periods of high demonic activity, as they pertain to my comings and goings
San Jose and San Francisco, one of which is represented by the above image, are less concerned with AIDS, and more about the timing of the next period of high demonic activity, which they know to coincide with the topics of the posts they visited most
Reading analytics reports takes a little getting used to; but, the data presented above suggests that the topic de jour is AIDS, and in India and South Africa. Not surprisingly, San Jose and San Francisco were not as concerned as the rest of the world, both engrossed in what this demoniac is up to and crystal methamphetamine. The two seemingly disparate to most other cities, San Jose and San Francisco have a rather unique reason for making a connection, and therefore make no bones about casting a watchful eye on both.
NOTE | See also reports on search term data, i.e., the most commonly submitted words and phrases to Google and other search engines, as provided by Demons and AIDS and Blog search term data shows no end to Googlers' obsession with penis, drugs.
Other relevant statistical data
Ant set of credible statistics includes the number of samples from which they were derived; for the statistics in this post: out of 831 possible choices, readers chose one post—the AIDS post—more than all the other posts, combined, and that the number of readers in the past month has almost surpassed the highest point of traffic for this blog, which totalled over 25,000 in October 2012, and which totalled just over 24,000 for the same month in 2016, exactly four years later:
Four years ago, The Life of a Demoniac reached its first pinnacle of high-traffic success, and nearly duplicated it just this month
The acts of violence, coerced
The particulars of the acts of violence are spread throughout the blog; to find them, search for demonic weapons. What is as important than the acts committed with the weapons given humans by demons is their location. Obviously, they can be found on the persons wielding them; but, can also be found in victim's homes, and in installations along the streets [see Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle].
And, we do it very cogently.
— A Voices Demon, on how cleverly they arm and train humans to kill other humans
These are called drama points by demons, a term that keeps theme with other, related terms, such as drama—which is is violence—and drama coach, who is a human who teaches, or leads, other humans in the use of their weapons. Such installations are undoubtedly installed in many more locations; and, although the exact number is not known, the proximity (or density) from one installation to the other that is known from weapons-installation locations in San Jose suggests an extremely high one.
A prong from a demonic weapon installed on a utility pole near an intersection of San Jose roads, striking me in the head as I pass underneath; such assaults happen quickly enough to go virtually unnoticed, their physical effects also being negligible and common enough with other ailments to obfuscate their origin
Here is a list of known installations within a mile of each other:
  1. At the intersection of Third and San Fernando St., near the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, located on the SJSU campus;
  2. At the Catholic Cemetery on Alum Rock Avenue, and up to, but not including, the Taco Bell past Capitol Avenue [unrelated (but interesting) Sally, the demonic tranny, in the cemetery];
  3. At Casa de Scratchen on Santa Clara St. between 25th and 26th and the surrounding area;
  4. At McDonald's on 28th St. and Santa Clara Street;
  5. At the southbound ramp of Highway 101 interchange at the Santa Clara/Alum Rock exit.
What I haven't said about AIDS yet, but should say now
There's a bit more to the story about AIDS and demons that I haven't yet posted or otherwise mentioned directly; but, I'm hard at work at addressing what I know to be the cause behind the disease. That, by the way, is the means to discover for yourself who is doing it. For the cloak, you can't see them so much with your own eyes, and even then, they're somewhat intangible, save the fact that they breathe the same air you do, and hear the same sounds and see the same sights. Those three facts offer a defense of certain kinds; with Chroma, you'll be able to see them fairly well, and you might even, by observation, learn a thing or two about cloaks and their vulnerabilities.

Why would you need that to stop AIDS? Because people are giving it to people, albeit with the help of demons [see Blood-soaked sucker demons spread HIV]. If the virus they spread is not the cause of immune system suppression, direct damage caused to the lymph nodes is. Cloaked hands and tools erode body tissue, and can be pushed right through the skin, effortlessly, and without pain; as they sit inside the lymph nodes, they slowly destroy them. I do not know, but can surmise, that many who have died of AIDS, had their lymph nodes been examined, would show tremendous damage that cannot be explained any other way (even if that has been discovered, and explanations have been proffered).

I don't know what corrective or defensive actions one might take upon learning who the culprits are or what to do with them once they're within reach, but my best bet says that AIDS would slow to a crawl at a point somewhat soon after which these two pieces of information are ascertained.