Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#494 - VIDEO | Demons strike bones with household objects to deform

Last summer, I inadvertently photographed some sort of tool that looked like a hammer with a nail sticking out of the head, sharp side up, which seemed to appear out of thin air. It was extended by one of the long tendrils of a tumbleweed-like demon, which had snaked its remaining tangle of long, thin black hoses among the branches of the bush it was hiding in. It was hitting my neck and shoulders with it, and was lashing out so fast that it was captured on only one still frame clearly [see VIDEO | Spiked instrument used repeatedly on my back and neck to cause pain].

Today, that new torture tool was going to be the window coverings:
Sometimes, I have to write posts that make me look and sound really, really bad; this is one of them, in that I have to say that a window covering tried to reach out to knock me on the head
This video shows something else headed right at me at the same breakneck speed: It only backed away when it realized my camera was recording. I am sure it was intended to hurt my head in some way, even though I can't make out what it is. It looks like the window coverings next to the couch; but, it's in the wrong location, and those window coverings don't make a whipping sound as they whip back when they're caught trying to whip.

So, was it the window covering? Could have been. When the fourth dimension overlaps with the third, matter becomes as malleable as putty; that means that when a demon inhabits an object, that object can be manipulate in any way the demon is capable of manipulating it.
NOTE | When does the fourth dimension overlap with the third? Whenever a hyperdimensional portal is open, which is during periods of high demonic activity. And, yes, I know what you're thinking: how is that every victim of something weird somehow ends up being a "scientist"? Dunno, I'd say, just happens.
The overlap also eliminates gravity's influence on matter; so, even big, heavy objects can be flung about  as if they were made of cotton.

Update on April 13th
A still frame from a video made last night shows this phenomena yet again; this time, however, it was a mirror frame that bent at its corner to hit me in the shoulders, where the demons have spent much effort misshaping lately:
The corner of a mirror frame bends away from the wall to strike me in the shoulder, probably in order to disfigure it bit-by-bitBy striking a person's bones with a semi-cloaked object, the bone becomes as malleable as the object itself, allowing for it to be shaped painlessly and effortlessly
This is but one of thousands of times I've been struck with a cloaked object for the purposes of misshaping my bones and my body overall [see Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control]. Two of the most notable examples are the deformities caused to my skull, as shown in Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks and Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull, and to my forearm, as shown in VIDEO/PHOTOS | Fighting demons in my hand, in my shirt, and on my demon-deformed arm.

When the deformities are inflicted, there is usually no immediate pain; that comes afterwards. The reason is because the bones struck by a cloaked object inherits the malleability of the cloaked object, making them easy to mould without any pain.

Depending on the degree of the adjustment (i.e., how much change and whether that inhibits proper movement and function), pain may come at a later time. One such example is my neck, which has undergone dramatic changes, and has been in constant pain over the past several months [see PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs; see also VIDEO/PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril].

#493 - VIDEO | Voices Demons flood apartment, stop when caught on camera

The Voices Demons started flooding my apartment with water today, which came from the wall behind the toilet, hoping later to place the blame on me for breaking the toilet.

While doing this, they were saying, "Don't lean back on the toilet," in a mock scolding voice, implying that this would be the reason ascertained for the water damage.

After I discovered where the water was coming from, I recorded it on video; and, as soon as they realized the video I made would clearly show where the water was coming from did, they stopped the flow immediately:
Apparently, they don't want to be blamed for a bigger problem than they have to, especially considering the fact that they are already imposing their problem (i.e., me) on the owner of the home as it is.
NOTE | The Voices Demons claim that very few people want to rent to a tenant who is being physically and mentally tormented by demons that have hijacked the town (even though, at least in my mind, one problem should take precedence over the other).
Once I saw that the source of the water could be clearly seen on camera—thanks to the debris bubbling up with the water—you can hear me start to say how this video would prevent anyone from placing blame on me for breaking the toilet. I stopped myself when I realized that I just announced that I was going to catch them in a lie; as you can see in the video, they stopped the flow of water around the same time.

Since, supposedly, "the town reads my blog," they asked the landlord's handyman to say that the water was coming from the washing machine; they don't want people here to know that almost all problems they have come from them, including medical ones. He showed me bubbles that had just then sprang up.

Believe who you want, I'd say, but those bubbles did not come from Tide; rather, they were shampoo bubbles. Moreover, the washer and dryer do not share a common wall, and the bubble trail would not snake through as much wall as there is between my bathroom and the laundry, and then only choose behind the toilet to come out.

Contrived water leak eclipsed by repeated physical abuse
Overshadowing the latest imp-like maneuver by the Voices Demons (who, once caught, stated, "You will not be seeing your security deposit, ever," as if that were my concern), is the increase in physical torture.

Previously, I stated that they were burning my fingertips with the black, thread-like flying "sucker demons [see VIDEO | Sucker demons dance on fingertips]; they have resumes this, and, yesterday, they burned my thumb so severely, that damage started to become visible through the surface of the skin (shown below):
Although slight, the discoloration around the edge of the thumb borders the underlying damageSmall brown spot the thumbs surface, which results from dead tissue
That's not all, either. They also claim to be burning brain tissue; and, you can see long black threads sometimes extending from either a wall or from behind a piece of furniture, although mostly from somewhere underneath my bed. The smell is the most noticeable, but the heat on the surface of my head is a close second. It makes me extremely tired, too.

While the head has been a primary target for sometime now [see ; see also ], my organs have, too. The pancreas was the first to show signs of their handiwork, when it was found to be inexplicably inflamed.
NOTE | This was discovered by an ultrasound procedure, which was ordered in the absence of any symptons or other explanation by a doctor at VMC, a hospital known for its ties to the body-chopping hobgoblin demons.
Needle-stabbing demon unleashed again
One way they have accomplished this in the past is by and through a demon that wears a fingerless glove with needles in place instead. While partially cloaked, the demon inserts the needles into a person's head or organ in a lightning-fast piercing motion [see ].

Although the person is not likely to see the demon, they will feel the effects. Yesterday, I was jabbed three times in the abdomen, right where the pancreas should be. I was sick immediately. Ever suddenly lost your concentration, and maybe felt a little disoriented at the same time. That's a jab to the head. If a demon ever
"winds you," it means he did this to your lungs.

Most cloaking demon varieties can "stretch" themselves, enabling them to enter and exit through pin-sized holes in walls or to tuck themselves away on a small shelf.
NOTE | Visualize a genie coming out of its bottle from old cartoons, which is what a demon looks like when it is stretching or bending or folding. It will even look like a cartoon drawing, in fact.
I captured this on video in the past. In the following still frame, you can see an actual demon's arm extending around a corner, which moved so fast, it was only captured in one still frame:
A demon stretches itself out of a pin-sized hole near the ceiling on the other side of the wall, and extends its arm around the corner; its movement was so quick, it was captured on only one still frame out of the 15 shot per second
This is exactly what is going on now, too; specifically, that this demon is hitting me from holes in the walls or from behind furniture from across the room, reaching around corners and into rooms he's not even in.

This may or may not be the same needle-gloved demon that kidnapped me briefly in the fall of 2011 (pictured, right).

This is in addition to the constant piercing by the appendages of what I once thought was a sucker demon. You can actually see the tendril of a demon piercing me in the neck on video in .

New injuries added to old ones
My knees, neck, achilles tendon, and elbows (primarily on the left side of my body) are still being damaged [see ]; and, now, they have started hurting my joints in my fingers, as well as my shoulders.