Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow

I must be getting braver with my blogging. In the past, the challenge was to convince some of the existence of demons, and I didn't want to offend or put-off anyone for whom that might be difficult. Although I experienced a wide variety of demonic activity and encountered a myriad of demonic (and other) species, because the target audience is the disbelieving, I restricted the blog to things I could prove—things of which I had videos and photos only—because I feel like this subject is the second most important thing everyone in the world should know. Now that I have hundreds and hundreds of posts that collectively prove demons except only to the dimmest and stubbornest, I'm delving into subjects that are not as well-demonstrated by media, but that exist, and that I feel my now well-informed audience should be ready for by now.

This post presents such a subject; if you're not ready for things like it, I suggest you start at the first post to this blog, and read every post between that one and this. Then, ask questions; I answer them day-and-night. After that, I promise you'll be more than ready; in fact, you'll be hungry to grow-up, and to face and digest all of life's most pertinent—even though difficult—facts.

This companion-post to Demonic Feng Shui will demonstrate that light and shadow make a difference in whether you can see demonic activity, as well as the kind of demonic activity you can see in each. Doing so will show which types of demonic activity can be abated by simply switching on a light, which kind can be detected by turning the light off, and which is unaffected by either. The benefits of knowing this information should be obvious to every demoniac, as well as any non-demoniac who wishes to stay that way.
NOTE | This post isn't meant to be the authoritative guide on the effects of light and shadow on demonic activity, but to merely introduce the fact there is such a subject, and to provide a means by which to begin fleshing it out. It also doesn't describe how light and shadow make a difference.
The difference light and shadow make with respect to demonic activity have been demonstrated indirectly before on this blog. In TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video, you can watch me transform from a demon to myself—at least, visually, in that we're both there at the same time—by simply moving from the shadows and into the light; and, three more videos show the same thing in PHOTOS/VIDEOS | Further demonic possession revealed, although it took considerable post-processing of the video to bring the demon out of the darkness.

The following still frame taken from a video made yesterday, however, is better suited than past videos at showing that shadow influences whether one can see demonic possession and the bodily mutations that come with it:

My leg, in the light, shows no evidence of demonic possession; however, my arm, in the shadow changes to the multi-colored spotting of one of the demon's possessing me—that, and my hand disappears (click image to enlarge)
My leg, in the light, shows no evidence of demonic possession; however, my arm, in the shadow changes to the multi-colored spotting of one of the demon's possessing me (not only that, but my hand disappears as it transforms into the demonic hand weapon I intended to demonstrate in front of the camera, just like I did in PIC/VIDEO | Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession victims [see VIDEO | Demon-exorcising power (finally) caught on camera; see also VIDEO | "Zap" emits EMF radiation visible to digital camera].

To start, I made a video during a period of high demonic activity using two video cameras: one pointed at the well-lit portion of my face; the other, at the darkened of it (the dichotomy created by a single light source, pouring through a bathroom door behind where I sat:

Shadow-view camera (left) and light-view camera (right) highlight the difference shadow makes in the visibility of demonic activity; these still frames are from two different videos made simultaneously
NOTE | What am I picking at, you ask? See Demonic bombs, noggin crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast and VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure.
It shows both camera views, side-by-side, allowing for interesting comparative observations, such as which hand mutations and facial modifications are most visible, and under which conditions can one see in-the-ether—that is, demonic activity that occurs on another level, in another rate of time flow, with an expanded set of laws of physics at play. There is only one pitfall to be aware of when making comparisons that you must be aware of in order to avoid drawing false conclusions, and that is differences in appearance that relate only to basic photography:

  • Difference in appearance. Compare the two still frames above, which were taken from both videos at the same time index. In the shadow-view camera, I look comparatively unhealthy next to the light-side camera, which some might mistake for a mutation that is only evident in portion of my face that falls within the realm of demonic influence (or shadow); however, in reality, it's a bad angle and bad lighting and bad times. The lighting and angle in the light-view camera just happen smooth over the dips and valleys caused by numerous and savage sucker demon attacks to the face and skull. In other words, these two still frames do not demonstrate the kind of facial modifications inherent to the demon-possessed; those modifications are actually the blending of one face with another. 

The following are the differences that constitute shadow-and-light influence on the visibility and presence of demonic activity:
  • Hand mutations. In the shadow-view camera, my hand begins to take on some of the demonic mutations shown and described in various posts to this blog, but appear to be hindered by the light, as they are not visible—nor do they seem to occur—from the perspective of the light-view camera.
Twisted and looped fingers—the same phenomena Satanists use to form the Sign of the Devil—are seen only from the shadow-view camera's perspectiveBlurry fingers from the their rapid motion, as seen from the light-view camera at same time index on the left, are a far cry from twisted and melted ones
  • Facial modifications. As shown in the shadow-view camera, the portions of my face overlapping the realm of demonic influence begin to modify based on the appearance of demons attempting to possess my body, whereas none of this is seen in the light.
Ultra-round ears and facial skin-speckling—not to mention the subtle, but noticeable change in facial features indicates an attempt at full demonic possession, which was thwarted by the light hitting the other side of my face
  • Physical contact. As shown in the shadow-view camera, shadow is the only place sucker demons were able to materialize enough enough to physically alter my face, as shown by the still frame below, in which they pinched my lips together to hinder my speech:
Sucker demons sometimes pinch my lips together (or make me bite my tongue) when attached to my face, making it obvious why I pick at them when they're on my face
Following is that video, which for now, plays straight through, without stopping at the points of interest (those were shown in the still frames taken from it, above):

The video also shows a phenomena that I have not yet introduced on this blog: the bending (morphing, shifting, resizing, etc.) of matter. Matter is putty in the hands of fourth-dimensional entities who know how to manipulate it with their minds; and, when the fourth dimension overlaps with ours, fourth-dimension rules apply, and fourth-dimensional entities rule.

Accordingly, fourth-dimensional entities with the ability to bend matter with their minds do so to their advantage when they work, as shown by comparing these two still frames:
Cloaked demons behind the door and big-screen TV are camera-shy, and compelled me to turn the camera away from them by having a sucker demon nudge it to make me think it was going to tip overAlthough I put my hand over the camera to prevent it from falling, I did not move it in the slightest, neither its tilt nor angle nor distanceEven still, when I remove my hand, it looks like I both tilted and twisted the camera at first glance; but, even if I had, the lighting in the room would not have changed, nor would the width and length and direction of the ceiling beam
Compare light-levels and ceiling distance between the two, followed by the marginal shift in my position in front of the camera. You'll notice that, although between the two I place my hand over the lens as if to adjust the camera, my position between the two frames does not change in relation to the changes in light level and the height of the ceiling; I'm in the same place in both, and, even if I pivoted the camera, the ceiling wouldn't be farther away from it. That's because I simply placed my hand in the way of the camera from tipping over; even still, when I remove my hand, the width and length of the ceiling beam have changed, and the light in the room is brighter.

That's because the camera-shy demons behind me wanted to move out of the camera's view; so, they raised the ceiling. That increased the height of the bathroom door from which came the room's source of light, allowing for more of it to pour in; it also brought more of the ceiling beam into view, because it was farther away than before.

This is not the first incident I've shown of demons bending matter and space around me in order to avoid camera detection; it is just the most discrete example. A more drastic occurrence is shown in VIDEO | Demons slide man into camera's path to preclude recording, which shows space being bent so close to me that it looked like they actually slid a man just a few feet away between my camera and its hoped-for subject (some demon I never got a picture of):

Generally, unless you see it, you cannot feel space and matter being moved unless:
  • you make contact with it after it has been moved or bent, and were depending on space and matter being where and you thought it was before you made contact (like when demons and their people dip or raise a sidewalk beneath me between my steps); or,
  • you are part of the matter being moved, as in the case of the sliding man.
Obviously, in my case, I did not see the ceiling being raised until I watched the video (and I would not have noticed it from the video had I not seen this phenomenon a thousand times already, and, of course, followed up with the math, so to speak).

Light does not preclude in-the-ether visibility when diffracted
One portion of the video not included in the clip above showed Long standing in the bathroom, which was separated from the camera by a doorway. Even though Long was fully enveloped in light, you could see in-the-ether activity.

Remember the woman from Wire-fingered, brain-spiking demon attacks via possessed woman who spiked her own brains with her hand-based demonic weapon? At the time, I thought a demon used her as a portal to attack her from her own body; but, still frames from a portion of the video not included in the clip below have enabled me to recognize the incident now as simple ignorance: she doesn't know how to control her weapon, and/or demons don't care to teach her, or the weapons cannot be controlled. They show puncture wounds, lacerations and slices and scrapes all over Long's face and head, having come from the demonic weapons in his own hands.

Here are a few of those still frames, showing the ethereal wounds to Long's head made by the misfiring of his own hand-based weapon, and by the demonic bombs stitched into the collar of his shirt, as revealed by major contrast and sharpening-enhancements in GIMP:

Heavy contrasting, sharpening, and other modifications made to the original in GIMP show the wounds Long sustained in-the-ether by his own demonic weapon (see enlarged area); this is what happens to (and is intended to happen to) victims of demonic-weapons fire—not the demon person—and, although they heal in the blink of an eye, each hit imperceptibly destroys skin and bone and everything in between, as well as diminishes health, requiring demon people to pelt a target thousands of times over a long period of time to destroy health and age the face and body
Seeing images like the above, having been made in full-on light, after seeing that all other demonic activity is visible only in shadow, may seem to negate any conclusions made so far at first, at least until you understand how and why shadow makes demonic activity more visible. In short, it's simply this: strong light overpowers (scatters) light reflected from demonic matter; when there's less light reflecting or emanating from a source in our realm, the weaker light reflected from the matter from the demon realm has a chance to reach the camera (or your eyes) in the same shape it started out at the source.

So, how do I see demonic activity on Long with all that light? The light from the demonic matter is unscattered (or diffracted) as it passes over the edges of the bathroom door frame, like a bubbling, rushing current that smooths out as the point it falls over the edge of a waterfall, thereby allowing the light to continue reflecting the shape of the matter along its entire path.
NOTE | Even when diffracted, the light is still pretty weak; so, enhancements in GIMP have to be made in order to make it stand out.
Frequency and separation and wavelet decomposing shadow images reveals further activity
Duotone, color shifting, and texture overlays sometimes reveal demons and demonic activity you won't see with the usual contrasting, sharpening and so on. Take for example the shadow side of my face, processed by chromatic abberation, following by wavelet decomposing:

The side of my face and all areas of the room masked in pure white indicate non-shadow areas; the shadow areas are those with detail, and reveal demonic possession that would have gone undetected were it not for frequency separation and wavelet decompose filters in GIMP, which are based on the physics of light
Observations basis for categorizing demonic activity, development of visibility tools, and strategy
Establishing that light and shadow determine what demonic activity you can see and what you can't raises the question of whether demonic activity is prevented or facilitated by either lighting condition. Looking back at past posts, as well as some recent video, suggests that it depends on the type of activity.

For example, Demonic Feng Shui shows that a lot of demonic activity depends on light and shadow being a certain way to happen or be present; but, if you watch the video in VIDEO | Wrestling with a Demon-Possessed iPhone in the Dark, and then watch the following clip, you can see that the demon with whom I wrestled my iPhone in the dark—which you can see—did not need to be seen in the light in order to wrestle with me for my iPhone:

Another example showing that a demon does not have to be seen to be present comes from READER | Did your demons follow you to Indiana?, which contains a video of my hand and wrist doing a flawless 360° rotation while holding my iPhone. Although, while making that video, I did not see what was obviously the same miniature hobgoblin demon at work in the other two videos, it was clearly its hand-mutating power at work. As I cannot rotate my wrist like that on my own, nor can I make portions of the USB cable move through itself, I—and you—can conclude that both the iPhone-possessing demon and its power have no ties to light or shadow, but just to visibility.

Biblical support for viewing angle-ethereal sighting visibility theory
Just like some of the other assertions and conclusions I make on this site, the Bible backs me up on the relevance of viewing angle and the visibility of things ethereal [see also Demonic Feng Shui]. In this case, this theory pertains to the conversion of the Apostle Paul:

Illumination depicting Paul's conversion, from Livre d'Heures d'Étienne Chevalier (c. 1450–1460), a book of hours by Jean Fouquet now in the Château de Chantilly
As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him... The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless; they heard the sound but did not see anyone.
— Acts 9:3-7 
When Saul was converted by Jesus into Paul the Apostle, Jesus appeared to Saul as a blinding Light that only Saul could see. None of the men with Saul saw the Light, even though they heard the Voice.
NOTE | Like so many demon people, but I digress.
I believe that was due to the same phenomena introduced in this post, especially given the other similarities observed between other phenomena described in other posts and the apparent biblical equivalents.