Friday, February 2, 2018

Intercepted demonic-communiqué (or, Things demons have said behind my back)

Just like there are ways to capture invisible (cloaked) demons with a digital camera, there are also ways to capture cloaked speech. Like all sound, sounds (or speech) made by cloaked demons propogate through air, but air that is a mix of cloaked and non-cloaked (native) molecules. The volume of any sound a cloaked demon makes is in direct proportion to the ratio of cloaked to non-cloaked molecules—the more air molecules native to our realm, the louder the sound will be. A digital recorder can be imprinted with sound waves outside of the range of human hearing, and those that are outside of that range (as they would be if a demon is speaking while cloaked) can be (and is) redigitized to a range inside that which a human can hear.
NOTE | Cloaking doesn't just alter visibility, it alters time, too; that's why cloaked demons are usually only captured in one to three still frames on video (and never in images made one-at-a-time). The same principle applies to audio recordings. To hear most cloaked speech, you either have to speed up or slow down playback (usually both, as conversations both slow and fast overlap), and you may even have to adjust the pitch. It's not unusual to find five different conversations overlapping the same audio track this way. [Source: HyperPhysics, Georgia State University, "The speed of sound is determined by the properties of the air, and not by the frequency or amplitude of the sound."]
Demons are quite adept at camouflaging, by which they supplement their ability to cloak. The following three, successive still frames all show the same demon; the brighter the light, the more you can see the objects the demon is blended with (or possessing); the less light, the more you can make out his face
Historically, I've taken quite an advantage of the unfortunate—yet ample—opportunity to see and hear demons that do not want to be seen or heard as they parade through my home (one video showed nearly 15,000 demons transiting through my apartment in just under four minutes). This blog evidences over six years of seeing and hearing things that demons do, but don't want known.

This post contains quotes that were plucked from random points along that six-year timeline. Nearly all of them require far more explanation than I gave them; however, in conjunction with other posts to this blog, you can infer at least a general understanding of the meaning and significance of what was said.

"Gag him up in his mind's eye when we are talking; I don't like to be interrupted."
— A Voices Demon to another demon

Voices Demons constantly talk to a victim while they and other demons are tormenting them; and, while they do, they don't like being ignored (they call it that the silent treatment) or interrupted. If a victim does either, a Voices Demon can ask another demon to inflict a certain kind of injury to the victim's brain, which somehow compels a victim to listen instead of talk or otherwise get their attention. The injury reduces the victim's ability to think clearly, organize thoughts and concentrate. Although not particularly painful, the victim is aware that they have been injured, and why they were injured.

"Panic him; make him rigid."
— A Voices Demon to another demon

There is another kind of brain injury inflicted by demons (at the behest of Voices Demons), which creates panic in the mind of a victim. Like the injury that renders a victim unable to do anything but hear the voice of their tormentors, this injury is relatively painless; however, it does not render the victim able to do only one thing, rather, it leaves them capable to do anything and everything they can do to resolve the panic. This is typically the cause of untoward or criminal behavior in a victim or other psychotic behavior; it is also the cause of a victim's self-isolation and bizarre self-protective maneuvers.

"Making a ta-ta in his pants is not a valid way to get his attention; it's a way to get them to turn in another direction and never look back."
— A Voices Demon to a group of Voices Demons and other demons

Although it's unknown as to how, demons can initiate urgent bowel movements in a victim. It is likely caused by exposing the victim to high levels of demonic radiation, which causes the victim's body to react in that way. The Voices Demon was contradicting other demons that wanted to do this at the time, and was explaining that the merits of this approach are counter to their goal.

"If you turn James into a dope head, I could dislove him more easily."
— Long Cao to Voices Demons

Long story, short: demons make drug addicts; and, the drug addicts they make, they keep addicted. Just like demons can generate fear artificially with electronic devices [see ], they can induce uncontrollable cravings using same. This fact is, apparently, known to demon people (those who collaborate with demons in the agenda called, The Exclusion). During the time these words were spoken, Voices Demons were harassing Long (unbeknownst to me) in an attempt to coerce him into disassociation (presumably, this was when they were trying to deplete my resources, and cut off ties to any support that could supplement or replace them). I can imagine that, at this point, he was beaten down to the point where he felt the need to give them what they want; and, like most people harangued by Voices Demons, he offered to do so on terms he could live with.

"We're masturbated on in the heavenly layer, so don't get him too angry." 
— One demon advising an over-zealous, blood-thirsty demonic torturer (a Voices Demon) of the relationship between wartime success and my life
Presumably, an image of the "enemy," an angel from the "heavenly realms," as so-called by demons. Found in a still frame taken from a 3-minutes-and-15-seconds-long video with over 5,000 frames showing demons (totaling over 15,000 demons in-transit through my apartment during that time) This is my fourth Angel sighting since 2011, and my first image of one; the first three encounters were direct (and sans camera)
Masturbated on describes a condition of heavy loss; angry means physically injured, severely in all cases—together, they mean either decreased transit between realms, which, apparently, would have consequences. If I'm injured or dead, and therefore am without the capacity to be used as a door between realms, that could mean a loss for the demons against the angels.

More on anger, from Factoids:
The word, anger, when used by demons and their people within the context of the culling of the human population (The Exclusion), means killing or death. It is most commonly used in these ways: an anger management ritual involve a mobbing of victims by both demons and their people, who bombard them with demonic weapons in a public setting for days on end; a demon or person with anger issues for a victim implies the means, the intent and the consent by their peers to injure the victim in ways that will eventually, if not immediately, lead to their death; anger management concerns label and warn of actions that the victim may have at their disposal to either protect or defend themselves, or retaliate, in like form; stupid people make us angry is a threat (with the ability and intention to carry it out) to cause debilitating brain injury to a victim, and then to kill them slowly using demonic weapons, as well as conventional means.

"Lately, we've been in fire-drill mode because our engine has not been running up to speed."
— one Voices Demon to another (kind of) demon, referencing efforts to prevent any hinderance that could be brought to goal progression due to a door less open than expected or as it would normally be
This quote is understood in the same context as the one above, in that it refers to the connection between resources and deliverables and me, as the Door (or, engine, as some demons call me). Not only had I been ill, which resulted in a month of hospitalization, but I had made some strides in limiting my availability, as it were. This period of restricted transit had the capacity to adversely impact timetables, some of which schedule deliverables and what-not for war.

"'Iggy' is 'Ighy'".
— a Voices Demon to me

Sorry, Ighy; it's unconscionable that I misspelled the name of such a valiant creature, who, being a member of a species of demons known to be among the most fierce to ever exist, you withheld your hand from the violence that beset me on a day when no one else would.

A white-faced demon named, Ighy, nestled underneath the junk a homeless person called home in  The Jungle

The same image as above, showing Ighy farther out, to provide context for a visual estimation of his size (sidenote: size doesn't matter; Ighy is a member of a race of demons that are highly evolved and skilled warriors, who regularly herd humans and humanoid-sized persons into their deadly circle of same)
The blue face of one of Ighy's friends, peering down into the tent constructed by my host, Dragon
"Sadistically sound in its making"
— volunteered to me directly by a Voices Demon

 describes a complex, long-term means devised to inflict pain and injury of which the victim is oblivious until past the point of remedy