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#574 - READER | Michigan woman pens letter to jail, advises abstention from drugs, sex

Near the middle of my year-long incarceration at the Santa Clara County Main Jail, a woman unknown to me, named, Elizabeth, who is apparently a blog reader, sent me a hand-written letter offering her support and advice. This, after having evidently taken pains to locate me at the jail following a long period of silence on my part caused by my incarceration. She must have known that I would never have abandoned my blog for so long without there being some sort of extraneous circumstance (i.e., incarceration).

Here's a copy of her letter:

First of all, I'd like to commend Elizabeth for making the effort; she clearly recognizes that, insodoing, she is fulfilling her God-mandated duty to help those in mortal danger [see BIBLE | Your God-prescribed duty to those in mortal danger].

On the other hand, though, I'd have to point out (again) that this has been a lifelong problem: drugs [see Crystal methamphetamine use common denominator among demon-led local terror groups], sex [see The (tweaker sex) Life of a (bag whore) Demoniac] and rock-n-roll were never the problem when I was age 5, which is when the problem first began [see Childhood demon behind most recent attacks; see also Voices Demons refuse questions re ties to childhood terror].

Also, I've answered many a reader inquiry like this before, as shown by these posts:
Finally, while I'm definitely cleaning up the areas of my life that need such, the demon problem is world-wide, and I'm an outsider to it; I'm not in cahoots with any demons like the myriads of people I could introduce Elizabeth to at anytime. I'm opposed to them, and am demonstrating that fact by and through this blog; others, not so.
NOTE | If, to Elizabeth, it seems that I am the crux of demonic activity, she is right; although, I don't think this blog really conveys that fact. Elizabeth is probably not aware of any of the issues not presented herein, which make this blog, by comparison, look pretty rinky-dink. More on that another time.
In spite of all these facts, my astute reporting on the demonic plague in the Northern Bay Area of California has drawn similar (but harsh) feedback from readers in that area. For example, read this one-and-a-half-years-old conversation between me and another reader (sorry, it's unformatted right now); near the end is when the drugs-and-sex cause-and-effect fallacy comes into play:

hey man,

How do you get rid of a Demon that has been haunting you since childhood? I am serious not joking. I need some help.

December 14, 2012

Report · 8:11am

If you can see it, a can of hairspray and a lighter.

Tell me more.

Report · 12:03pm

this demon has lived in my folks place since before they moved in. That's over 40yrs it feeds on all of family strife. It is a powerful demon.

Report · 10:47pm

I was serious, though; you can burn them. Boiling water works, too.

408-569-1634, if you want to chat. This problem definitely has a solution.

And, by the way, I want to reiterate from my blog: this is a town-wide problem. There are so many of these entities afoot, they outnumber people.

So, never be afraid to talk openly and honestly with anyone you meet about this situation.

December 15, 2012

Report · 11:13am

thanks James. I'll call you this week... You know a lot about this stuff.... I may need to excircize this demon. It dwells in the attic

Report · 6:52pm

The demon is not a typical everyday demon. It is very strong and powerful, you can feel it is presents all day but at night is when his present is strongest he likes to make noise in the Garage at night and sometimes mumble words to me in a langauge that sounds like Latin. I have noticed he doesn't like candle lite much or the burning of inscents

December 16, 2012

Report · 6:36pm

Funny you should mention incense; the Voices Demons rail against that.

Report · 6:38pm

Really. Thats good to know. I like burning it

December 20, 2012

Report · 10:30am

Hello Will! Just checking in with you mid-week; how is your situation?

I would suspect it is better.

With last night being the possible exception, though.

Report · 12:08pm

Much better

I may be moving

Report · 3:11pm

That's good! Perhaps he'll stay behind.

Not every demon is as psychotic and obsessed as the Voices Demons.

Report · 3:13pm

Yes. I am in a good spot spiritually

Report · 3:14pm

Great! Keep in mind, still, I'm ready to tackle this with you, if you want.

I can summon it, and bring it out more fully.

Report · 3:15pm


Report · 3:15pm

I haven't told anyone that yet.

It'll be more susceptible to fire, then.

Report · 3:15pm

Keep it dl

Report · 3:16pm

I once had a skeleton in my closet, literally.

I used fire to no avail.

It wasn't until I "brought it through" to a certain point...

Report · 3:17pm

It can be hard when it is keeping you down

Report · 3:17pm

...that the fire finally did its job.

Report · 3:17pm

From great things

Report · 3:18pm

Let me know when I can help with that, if you will.

Report · 3:19pm

Yes. Can we keep it simple secret

Report · 3:20pm


I just want the opportunity to get that thing dead.

Report · 3:23pm

Thank you

Report · 3:32pm

I have to plan for my mother n not to be there

Report · 3:32pm

Good idea...

Also, make sure the attic and any other room the demon frequents is maneuverable.

Report · 3:35pm


Report · 3:35pm

And, free of any item that could easily catch fire.

Report · 3:35pm

Am kind of psychic

Well very bipolar

Report · 3:36pm

As long as you can work a Bic, you're good.

Report · 3:36pm


You know my brother

Big Ben

From McDonalds

Report · 3:55pm


He mentioned your situation before you and I first talked.

Report · 3:56pm

Really good

Report · 3:57pm

I was going to add him to the post about your situation.

I haven't finished that part.

Report · 3:58pm

No not yet. I did not want my name yet. But that's okay

Report · 4:29pm

I can take it out (?)...

Report · 4:29pm


Just need to plan a time and make arrangements

Report · 4:30pm

Do you hear Voices or communicate in any way, shape or form about this issue with anyone?

Report · 4:31pm

A few

My lips are sealed

Can I call you

Report · 4:34pm

Yes, you can.

Tell me what the Voices have said about your demon problem.

(I want you to know that nobody hears the voice of something that isn't there, by the way)

Report · 8:13pm

Thanks for calling; it was fruitful.

Report · 8:15pm

Thank you as well

Report · 8:15pm

But, especially, the thing you said about the people participating in demon-led stalking.

I want to know everything about that.

Report · 8:18pm

Yeah maybe some time you can I come to the healing circle

They are angry

Report · 8:23pm

What's that?

Report · 8:24pm

The demons

Report · 8:42pm

I promise you they are not.

It's a routine.

So, tell me every single thing about "your" Voices Demons.

Report · 8:43pm

I don't know i feel em and I left the house

Report · 8:43pm

That's a good idea.

Now is the time to snitch on them, though.

Did you read the post about Jai and his Voices Demons?

Search for 'Jai' on my site.

I transcribed a whole conversation they had with him,

Also, I transcribed a secret conversation they had with other demons.

Search for 'secret' on my site.

Report · 8:49pm

Later my friend. Not now am decompressing

Report · 8:49pm


This has got to end, though, huh?

Did you know there are actually people they get along with?

That actually benefit from them?

Disgusting, huh?

Report · 8:51pm

Yes. There are people who use them to hurt others

Report · 8:55pm


I always thought their role was more complex than that; but, interesting.

Report · 8:56pm

I know some

Well entities do that

I've known many people who channel spirits

Not all entities are bad or demonic

Did you know angels can always be called on.

You may already know that

Report · 9:02pm

That's true; but, bad and good don't hang out in the same house.

So, I hope you don't continue talking to any of them.

Report · 9:03pm

The demons.

Report · 9:04pm


Particularly, the Voices Demons.

Report · 9:04pm

There are ghost that visit my mother's as well

Okay I won't

Report · 9:04pm

You cannot say a single word to them.

If they can evoke even the slightest grunt from you...

...they will be considered still useful; otherwise...

Report · 9:06pm

Okay that is hard

Report · 9:06pm

...they will get retired.

I know.

Put tape on your lips and headphones on your ears.

Report · 9:07pm

I got my music

Am not at my mom's house

They did not follow

Report · 9:10pm

Do "your" Voices followed you other places?

Report · 9:11pm

Some times. But am stronger away from the house. Much less drained

I'm getting spiritually elevated for this chance to get rid my demons

December 21, 2012

Report · 8:28am

How did your night turn out? Did you go back home?

Report · 8:29am

Okay. Have not slept

Am elevated

I'm going home in a bit. Going to sleep there for a few hours

Report · 8:37am

So am doing a meat fast and going to see if that gives me insight on the demons

I never tired this though

Report · 9:07am

I don't think it will. Go to VMC and ask for Trazadone.

It'll help you sleep.

Report · 9:08am

That doesn't work. I will call my skrink at Kaiser

I got ambein

Not working though

I will be ok

Report · 9:10am

Do they let you sleep!


Report · 9:10am

Yes. I feel changes coming

Report · 9:10am

They sometimes hold my breath while I'm sleeping.

Until I wake up, of course.

I actually have to move away from the bed (well, my head, anyway).

Report · 9:13am

How long have you been battling them

Report · 9:13am

Since 5.

Until 8.

Then, again at age 32 until now.

I've only been taking pictures of them since 2011.

Report · 9:14am

Oh my whole life they have been after me


Which is 31yrstd


I have been crushed by them

Report · 1:07pm

That's a shame. I've actually seen (but have not talked to or interacted with) a kind of "demon" I call the People-in-White.

They are made of the same constitution as a particular demon variety that used to appear quite frequently in the summer through winter of 2011.

Report · 1:09pm

Those are not demons

Report · 1:09pm

They fight demons, like, to the death.

They look like people; but, they wear white robes.

Report · 1:09pm

Thought are fairy

Report · 1:09pm

One of them was cloaked, standing behind some guy. It looked like she was giving him a neck massage.

Report · 1:10pm

Yes they can do good and bad

Report · 1:11pm

He wasn't aware of it, though, as he appeared to not notice when she was whisked away into a fight with a demon.

Report · 1:12pm

Have you dealt with lust demons?

Report · 1:12pm

Not sure. Probably.

They don't tell me their names; I make those up arbitrarily.

Report · 1:13pm

They feed on lustful desires


Report · 1:13pm

I did a bad job at naming them on purpose...

Report · 1:14pm

I know more about entities than demons

Report · 1:15pm

...because I wanted to possibly provoke dialog between me and them as to things like their names and the like.

It hasn't worked.

Report · 1:15pm

You are the demon hunter

Report · 1:15pm

No, no, no...

Report · 1:16pm

Well i can attempt to channel them

Or is that bad

Report · 1:16pm

I just don't like being tortured by them and am taking a proactive stance against it.

Report · 1:17pm

I hear you me too

Report · 1:17pm

Because you've been exposed to highly manipulative Voices Demons for so long...

...take every moment for yourself that you can.

Report · 1:20pm

Many demons my friend and it is time to rmd it

Hey am going nap ttyl

Report · 1:21pm

Good idea.

Report · 3:52pm

I got some shut eye. I feel some what refreshed

Report · 7:08pm

This house may be a hell mouth

Report · 9:50pm


I have lots to say about that; but, I was just hurt by a Voices Demon.

Report · 9:52pm

Yeah I like to hear your story

Report · 9:52pm

Not too long after the same thing by a centurion demon.

Demons have been jumping in my back during my entire walk, which should have been 3 miles, and not the 6 it will be.

I would love to tell it, too.

But, your stories are the most important right now...

Report · 9:56pm

Yeah I know

Report · 9:57pm

The reason is, I am further along in the Voices Demons "program" than you.

You are still in their talking only phase.

And it is identical to what I went through as well as what others are and have also been through.

Report · 9:59pm

Man I am a telepath

I can always feel them

Report · 10:00pm

I am in the physical assault phase.

Should I go outside so you can see me or...?

Report · 10:01pm

I where you

Report · 10:01pm

Forget that last message.

It should have said:

Report · 10:02pm

Ah ok

Report · 10:04pm

Is the next phase for you.

They will start hurting you if they are not already.

Report · 10:04pm


They try to possie me


Report · 10:07pm

So, I am physically made to feel pain by them on a daily basis...

...that's been going on for over a year now.

Report · 10:07pm


Report · 10:08pm

That's no exaggeration, and it's a little bit more dire than where you're at right now.

Report · 10:08pm

Attack emotionally

Report · 10:08pm

I am in physical pain right now, for example.

Report · 10:09pm

Am feeling doubt and anger

Report · 10:09pm

You will be in that situation someday.

Report · 10:09pm

That is how they get me

Report · 10:10pm

The appropriate response when a demon hurts a human... comparable to a grown man knocking over an elderly lady.

Report · 10:11pm

I feel that I can take them out with mind and scripture

Report · 10:11pm

It's not rude as much as it is many many other things.

Report · 10:11pm

They have done that

Knocked me over

Report · 10:13pm

I kind of want to stay on this topic because...

Report · 10:13pm

Like i was a rag doll and am 6"10"

Report · 10:13pm

... I think there's something we can do about it for the both of us.

Report · 10:14pm

They just bruised my ribs


Report · 10:17pm

So I'm sitting here asking myself, "What am I going to ask you to do?"

In order to come up to with something...

... I would have to know more about what you really know.

Or rather, who you know

Report · 10:19pm

I don't know much on types of demons


Know who what mean I have never openly talked with people about this

I know a lot of psychic healers

Report · 10:23pm

People who are also involved with or are afflicted by these demons.

That will talk about them.

Report · 10:24pm

My friend El has lots of demons on him


I can get them off me but when. Here they attack me

Report · 10:25pm

They have to be willing to talk about them, as well as have visible access to them.

Report · 10:26pm

I see. I can shake my mother's home they are to strong

Report · 10:27pm

It's time to take the physical assaults to them.

And the more people who do it, the more effective it will be.

I'm not saying it's going to run them out of town.

But I think I know them so well...

Report · 10:28pm

I can't. I got go get food am stronger that way

Report · 10:28pm

... the ones who suffer from our campaign will finally see reason to help at least the two of us out.

I want to walk you through my rationale...

... So that you understand why it would be effective.

First of all, It is a fact that the demons that you can see...

... Can overpower the voices demons physically.

It would be more than just that that is needed...

...because the voices Demons run in packs due to this fact.

It is also a fact that the demons I can overpower them...

... Do not hesitate to do so Without fear and with little or no provocation.

So it is reasonable to believe...

...that the right kind of problem presented by us to another set of demons

... Could also motivate them to act Against them.

After all, a problem is bigger than an annoyance...

... And those demons are not going to act based on our annoyance.

Fire in their face is both an annoyance and a problem

It would be a major shock to demons..,

... To see any two people in our situation act in concert in this way.

This is because It is priority one that no two such people should ever come in contact.

What they are doing with us is very important to not just them...

... But to the people they are doing it with and the people they are doing it for.

Therefore they are afraid of what two people could change that might mess up the process.

One person can be hard enough to handle

Two people exponentially increase the potential for problems.

Report · 10:40pm

Yes two damaging

Report · 10:40pm

Obviously they cannot give up what they are doing.

But they can prevent others like them from doing what they are doing...

... If it comes down to that.

And the more people who participate...

... The more likely it is to come to down to that.

Report · 10:41pm

Can I call you after I eat i need fuel

Report · 10:42pm

If it comes down to Them and some other group....

They're going to pick the other group.

I'm finished.

Go eat, and just think about who you know.

It's half the town at least.

So surely someone will talk to you.

In fact they may be dying for someone to talk to.

Just give me a call when you're done.

They are still hurting me right now.

So, I'm looking forward to talking to other persons in addition to you.

Because my Voices Demons are either compensating or threatening the people I know...

...who can see the demons in front of their faces just as easily as I can...

... I'm not going to have much luck there without your help.

But that is the smallest problem.

I am only one person.

That means their problems are always in one place.

They would actually have worries and not just busywork.

Demons fight over the interference with their business.

They will not give a damn who is a demon infusing and if problems are happening with theirs.

Let me retype that.

Report · 10:51pm

Thanks i am going to get refuel

Report · 10:51pm

They will not give a damn who is a demon and who is a human when problems with their business arise.

Yes, I meant for you to eat.

I was just finishing this for later reading.

Report · 10:52pm

Cool thanks

Report · 10:52pm

It'll all be there when you get back.

Long story short: It makes good business sense to a demon (which overrides loyalty concerns every time) to solve our problem before our Fight Hell with Fire campaign adds unnecessary risk to their enterprise.

That could be as simple as instilling confidence in victims, causing them to act (or think to act) against them...

...which is apparently something that is problematic.

That is why your demons threaten police involvement in your life.

Report · 10:58pm


Report · 10:59pm

Nobody does that to somebody unless they are concerned about problems you might cause by standing up to their crap.

It is the first thing they do.

Report · 10:59pm

Man am spiritually elevated right now


Report · 11:00pm

They time their arrival, which is scary enough, at a scary time in your life, while scaring you with arrests right from the start.

They know what they are going to do to you down the line.

And they know you are not going to like it.

They would expect you to react.

They would rather you be afraid to do that.

And they know how to make you afraid.

Report · 11:01pm

Yes my dad called the police many on me

Report · 11:02pm

It's the first thing they do, and it is the only thing they never stop doing throughout the entire course.

It's obviously important to them that you be afraid to fight back.

So I say fightback en masse.

One person is not en masse, unless he's Rambo.

Report · 11:03pm

I am

But I need help

Report · 11:06pm

But even still, it is the collaboration among victims that creates too big of a potential for problems that might not be as easy to solve as they want their problems to be.

Report · 11:06pm


Report · 11:08pm

So, this explanation applies to the same help I offered, and I am still on-deck waiting for that day.

Report · 11:09pm


Report · 11:09pm

In fact, I am wondering why we're not doing this right now.

Burning your demons, that is.

Report · 11:09pm

Next week can we get them during day

My mom

Where are you

Report · 11:10pm

I'm assuming that's because you're not being physically hurt like I am.

Report · 11:10pm

I feel great change coming

Am in santa clara

By McDonald

My cat is being weird

It's calming down now that I have eaten

Is it noisy to expell them

Report · 11:28pm

It's fire from an aerosol can.

Report · 11:29pm

Rubbing alcohol work if in a bottle?

Report · 11:30pm

No, it doesn't stream out, and that produces a very cool flame.

Their would be no flow to the fire if you just poured the alcohol and lit it.

Which is totally unsafe.

Report · 11:31pm

Man it is obvious i not sleeping tonight

I have a spray bottle of it

Report · 11:33pm

My guess is no because, very quickly, even Aqua Net wasn't enough.

That's a hot flame at a fast rate.

Report · 11:34pm

I got to get something for them. Flies are demon drones

Report · 11:34pm

It sprays faster than all other hairsprays because it is an older formula that must be propelled quicker than new ones in order to spread and apply optimally.

Carburetor and fuel injector cleaner is the only spray that is effective right now.

Report · 11:36pm


Report · 11:36pm

I think because it is oily, so the fire does extinguish as quickly when it comes in contact with the demon.

That suggests that a $135 hand-held acetylene torch would do more than be hot.

If I had one, I would use it on every demon I see, every day, until the Voices Demons are dead.

I'm not out to hurt a single demon.

What a weird thing to be about. Who am I? Zorro? No, simply a man who wants to keep his eyesight, his cat alive, the people who are being forced to do things for them because of me to have a life of their own and be who they were.

My Voices Demons tell me that I am the only person they have a problem with that I know.

And that the only reason they are involved with all my family and friends... to make sure I don't get help from them, or to get out of what I deserve.

But my family and friends changed overnight--so fast, in fact, that I thought they had been replaced with pod people.

Since I'm sure that didn't happen...

... I know how major personality changes do happen...

... And because those personality changes were really bad...

... and Voices Demons don't change people for the better...

... I would say they went through a very traumatic event or two involving demons.

I'm don't think I'm more resilient than they are, and, yet, in many areas of my life, I improved as a consequence of demon involvement.

I certainly didn't go backwards, as they have.

So, they must've had it really bad.

Report · 11:47pm

Can I call you now

Report · 11:48pm


Report · 11:49pm

i found a way to shut down the voice demons. Talk to your higher self

December 22, 2012

Report · 3:14am

Before I forget this: you are the first person to admit to Voices Demons in your life, and even described some aspects of their behavior correctly, which admits to intimate familiarity with their interactions with their victims.

I can record their voices sometimes, which means they can be heard by others; but, unlike you others act like they can't hear them.

All of this means that, when we meet, you'll be able to hear mine, and I, yours (of course) and will talk about it.

They don't allow people to talk to them or about them aloud in my presence.

So, I have never had conversations with demons where there was more than just one human. I am always the only one.

Some demons have talked to humans right in front of my face, and the humans will still deny it.

Report · 4:44am

Talking scriptures with them does work

You can cast them out with mind body and soul

I think they attack you like they do cause you are a vessel

They only cause me pain and self doubt

Report · 10:54am

Scripture will cast out the pain and doubt; but, will not cast them out physically. A physical solution is the only answer.

They attack because we don't have parity; solidarity is parity, though, and that starts with just two people.

Also, any warm body is a vessel to a demon; but, I am certainly a preferred one over someone who has not been conditioned in a specific way for optimum sailing, as it were. That conditioning, however, comes only from demons, and simply means to us that I have been nothing short of traumatized and deceived and manipulated by them for my entire life.

Report · 2:00pm

I fought them off last night with out fire. Burned some up with mind smacked the leader and all they did talk they did bring down back up. They want me like they haunt you. But you can get Em if you have a strong faith

December 23, 2012

Report · 10:52pm

That's great, Will! I'm really glad to hear that. Let's add the fire to that, to make it so you don't have to work so hard. A mind strengthened by the Word is formidable in a battle of the mind; but, the mind can grow war-weary. And, even if it doesn't, you don't want to develop a soldier mentality. It's not compatible in our society, and you may end up alienating yourself from people based on personality traits you may develop, and not even realize why.

You could come off as defensive (or offensive), or overly strong and critical to people, when, in your own mind, what you're doing are things that helped you survive. You'll never mean to come across that way, but you will. And, unless someone knows by their own experience what you went through and where those traits came from, they won't understand, even if you explain.

And, even if they understood, that might make you less of a potential husband or a sorely misunderstood parent.

You absolutely, positively must be able to fight them on every turf they pick a fight on, your mind included. In fact, that's the first place, especially considering that's where they start their attack, and where they keep the battle raging constantly.

The next step, then, is what I said: burn 'em dead. They aren't going to stop, otherwise. And, even if they can't be stopped that way, I know for a fact it slow them down hard, and will limit how effective they are in the battle of the mind.

You want to reach out and touch them. That's all they're willing to understand.

So, are you still ready to get this started on December 29th? My God, I hope so. It's for my sake, as well as yours. It won't hurt, by the way, and you may never find another person willing to do this with you. I'd hate to see you regret not having tried, especially knowing what lies ahead.

December 24, 2012

Report · 12:21am

I hate to say it but, I have to seize contact with you. I have other things to worry about than wage a never ending battle with Demons, They are not smarter than us my friend. Is a Insect smarter than a Human no. Demons are Ugly and disgusting. They lie about everything and put doubts in humans head in hopes of Harming and controlling us. I can't tell you who I really am, but you read into the bible much too much and put doubt on other religions that are more valid. Jesus was the only Christian and he died on the Cross..... If you want to know who I am read the Bagavagita. I am not Scared of Demons or Demon Possiest. Lets just say am the oppisite of JC. I wish you well and hope you find some peace. But, the War you are waging is not a Winable one until you Trust God have Faith in yourself and God. I could tell you more but not in person. Remember or past sins can be Washed away.... Peace

Report · 12:58am

Good luck; but, if it should come up for you, remember that the glowing orb of a demon is the part that is most vulnerable, and that the ghost images that you sometimes see are not.

In other words, in a room full of smoky, hazy and half visible demons, you only need to target the small point of light.

And, by all means, tell me more. You said plenty I haven't, so I'm always eager to "listen," as "listening" has been so empowering for me in this problem so far. Wouldn't you say? Others have said so, at least in so many words.

Report · 1:40am

The way you are waging war with the demons isn't going to kill them. By burning them you cause them pain and anger. They get there friends and bring in solider demons. You can not kill them in this relam you have to trap them or put them asleep. They can be made to leave. But you can't let them cause you fear once they know you fear them. They have power over you. You can't beat them that way. Learn scripture and have faith. Don't have sex with them. That is opening them up your soul to them. They can only hurt you if you give them that power. Have faith. Forgive your self for any past sin. Carry a holy book with you. It will help keep the demons at bay

I have not fully woke up yet. I will give you insight when i can. I will read your blogs when I can

Don't be afraid of them walk in the light. Real God is with you at all times. Be kind and gentle to all. Stay away from Meth. They feed on it

Report · 1:53am

And Meth users

December 25, 2012

Report · 12:55pm

What's your excuse for when I was 5, you fuck?!

Report · 1:10pm


Don't disrespect me

I have not show ed you any

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I was in Hell my self