Sunday, July 6, 2014

#586 - PICS | Scratchen's-eyes illusion (again); metal prongs hook, stretch face; tree demon

A few pics which will find their way into more detailed posts later...

First, another Scratchen's eyes illusion, as done by demons:

The original still frame of a video shot in a dark room appears to show Scratchen's eyes, glowing in the darkColor adjustments, revealing the reflection that would be Scratchen's eyes
If you're not familiar with this particular demonic handiwork, search this blog for Scratchen for more pics like the above.

Second, on a walk from Little Orchard to the light rail station:
A demon face in the tree (upper-left) 
Even as the camera begins to pan away from the tree, the face is still distinguishable
For more pics like these, go to PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs. More photos like this can be seen in VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains) and VIDEO | A Tree Demon; you can also search for tree on this blog for more posts showing demon tree art.

Finally, my face and head were under a constant barrage of abuse today; here are two pics:

Metal prongs (like a dentist's) latch onto and pull down the side of my face
(taken from a video made during a demonic attack)
Here's the video the pic was taken from (it is sort of reminiscent of VIDEO | Demon pierces side with metal spikes): 

NOTE | As with all videos on this blog, watch this video at 1080p HD (when available).