Saturday, May 23, 2015

GALLERY | What it looks like when demons rip your face off

Draft. I'm still writing this...

The following still frames were taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, shot with my iPad mini using a special imaging filter I developed to capture in digital media cloaked (invisible) and chroma-saturated (noise-emittingd) objects and entities on surfaces, especially, the face:

The video was processed in real-time by a version of my Standard Deviation imaging filter, which reveals cloaked (invisible) entities and other matter on the surface of skin, and which plugs into the sample app provided to iOS developers by Apple that I customized, as well as any other iOS app that supports Core Image filters
There are several sets of these still frames, grouped according to the particular additional imaging filter (also of my own making) applied to them subsequent to making the video on my iPhone. The multiple sets of still frames are intended to demonstrate just how many levels or layers on which demonic activity can be found, in that each filtered set shows details and objects not found in the other sets.

Still frames were post-processed using my Prewitt Kernel filter, a Photo Editing Extension for the iPhone, equalizing the histogram and stretching the contrast for one set (right), but not the other (left); note how much more is revealed by equalization and stretch, even though the same filter was applied to both
Providing images such as these, which show my face being disassembled in the ether, and for no other purpose than cruelty—a cruelty that has, is and will continue to progressively disfigure and cause pain in my face, neck and head—serves more than just public interest: they also prove that anyone with a cellphone (iPhone) can see the unseen given the necessary and correct imaging filters for doing so. Not only that, but they also prove that this is possible right now, and within everyone's reach, thanks, in part, to a bevy of image-processing resources available online, as well as Apple's developer tools and support.

Xcode is a free dowload from Apple's developer website, and is well-supported by a huge number of developers world-wide
Like a doctor and his X-rays, you should also retreat to a darkened room when viewing them (HD displays only). The optimal viewing size is about 66% of the original, even though, ironically, these images are intended to be inspected as close range.

Processed by my Prewitt Kernel
imaging filter, using my iPhone

Here are the originals:
The original still frames from a video made with an iPhone camera app now in development

Whereas using different filters reveal different things, equalizing the histogram and stretching the contrast of images processed by the same filter also reveals different things. The following set of still frames were processed by the Prewitt Kernel, the same filter used to process the first set of still frames in this post; and, while they are highly distorted compared to those in that set, they reveal much, much more:

Like the first set of still frames
(at the top of this post),
these were post-processed by
my Prewitt Kernel imaging filter,
but with histogram equalization and
contrast stretching applied
[note that their are actual holes where it looks like there are holes...]