Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CHALLENGE | Decipher the Demon Code

A hobgoblin and the letter "t"
If anyone asks why I call it the Demon Code, when the medium who penned those characters already named them the Martian Code, I'll point to this picture:

A white-masked face of a hobgoblin demon [bottom-left] smiles happily under the hood of this species usual garb [images, left-to-right, top-to-bottom: original, enhanced (close-up), original (close-up), enhanced]
The image contains a hobgoblin demon in the lower-left, while above, one of the more complicated Demon Code characters, the letter t (which looks like a "y" in the Latin alphabet, hangs in the sky, written by the light from lampposts. Demon. Code. I see no Martians.

The letter "t" from the Demon Code (below)
The Martian Alphabet, so called by the author of the key (above), is now renamed the Demon Code, for obvious reasonsThe letter "t" written in the sky by demons using the light from nearby streetlights
Note that there is no way of telling whether this was the work of the hobgoblin demon; there are always so many demons in one spot, that to narrow the scriber down to the first demon you see isn't likely. If I had to narrow it to a few, though, the hobgoblin demon would definitely be on that list. I've never seen a hobgoblin demon under anyone's thumb; moreover, it is rare to see a hobgoblin demon with other power-play demons other than their own kind. Based on that, I'd say if a hobgoblin demon is present, most of the wonders you see around you are either at their hand (or directed by it, at least).

Update on April 21, 2017
There are a plethora of 'W' and 'Y' pics on the Google Spaces page, and at my Box account; however, I'm posting this one because it predates (by far) the discoveries that are the subject of this post. In this image made last year, you can see a small, Y-shaped character, which I missed for a long time because it's small, and it's upside down:

A still frame from a video made during a period of demonic activity (rotated 180°) at another person's home—which, by the way, was replete with demons, just like at my apartment, albeit very different breeds, in general The same still frame (left), cropped and zoomed

Update on January 4th, 2017
Because there are a predominance of W-shaped characters in every "Demon Code" video, some might think, "Maybe it's the way he walks [that creates that shape over and over]." I thought the same thing—well, almost—until I saw the character rendered in a frame from a video made while riding in a car, traveling at approximately 65 miles per hour. In the frame, everything is a blur except the character; and, not only is it sharp, it has the flourishes on the end of the ascenders, just like in the videos made while walking:
The W-shaped character that appears repeatedly in all the "Demon Code" videos also appeared in a video shot at 65 mph
Interesting tidbits on January 1st, 2017
Two Winchester Mystery House tour guides, who had resigned the same day I visited the 160-room mansion, decided on a larf to detour our group from the otherwise mandated mile-and-a-half long path through Mrs. Winchester's estate, leading us to what they call the "real seance room" (the one shown on the usual tour being, in fact, a closet). Within this belltower-like enclosure, Mrs. Winchester scrawled what one tour guide called, satanic writing, on the walls. My vantage point did not allow me to see it; however, if it had, I'll bet that the writing would contain characters in the demon code, making it satanic writing indeed.

If I'm not mistaken, the real seance room is in the cylindrical tower to the left of the Door to Nowhere
Moreover, it would mean that the spirits she claimed to have forced her to build on her house for 40 years, 24 hours a day, without stopping, were undoubtedly Voices Demons; and, that would prove the cause of her crippling arthritis—for which she accommodated by building 2-inch tall stairsteps—namely, sucker demons. The foot pain—which she alleviated by heating her floors (a concept about 100 years before their time)—was also a direct consequence of same.
NOTE | Today's cure, by the way, involves wrapping your feet with plastic wrap after having soaked them in tea tree oil (Walmart, $8.88)—two items she would not have had access to during her lifetime.
One more fact eluding to the possibility of Voices Demons' involvement is the cryptic phrase written in stain glass inside the house, which reads, "Wide unclasp the tables of their thoughts; these same thoughts: people—this little world." I don't exactly know what it means, but it sounds like somebody was in the nascent stages of translating a language not their own, to me—but that's just me.

Winchester Mystery house...Interesting blog, want to visit soon.:
A stained glass window in Winchester Mansion, with gibberish that sounds very much like what a Voices Demon might say to someone they didn't like

Update on December 30th, 2016
A match was discovered between a character shown in a video frame and gang-graffiti painted onto the side of a dumpster:

A match was discovered between a character shown in a video frame and gang-graffiti painted onto the side of a dumpster
Not sure what to make of that yet; check back for more later. In the meantime, here are two more still frames with the same (or similar) character, but from two other videos made on separate dates:

Not all the renditions of the gang-graffiti are perfect matches......but, at least one is—the green streak of light (background)
Note on December 27th, 2016
The following unfinished video will eventually show how The Demon Code videos were made, and, in particular, the camera used and its exposure setting. It was shot while walking down a neighborhood street at night, holding the camera chest-high, with its exposure duration set to the highest possible value:

Insodoing, night is turned into day, an enhancement afforded by keeping the aperture open longer, and allowing more light onto the camera sensor for each frame. Usually, unfortunately, its side effect is motion-blurred frames.

In this particular case, motion blur allowed for demons to use longer streaks of light with which to draw their code. It's not evident how they managed to write their code using streaks of light from streetlamps and headlights on digital media made by a camera that was in my hands.

The video also shows the 1899 Demon Code key, from which the two matches shown in the video were made. There are more than two matches to be made in this clip (albeit redundant ones), as well as in the full length video from which the clip was made, and the remaining 18 or so videos like this.

Note on December 26th, 2016
To those deciphering the Demon Code: Some video frames may contain what look like characters of some kind; but, actually aren't. Take, for example, the following image, showing three frames, side-by-side, each containing a character by far more stylish than any other character found in other frames; they look like characters belonging to the same set,  in that their respective sizes are almost identical, and the strokes that form them are near perfectly aligned:

These three streaks of light are shown in a different frame, each, look like letters belonging to the same character set; they are approximately the same size, the ascenders align almost perfectly, and they ares by far more "stylish" than any of the other characters or streaks of light found in other frames
Although their resemblance to one another may be uncanny, only characters found in the video frames and the cipher key count as demon code:

Only characters found in the video frames and the key (above) count as a match
Examples of matching characters are shown later in this post.
NOTE | Anyone who would like to join the 2016 re-discovery of the first known non-human alphabet are welcome. In addition to the resources provided by this post, instructions and the key to the symbols are available on the Demon Code Google Spaces page; for easier matching, it also provides downloadable images made from each frame of video showing the 2016 equivalent of the characters hand-drawn on the original, 1899 parchment, as well as the original videos themselves. Direct access to the downloadable resources and materials is available on the Demon Code Box cloud service.
Update on December 20th, 2016
The materials and resources being used for translation of the demon code are listed and available on The Demon Code | Google Space; matches between the characters drawn in light in a 2016 video and those scrawled in ink on an 1899 parchment. Preview versions of the videos are also viewable on The Life of a Demoniac | YouTube and on The Life of a Demoniac Facebook Page | Video Library.

For fast and convenient access, you can view and download the alphabet key and other 107-year-old parchments containing writing composed with letters and characters of demonic origin, as well as the videos (MP4) and their individual frames (PNG) from Box:

Update on December 13th, 2016
Added all videos that contain the same characters in each, and which show those in the manuscript posted on November 26th, 2016 (below), to YouTube; there are 19, total:

Update on November 26th, 2016:
While perusing demon artwork from the early 20th century, I stumbled across these notes, taken by a then-renowned demoniac:

Reprinted from a book entitled, From India to the Planet Mars (1900)A demoniac's handwritten notes, illustrating symbols she saw in the sky
The symbol shown on my keyboard by the update on May 3rd (below) appears multiple times in the notes (above)—albeit, upside down; and, although I have yet to publish them all to this post, I have images of every other symbol in those notes drawn in the air by demons on video.

Here's but two of the symbols I photographed that I also found in the notes, even though I have an image of every one of them

Every one of them.

Update on May 3rd
I haven't forgotten about this post; I've been busy on Chroma—and, it's a good thing, too. While implementing the HD-quality scaling feature in the app (which doesn't use some crappy zoom algorithm like other apps, but instead scales the display on iPhone for flawless magnification—and that on the GPU!), I discovered a possible decipherer of the demon alphabet:

After scaling an HD video to 100% using Chroma, I noticed scrawl between the keys on my laptop keyboard...
It happened when I made a short video of my laptop to use for testing of the feature; when I zoomed in on the portion of the video showing the keyboard, I noticed scrawling of some of the same symbols shown in the pictures below next to each key. I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence; but, you decide:
...so I created a snapshot of the screen, and imported it into GIMP......which I used to enhance contrast so the scrawl would be more discernibleHere is but one of the many symbols found on my keyboard

Here are some possible matches (keep in mind that no one has perfect penmanship, and it's probably harder to form letters for a camera when the operator is jostling it as he walks):

Of course, that is not to say that any given demon tongue is the same as English, but with a different alphabet; rather, it suggests that there is an overlying, demonic keyboard, and that the U.S. keyboard is relevant to the user of such.

The following symbols constitute a portion of the demon alphabet. They were acquired from the still frames of a video made on my iPhone during a period of high demonic activity, using a high-exposure camera setting.

Because they were drawn by motion-blurred light trails, which could easily fool someone into thinking that a streak of light is that and only that, I chose only the characters shown in other videos and seen in my experience, as well as at least one character that has already appeared on this blog numerous times:
This stylized eight is shown in numerous posts...
...and is associated with violence...
...as perpetrated by a group of allied demons and humans [see Demon horde 'OCCT' flashes stylized '8' in shadow, body hair]
The stylized eight isn't the only symbol cognizable as a number. Take 23, and 5, for example:




These are symbols resembling characters from the Latin alphabet:


J or d

Not every symbol has a corollary to one of ours, but establishes itself as a symbol by ... two factors: (1) repetition; and, (2) shape [will expand on these greatly]:

Chess' bishop

Square root (reverse)