Sunday, August 19, 2012

HOME | Relocated to new room, only 500 feet from old haunt

Many a demon attack happened on De La Cruz Boulevard in Santa Clara, and now I am relocated to a room only 500 feet away.

Good. I never got all the answers to my questions about this neighborhood, and location, location, location is everything when you want to know something about a place.

My sole piece of furniture, an IKEA bed/chair thingy, which I had to enlist help with last night in setting up:
Snapshot of my new place (this is pretty much it)
I finally got it done, and it's pretty darn comfortable, too.

Also keeping me comfortable is a used mini-fridge, a brand new microwave, an old fan, and killer wi-fi.

To-date, I've only run into one centurion demon, who was immediately stared down into an understanding that goes something like this: "You don't mess with me; I don't mess with you."

That seemed to work for us; however, the Voices Demons sent a horde of sucker demons last night, as well as these little bed creatures that hold your breath while you sleep in order to deprive you of it, and to ultimately cause insanity—or, so they say (see Voices Demons announce specifics of plan to cause insanity).