Saturday, August 4, 2012

VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time

They can enter a state in which time moves faster...or is it slower...? I hate temporal dynamics.

Whatever the case may be, we look like slow-moving snails to imp demons when they want us to; and, whatever it is they do, it allows them to move around us, manipulate us and otherwise do anything they want while we remain virtually motionless.

Demons can alter the flow of time around them, and many choose to do so to get the leg up on people, and to run circles around them, so to speak. Some entities simply exist in such a state, with no more of an option in that matter than we have in ours.

Either way, fast-moving demons, obviously, are extremely difficult to capture on camera; still, I have managed to do it three times now, most recently, during last weekend's "anger management ritual," a type of demonic attack designed to anger the victim into committing an act of violence or any other criminal act borne of anger.

In a new video, you can see me reaching for an itch on my knee, after scratching my foot, just as the small, deformed hand of an imp demon deflects my hand from its path:
The deformed, midget-like hand of an imp demon, reaching out of nowhere to deflect my moving hand from its path (upper center)
You can download the original video from MediaFire at
NOTE | Skim the video frame-by-frame in Quicktime Player to see the hand more clearly.
If you've ever had trouble looping your belt in your pants behind you, tucking your shirt in, or reaching for something in a cupboard that all of the sudden is just out of your reach, demons like this are probably responsible.

When they touch you, they do so with the same electric energy used by a sucker demon when it penetrates your outer skin without sensation or when one attaches to your nerves. When they touch you, you will lose sensation and strength in the affected areas, and can easily be moved and guided without notice (read Sucker demons use acupuncture-like technique to immobilize victims)

Many a human has probably been tripped on stairs and killed this way, as they are known to intercross legs while people are walking.

Following is a preview of the video (however, you should download the original as instructed above, as you may not see anything unusual in this preview):

You can see one demon in this altered time flow walk rapidly up to the camera in Demonic Peep-Eye:
And, you can see me and my laptop enter a slower time flow in Time Slows Down:
NOTE | The sound even appears to slow down a lá old-style tape recordings in this digital recording.
Imp demons are usually—but not always—cloaked when they do this; but, when they touch you, their hands de-cloak, allowing you to see them, even though they remain in the altered time flow (in other words, even though they move really fast).

Speaking of sound, here is a demon calling me a "fucking fag," albeit so quickly, that you can only hear it in a recording, in which the pitch and speed have been lowered to human-audible:

Thefts at Heaven's Gate par for the course

The latest incident involving theft and the demons' "anger management ritual" at Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes is not the first; rather, identical incidences extend as far back as October 2006, when I was a resident at the Berryessa Road location, which is no longer a part of the business (pictured, right):
Former SLE of Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes, at 622 Berryessa Road in San Jose, California
The theft/terror routine devised and enacted at Heaven's Gate in 2006 repeated itself verbatim in 2012, albeit with different players (Lee Ayers, House Manager, being the only exception).

Fortunately, in at least one incident of theft, and as is implied by the money judgment awarded to me by the Superior Court of California, I was able to recover damages. The document below orders another former resident to pay the value of electronics stolen from me:
Money Judgment against Matthew William Oden [1-08-CV-105111]
Although I have yet to collect, I am thankful for having learned how to staunch the flow of thefts—and possibly recover from them.

Similarly, a suit will be filed against Heaven's Gate, and, in particular, Lee Ayers, in an attempt to recover the monies which were taken for the payment of rent, and for which a room was never actually provided.