Friday, September 7, 2012

#398 - VIDEO | Face-up profile of ornate blanket demon in clothes pile

The face-paint on a blanket demon found in Santa Clara (shown below) is nearly identical to the ornate style used by the blanket demons seen on video in Fremont and the blanket demon on video at the Watergarden in San Jose:
The upward gaze of a blanket demon, formed in a pile of dirty clothes (center-screen, in rear), which is wearing headgear similar to those in Fremont (below)
The still frame above was taken from a video showing a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, which was slightly moving at the time. There are several unformed faces emerging in the pile; but, the most distinct is on the bottom left, towards the back of the pile, which looks like a muppet wearing a Russian military hat, and an Abraham Lincoln-style beard (a beard without the mustache):

More blanket demons
This is not the first blanket demon this pile of clothes produced, as shown in VIDEO | Blanket demons and specters of demons merge; and, it is not the first gray-faced blanket demon I've encountered, either, as shown in Blanket Demon of My Youth, Face-to-Face:

Other blanket-demon videos can be found in the following posts:
The gray-faced blanket demon, which I know from my youth
Childhood blanket demon comes back to haunt. These posts contain videos and photos of the same blanket demon that first terrorized me at age 5, and then resumed at age 38:
  • Blanket Demon I: what I thought was my bedspread suddenly leaping at me as I lay in bed was actually a blanket demon, lifting itself up and towards me in order to scare me;
  • Blanket Demon II: my bedspread, which is actually a blanket demon, lurches towards me from the floor, and then falls again; and,
  • Blanket Demon of My Youth, Face-to-Face: I finally get a view of the face of the blanket demon haunting my bedspread by viewing it through a light-tunnel aperture (i.e., my cellphone battery cover, with the camera lens hole held at a distance).
Painted-face blanket demons. Over two dozen blanket demons surfaced at a Fremont hotel a couple of months ago, which used the stripes and patterns of a bedspread to draw and outline the features on their face and the ceremonial headwear they all wore:

Each face sported a full set of features, and all features were where you'd expect them to be. The creative and artistic use of stripes and patterns resulted in perfect alignment with those features, and are harmonically juxtapose to each other, in most cases (for example, some of the blanket demons aligned the stripes on their hats to perpendicular to the relative horizon).

Bathhouse blanket demon scowls from clothes pile. One of the most clear examples of a blanket demon in my collection, the bathhouse blanket demon apparently belongs to a variety similar to the painted face demons (above), in that its face is also painted, particularly, with the stripes on the fabric it used to create its likeness.
A blanket demon emerges from a pile of clothes on the floor of my room at The Watergarden
Unlike the painted face demons from Fremont, which rely primarily on stripes and patterns to draw the features (and define the borders) of their face as a substitute to shadow; rather, this blanket demon uses not only shadow for the features of the face that are depressed, such as the mouth, nose, dimple and eyes, it varied the shades of gray to imply proper depth.

Even more astonishing, is that this blanket demon affected an expression that, when you first see, makes you take pause, wondering what you did wrong; the other blanket demons stare blank-faced, and otherwise look like they are resting in a coffin.

#397 - THREAT | Voices Demons warn against exercise, threaten severe injury

Going to the gym (i.e., Fitness 19 in Sunnyvale, California) will result in severe injury, says the Voices Demons.
The Voices Demons are horrendous to people who improve their lives and health in this way; almost none of their people (i.e., those who support them) look—or act—healthy or make health-conscience choices of any kind

That's odd to me: I figured a bunch of skeleton and lizard men with fangs who spend all say hurting people would be all about life-affirming activities, and would express constant concern and a sincere interest in the issues people care about most.

Oh, wait! I'm thinking of angels and good fairies. Whew! Glad I clarified that. I wouldn't want to be mistaken as one of those people who can't tell the difference between a powerful and dangerous monster and not (or the difference between good and evil, for that matter).

This threat follows not only ongoing injury to my elbows and knees, but, lately, the burning of my fingertips, which is being done to me repeatedly.

The burn, which is completely internal, extends halfway down the first digit, and is caused by the black, needle-thin variety of sucker demons, specifically, by flying to a fingertip, partially enter it, and then radiates heat of some kind.

Afterwards, the fingertip is numb; and, even though some sensation  returns within a day or two, it is only slight. Inside the finger, it feels tough and thick. The only external indication of injury is broken skin on top of the fingertips.

I guess we'll see how much worse they will do when next I work out; however, in the meantime, it will be interesting enough to see if they have extended their range to Santa Cruz, as I intend to perform this test today, and how their aggressive and psychotic personalities react to my "insubordination" (that is to say, by going somewhere on my own accord, apparently).