Thursday, November 19, 2015

GALLERY | New demon faces, weapons

I'm still posting to this gallery as I acquire pics of particularly unique or well-formed demons as captured by an in-motion camera (i.e., panning a video camera over clutter during a period of high demonic activity). For now, I'm just posting what I capture after running two FXFoundry scripts in GIMP on the original, as captured by my iPhone 6 Plus; they include an auto contrast script (have no idea what it does exactly) and then a tone mapping script (again, haven't checked that one out, either, but using them together seems to get pretty good results without significantly altering the original image).

This latest period of high demonic activity, afforded only by a temporary lifting of the power blockade, yielded some very interesting information about the dependence of certain peoples and nations on such boosts of power, which, for whatever reason, come from my high. For example, in the short month and a half it lasted, Vietnam (yes, the entire country), by forcefully and heatedly announcing their "comeback" just yesterday, inadvertently disclosed that it was just this easy to thwart their nefarious agenda involving demons—whatever that may be. I honestly had no idea they were impacted yet by anything on my end; but, I know now. I did know Vietnam was a player of some kind (what, with all clothing shipped to its poor from America having been possessed by demons at the hands of demon people in America), but was unsure of the specifics. They're arming up for something and obviously took my maneuver to deprive anyone of the opportunity to be a harm to me quite personally.

It would seem that Vietnam is not the only country with a bone to pick. Thailand, too, had something to say after finally being able to reach out to me and express their adverse opinion for the latest blockade:

These wrong numbers were not accidental, I assure you, given the time they occurred and the amount of pent-up rage boiling from many who felt deprived by my latest power blockade
The number 666 has been an off-and-on sign of harmful intentions on behalf of demons and their people in the past, and I take it no other way in the present.

Now on to the pish-posh of images I made during this latest demonic orgy of power:

Claw-hand sans chroma
Finally, a pic of the claw-hand (I think) that isn't marred by color noise, revealing natural colors and details that were hidden by chroma in all the other pics posted to this blog, which show the hand post-demonic weapon deployment [see VIDEO | Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness]:

The claw-hand, seen in its natural colors, unlike those shown in other pics, in which chroma conceals all but its shape
A still frame from a video made during the prior period of high demonic activity shows something similar to the claw-hand, in that there are two "fingers" on either side of the "hand," and they stick out in completely opposite directions; however, unlike the pincers of the claw-hand, the fingers on this hand are probably limited to normal gripping:

Not quite the claw-hand, but sort of a cross between it and the Robby-the-Robot hand (shown below)
In that same video, another still frame shows an added finger to the hand shown above (basically, a sphere with three tentacle-like fingers protruding from it):

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For more pics showing human hands replaced by a demonic equivalent of some sort, see PHOTOS/VIDEO | The demonic claws of a tranny, close-up and PHOTOS | Adjustable claw-grip hands replace possessed's for demon corpse clean-up.

Bathrooms are not sacred places to demons
World-wide, it's a widely accepted policy in long-standing practice that bathroom use is one-man operation; but, not so with demons [see Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC]. They'll go anywhere you do, and that insodoing, they claim they are furthering their goals (I couldn't tell you how). In the following image, the head of a demon peers into the bathroom, just on the other side of the door while hanging perfectly parallel to the ground; two sucker demons flit towards me, skimming close the to surface of the shower door as I open it; and, close to its hinges, the same demonic claw shown on video rising from a TV console in Hand-like, demonic tendril rises in front of TV:

At least four different demonic species are needed to complicate the opening of a shower door, and thereby make bathroom use problematic enough to meet standards (apparently)
What the image shows they are doing (or are about to do, and actually did do), each: the demon popping his head in the door wants to get my attention, intending to duck out as soon as I turn my head (it's done constantly by scores of demons during periods of high demonic activity, and given that you're being hurt, you can't help but turn your head towards a demon you spotted in your peripheral); the claw is about to do its share of the hurting; and, the sucker demons are probably about to do the same or complicate the opening of the door (e.g., making my hand slip off the handle, pulling my fingers over its sharp edges, etc.).

Room full of demons
They are in everything in this image, which was made from my bed using my iPhone camera in the middle of the night in an otherwise darkened room (save when the flash went off):

Original, unprocessed still frameAlthough the post-processing technique made the image look rather garish, it does reveal a demon faces everywhereHere is but one of dozens upon dozens of demons shown in this image, made from a towel folded on its rack; that location and material yields the best rendered faces over any other, in that motion on the part of the camera is not needed to yield a still frame that reveals the possessing demon, and the faces are more perfectly formed, and therefore more easily recognizable as such, the towel-headed demon shown in Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything being the perfect example
They are even one mixed with the other; for example, part of one demon shapes a feature of the other, which you can see when you focus on one to the exclusion of the other, and then back again.

Tub full of demons
Demons don't crowd a room the way people would; they pack themselves in anything they can, including plastic tubs, so long as they can see out of them:

A still frame showing demons packed inside a plastic, see-through tub containing clothes, from which they formed their facesThe dark colors, darkened, for enhanced visibility of the shadows that form the lines of their faces
Inside the top bin, demons have fashioned themselves out of clothes and towels, having stacked themselves side-by-side, on one on top of the other. Several of them overlapped their faces, probably when material supplies near the side of the bin started running out,

Spinning carpet
I have only two good images showing something spinning like a whirlpool, while the objects around it do not, specifically, a t-shirt, and now a carpet:

Although, in the video, the camera merely pans down and to the left from its original position and to the carpet shown in the three images in the top row, viewing the still frames individually reveal that the carpet was spinning (the remaining objects in the scene do not; this suggests a transformation of the kind shown in How demons alter matter (and what it looks like when they do
Even still, that's not too few to suggest that this is not an indication of demonic activity of some sort. For one, these images were taken from a video—not made as they happen; and, the spinning objects can be seen any other way—the video, when played without stopping at the point where the spinning occurs, does not show the spinning. Moreover, the spinning itself—based on the number of frames it is shown in—happens in less that half a second. Then, there's the two facts that negate any other plausible explanation, which, as far as I can tell would be only one: that the camera was being spun at the time it was being made—the video segment in which the video occurs does not shown spinning (just panning), and, the other objects in the images are not spinning, either (or, only a portion of the object is spinning, and not the whole object, as is the case with the first t-shirt pic shown above).

Angel of Light
Some call the Devil the Angel of Light, a fact that could make one think that's exactly who is shown in the following:

For some,  it may be too much of a stretch (pardon the pun) to believe this is the face of demon, which is made from light reflected off a wall [see also SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained], and which sort of looks like the Devil
The demon's face, which was fashioned using light reflecting from a plastic bin and then a nearby wall, looks pretty devilish and was made from light. Still, I think that's just an uncanny coincidence. When the Devil enters a room, he speaks, and is given wide berth; and, no one interrupts his conversation with anyone, even when it is with me. By contrast, this demon neither moved nor spoke, and was surrounded by a plentiful crowd, just like a common demon.

Pirate-hat demon
The blue-demon standing underneath the TV looks like he's wearing a pirate's hat, and kind of has the face to match (in my opinion); but it's actually another demon emerging from the top of the head of another:

Contrast-enhanced versions of the original, shown left; unaltered originals, shown right
I highlighted him to the exclusion of the dozens of others also shown in the image because of his relative well-formedness in the original, unaltered still frame; my preference is to do as little post-processing as possible, so as not to destroy or alter any elements in the image that may seem irrelevant at the time I acquired it, but which may prove useful down the line. It's a better bet preserving things that may lead to what I don't know instead of focusing on things I already do know.

Under a tree indicates more power than in one
Freedom of movement and the manifestation of your entire self is not what you get when you possess a tree; neither is overcrowding, as shown by the number of faces crowding the trees in this image, and the myriad of images just like it (the one exception being trees on the attack or trees possessed by the big and angry [see Strangest things, places demons possess]):
This white-headed demon, which is not to be confused with a hobgoblin demon (they are white-masked), wears its species' traditional black attire, which has a very distinct Quaker-esque cut to it (many species wear a uniquely tailored black robe-hood combo, although, to discern the differences, an up-close inspection is required; not so with this one, which has a witchy look to it)

Concave or convex reflective surfaces can reveal cloaked demons poised for attack, as demonstrated by the reflection of the two demons on either side of me from the doorknob [read related factoid]Demons can cloak to varying degrees, less so when they need to interact with our physical world (stronger cloaks = more invisibility, less interactivity), making it relatively easy to decloak them by suffusing light with curved mirrors

A man's keychain doubles as a claw hand of sorts, which is shown merging with his fingers, presumably to mimick the weapon of that same; the bottom two pictures show his hand and keychain prior to forming the complete weapon
Starting on the top row, a still frame showing the initial stage of transformation from hand to "claw" demonic hand weapon, which is followed by a pic of the same hand in mid-transformation, and ending with the hand-to-weapon transformation complete

Same pic (above), contrast enhancedClose-up (left)
Sinister-grinning demon, shown at base of lampClose-up (left)

A demon possessing a man's work boot [see also PHOTOS | Demon-possessed often victims of amputation]

A menagerie of demon faces blended with clothesA close-up reveals a toothy smile on the face of the white-headed demon (middle)
Same as above (with a little more definition)Close-up (left)
Underwear sitting on top of a pair of jeans on a shelf, blurred by the motion of the cameraClose-up (left)A still frame made while my camera was stationary shows an ordinary pair of underwear, the same thing you would see—unsuspecting—until you put them on
The kitten printed on a bag of catfood reveals(?) an demon as the camera pans it (close-up)The original still frame (left)Only the original cat printed on the bag can be seen when the camera is motionless

Teeth are best revealed when the camera is in motion (although I don't know why)Close-up (left)

The red-head of a demon protrudes from a painting hanging on my living room wall, seen only on video made on my iPhone as it pans the room
Holding my iPhone stationary shows nothing more than the original painting (purchased on a beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, by the way, in Spring 1991)
Keep checking back for additions to this gallery...