Monday, July 16, 2012

Neighbors dress in black, prowl outside window to cause alarm

On a whim, I decided that not every problem requires a demon.

People can also the problem.

Tonight, and the night before that, window prowlers have been extra busy.

A cursory outdoor inspection roused about five neighbors, from five different directions, from their rustling bushes.

Upon discovery, they quickly retreated into their homes. One was from the SLE next door; ironically, not the '666' address.

Telekinesis or a lil' help?

Last fall, while walking down the sidewalk during periods of high demonic activity, leaves on the ground would slide away from my feet.
This was rare; but, it happened more than once, although,eventually, it stopped altogether.
One video of this happening was taken from me, but, before then, I was able to determine a few things from a few of the still frames:

  1. When I stepped on a leaf (in other words, one that didn't move), there was a pink-colored explosion--very small, but big enough to be loud enough to create a much louder sound than a crunching leaf would; and,
  2. The ones that moved had little creatures under them.

Today, the phenomenon continued, in a way. But, this time, it was a twig.
Just one. Slid right away from me as I walked past it.
And, that was it.
The prophecy demons didn't acknowledge it, which was strange to me because they'll acknowledge every burp they hear and every fart they smell.
I figure, then, it has something to do with someone they don't get along with, namely, the "people in white."
More on that later...

AUDIO/VIDEO | Interesting Voices Demons (and more) segments from raw footage

For your early perusal, I have identified a couple of locations in the following videos that will allow you to hear early Voices Demons and other interesting sounds, including a form of babbling-brook communication by demons, which is the blending of a word with a sound (think 'Bubbles' voice on your Macintosh; it sounds like what you want it to say AND it sounds like bubbles!).
NOTE | I once knew a bird of sorts that spoke babbling-brook style; it sounds like a long, high-pitched tweet, but, each one was a word or two.
Listen for words in my roommate's snore:

And, in this snoring:

This is a demon who I haven't heard from directly; but, do hear talking to others, on occasion. At the 13 minutes and 30 seconds mark, listen for a Daffy Duck-like voice (but higher pitched):

NOTE | If you cannot hear what I'm describing, the volume may be too low. Use sound editing software to increase the gain. Also, the audio track on all multimedia files generated on my cellphone sound better coming out of the cheap speaker on it—and, surprisingly, worse on my laptop. If you're really desperate to hear demons talk and, for some reason, cannot, move these files to your cellphone, and then hold the cellphone speaker to your ear.
You can hear a Voices Demon speaking at (or shortly thereafter) the 5 minutes and 20 second mark (see note above):

More later, maybe; it's a lot of work listening to hours of hard-to-hear Voices Demons saying things to each other like, "We bugged him to death!"

Besides, I already know that: I'm him!

VIDEO | Demonic Entities on Roof, Outside 7th Floor Window

NOTE | In progress; but, just wanted to share the video now.
I can't tell what this is; but, it's not there now, and it's not a shadow:

A pinball-shaped demonic entity can be seen from the 7th floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library, gliding across a rooftop on a lower building.

You can also see a tumbleweed demon (barely), starting to climb up the window, but thinking twice upon seeing my camera.

If the video in this post is not clear, download the original from MediaFire.

Where to look for the roof demon:

Where to look for the tumbleweed demon:

VIDEO | Cloaked eye spider demon (?) blurs vision

NOTE | I'm still working on this one; but, I wanted to share the video footage now. IF YOU DO NOT ENLARGE THIS VIDEO BY AT LEAST 2X, you won't see a thing I'm talking about. So, download it, and then watch it.
You see it glowing yellow underneath the lower eyelid of the left eye. It looks like glare from a light (but, there is no light); rather, it is identical to the yellow glow emitted on my skin by the eye spider demon in Eye Spider Demon Traveling Underneath Skin. In that video, the eye spider demon flashes past the camera, and is too hard for most people to make out. What helps is the sickening slithering sound it makes as it travels underneath my skin.
NOTE | A cloaked demon doesn't make for a very good video; to see what an eye spider demon looks like—or, at least what its leg looks like—see Eye Spider Demon, Dismembered.
Now, in conjunction with the yellow glow in this video, the Eye Spider Demon Traveling Underneath Skin video makes more sense.

In the right eye, you see a brownish-grey circle, indicating a cloaked demonic entity:
The brown, dark spot on my left eye is a cloaked demonic entity

What I thought was just my eyelashes...

...turned out to be a cloaked demonic entity that is keeping my eyelid from completely closing.

The portion of the eyelid coming into contact with the cloaked demonic entity remains open, while the rest of the eyelid is shutting

I woke up with blurry vision this morning, and, just like last time, I turned on my iSight camera and looked for bugs...literally.

Demons put "eye spiders" in eye sockets, nose and ears—and worse described a catastrophe—demons attacking my eyesight with smaller demons; compounding the situation was the low-quality videos

Skim this video frame-by-frame, start by looking at my right eye; then, my left.