Monday, November 24, 2014

How demons alter matter (and what it looks like when they do)

The images in this post are as rare as gold, in that they show what objects look like as their molecules are made pliable and otherwise manipulatable by a demon's energy; specifically, those objects include a t-shirt and a USB cable. Viewing them in their transitory state between the norm and the demonic is like peering at some commonplace thing under a microscope for the first time, and at once  seeing the things you've seen over and over before in a new and impossibly different light.

There have been a multiplicity of images posted to this blog showing demons that have formed their faces from shirtsblanketspillowsscarvesflags and more; but, until now, there have been no images—or even an explanation—of the particulars of the transition from a regular piece of cloth to the face of the demon possessing it.

This post provides such images and proffers such an explanation: first, by showing snapshots of fabric being reformed by its possessing demon at the molecular level; and, then, by providing an explanation (per physics) for what is shown, and an explanation (per exobiology) of how a demon alters matter.

Possessed t-shirt whirlpools into shape
These images show an otherwise dry, old and faded cotton demon-possessed T-shirt whirling into a miasma of liquid, silvery sand as its possessing demon shapes it into his face:
Objects in a state of bimolecular transition spin in place [see close-up, below]The face can be seen forming in the eye of the molecular hurricane [see close-up, below]
The eye of the transition is where the face is first formed The beginnings of a face are more evident in this close-up, in which the eyes can be seen more clearly
The images are still frames taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, and were captured as I picked up the t-shirt while the demon/t-shirt was in mid-transition. The video also shows over a dozen different demonic faces formed in the folds of the t-shirt as it lays on the floor—all 12 or so in about as many frames (that's in half-a-second's time), making images like these rare ad worthy of note.
NOTE | A video in Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly shows a demon changing its face from one to another using a woman's scarf about 6 or 7 times in under a second.
But, the fact that a demon can form its face in 1/15th of a second out of clothing material is only one of the reasons why images like the above are one-of-a-kind; the other is the likelihood of a digital camera being in the right proximity to the demon during its transition, the likelihood of the lighting being just right, and the likelihood of a demon performing the act when both of those conditions are met are unlikely—unless you're me, around whom this event is so commonplace that all I had to do was carry my camera around constantly for years in order to get a few snapshots.

Putting sarcasm aside, and turning back to the sobering matter of knowing our enemy, these images provide key data on the physical makeup of demons when combined with what is known as transition state theory.

According to the theory, the glossy appearance of the t-shirt, which almost appears to crumble into sand as the demon shapes it, is the result of bimolecular reaction, a transition state formed when two molecules' old bonds are weakened and new bonds begin to form (or, when old bonds break to form the transition state, after which new bonds form). It suggests further that as reactant molecules (the demon itself) approach each other closely, they are momentarily in a less stable state than either the reactants (the demon's energy) or the product (the reformed t-shirt), causing the t-shirt to look as if it were melting by molecular decoherence, as if it were a sort of cross between liquid and solid:

One section of fabric pours itself into the rushing current of another (center-top)
The fact that the t-shirt is known to be altered this way reveals that a demon's molecules are amped up by enough energy to excite other molecules into a state of bimolecular transition—and, that's no small amount of energy. The existence of this type and amount of energy in demons is further demonstrated by their ability to alter their molecules' relative time flow rate, and to cloak (invisibility) and permeate (pass-through) them, as well as to create and use hyperdimensional portals (pinching two points in space together for single-step travel from one end of the universe to the other).

At first glance, the portion of the fabric at the bottom simply looks blurred by motion—but not if you compare it to the segment of the fabric next to it, which is not blurred as it would be if the shirt was in motion, but is simply out-of-focus due to its proximity to the camera (and overexposed, due to its proximity to the camera light)
Knowing the ways a demon can use its energy-saturated physiology allows for the assumption that the energy-emitting characteristics of demons in general are actuated biologically, and, based on the product at the end of that expended energy (i.e., faces, which are only visible from the position and at the angle particular to the viewer), are linked to the creative and intuitive, conscious and autonomic functions of their minds:

One of more than a dozen faces formed in 1/15th of a second by its possessing demon out of a t-shirt on the floorAnother face, formed in a t-shirt laying on the floor by a demon; one of over a dozen, all formed in less than a second
An unprocessed still frame from a video showing the product of a demon's effort to fold a shirt into a hard-to-see faceAnother unprocessed still frame from a video showing the product of a demon's effort to fold a shirt into a hard-to-see face
Splicing cable, demon-style
Following are close-up images of what a cable looks like when its possessing demon has broken into segments in order to use it in the same problematic manner shown in the videos posted to MAGIC | High sound volume limits Voices Demons' magic and, especially, Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Cords [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Power Cords, which, like a morphing t-shirt, happens within milliseconds:

The white cable is (apparently) possessed by a demon, and is attempting to prevent maneuverability of the black cable, which is connected to the phone I'm holding
The images showing the segmentation of the cable are still frames from the same video in which the demonically mutated t-shirt is shown, which—by a combination of mere happenstance and atypical aggression on the part of the demons' and their people as of late—were captured just as it was broken up at multiple points in order to readily pass through other cables or objects, and otherwise bend and manipulate itself to complicate use [see VIDEO | Wrestling with a Demon-Possessed iPhone in the Dark; see also Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow], and even to assault me [see VIDEO | Drivers launch demons from vehicles, passers-by from pants], as somewhat shown in this video made a few days prior:

In the above video, angry earbuds lash out at me four times while I sit at the breakfast table. This is the third video I have earbuds acting in an untowards manner. The first shows my earbuds refusing to be set onto a tabletop, instead, leaping off of it like a coiled spring; the second, shows them being very uncooperative as I try to put them on, actually twirling away from my hands as I tried to grab them.
NOTE | Viewing each and every video related to angry power cords and the like, which are contained in the linked-to posts above, is essential to appreciating and understanding the information and media contained in this post; so, view them, each and every one.
Other evidence of demon-possessed cord—or, rather, shoelaces—are shown in Sucker demon-possessed shoestrings attack legs on verbal command.

The images showing the segmented cable also show a demonic weapon nestled in and snaking through the rug; they look like tiny, golden-color sucker demons, and burn like Hell. More on that coming up.