Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#565 - Judge grants stay of eviction, conditional on payment of rent by day's end

Update at 2:55 pm:

I'm on my way now to the clerk's office to pay my rent, courtesy of grandma.

The glare from the light in yesterday's image of my battered face—a consequence of having been brutalized over the last three days by demons and their people—must have been a sign of a bright morning coming up, in that, today, I reclaimed my apartment (legally, that is):
After three days of continuous, around-the-clock blows to the head by demons and their human counterparts, including neighborhood residents, San Jose State University students and homeless patrons at the MLK, Jr., Public Library, VTA bus riders, and lawyers at the Santa Clara County Courthouse; these are all residents of San Jose, which has "become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." [Revelation 18:2]
Just an hour ago, the Honorable Derek Woodhouse, Judge of the Superior Court of California, granted my request to keep my apartment today [see ], conditioning such on the payment of rent by the end of the day:

If $160 is paid by the end of the day, with the remainder of the $600 monthly rent paid on Friday, the clerk will direct the Santa Clara County Sheriff to rescind its order to vacate, which I received in yesterday's mail:

This is the same judge who ruled incorrectly in a motion that should have precluded any such order from being issued, the reason for which is explained in this filing:

In short, it states there can be no eviction without any notice to the tenant. Unfortunately, not only did Judge Woodhouse err in refusing to hear that argument, so did a second, namely, Judge Stohl. That judge stated that the motion is properly brought in a formal hearing, and not ex parte, which are hearings that occur within 24 hours of being set, and do not necessarily require attendance by the opposing party.

Both are wrong; however, the trial proceeded without me, due to the expediency at which eviction trials are conducted. As a consequence, I was evicted, even while legally correct, simply because two judges refused to look at my filings, and there is no expedient recourse for a litigant when that happens, right or wrong.

Acquiring funds was intended to be difficult
On the heels of the eviction came another demon-instigated drama involving Gil Kreiter, my mother and an abandoned collections suit. In short, a man posing as a lawyer, and who is not authorized to litigate any suit on my behalf, used a collections suit that I had filed against (but had resolved with) my mother to freeze her bank accounts [see ]. In anger, and without having understood that I had nothing to do with it, cut off my rent, which she was assisting with at the time.

Since that time, she has refused to understand my lack of culpability in this matter; and, instead of allowing me to resolve the issue on my own, since I am the only person who legally can, she forged my signature on legal documents and otherwise perjured herself in a court filing to unfreeze her accounts [see ; see also ].

On top of that, my grandmother, who was assisting me with the rent as well, ignored me, too, saying that she was very disappointed me for posting on Facebook that I had sex with underage boys, and that I had also posted something about "prostitutes and needles."

What they were ignoring, by the way, is the complaint filed against Mr. Kreiter [see ] with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office [see ], which should have shown them that I would have no part in anything he did.

Familiarity with demons' handiwork precluded need for announcement of plans
Even if demons hadn't stated ahead of time that they were going to arrange all of the aforedescribed, I would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see just who (or what) was behind the Jerry Springer-esque travesty. My family just doesn't act stupid like this, ever; had I not known that demons were involved, I would have been more worried about the way they were acting, than my pending homelessness, poverty, hunger and untreated illnesses.

And, as you undoubtedly agree, I would have been right to be so.

Stay makes way for new trial
A stay is needed in order to overturn the eviction by a motion for a new trial, the notice [below] for which will be filed on Friday, April 13th: