Saturday, October 13, 2012

#430 - Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom

I am happy to know of the existence of this phenomenon. It makes no difference how many voices you have recorded; the most important thing is the fact itself it open the door to further research. Of course, it is very intriguing to try to explain this parapsychological phenomenon by means of modern physics, but it will not be an easy task. It would be necessary to revise and even change several concepts which are now accepted as axioms. For the present, the research into the phenomenon should be limited to gathering data to prove its reality.

— by Dr. Konstanst─źns Raudive; submitted by Edward Krietemeyer, Paranormal Researcher, via Facebook

Following is a transcript of a question-answer session the Voices Demons had with curious citizens of the Bay Area of Northern California and other demons that descended upon my apartment the minute I left for the grocery store.

These must be answers to questions I can't hear; but, this is what a nasally, high-pitched, scratchy-throated Voices Demon was heard saying in a secretly made recording less than an hour ago, right by the very gate that opened and closed by itself one day, as shown in VIDEO | Demons open and close gate to frighten:
The putz...the putz is gone now; so, let's see what we can come up with. Open Wide Thine Arms of Love is not a good song for him. He's not photogenic, is he? How about that? Now, I think he's very, very angry for his cat, Scratchen. Scratchen isn't really thought of [as much as when we falsely incarcerated him for three years], but [still should not be] not disregarded [as a catalyst for our demise].
Scratchen, over whom a desperate horde of demons, whose existence is now at stake, wish to wrangle over
He loves the fuck out of her; but, [he] cannot do anything for her (or will not place her in harm's way, while he disassembles us, piece-by-piece). Second Season overrated—that's what he will say. He lives alone, on his own money—that's what you think. Come on over and see how he lives, then, and I will show you a mess of a man. Is the fucking tweaker too lonely? Well, too bad! Long Cao is a fucking problem for us; he's a bandit in his own right. Of course he's listening; he always does that. A thousand times: we don't care what he knows. Basically, he's a fucking tweaker pedophile, who doesn't deserve his freedom. Let that pedophile come, and make a problem for us. Pedophiles are all we work with these days because our [police department] problem smashed us to bits.
Then, a man speaks, albeit mostly inaudibly.
...a molester...he molest?
Another female voices demon pipes in:
Okay, there's no pedophile problem that we know of; but, you are not to tell anyone that. He's a tweaker! He's a tweaker!
NOTE | To read about a horde of Voices Demons calling me a pedophile to another person, read AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment.
The first female voice comes back in:
He's a prostitute! Isn't that good enough reason? He was young and handsome in his past; but, now, he's not as good-looking. [unintelligible] and love have not been kind to him. The password is his dick. That's why he's angry with us—because we're not nice to him. Scratchen is not a consideration in his mind; but, she will be once we get her in a bind. $10,000 will be her reward. Scratchen is a dull-ass pet; but, she will be interesting as a pedophile-cat. He's a tweaker, he's a tweaker, he's a tweaker; that's all we'll say to people. Long Cao is very angry with us, too. Long Cao is a bomb-ass player; but, he doesn't like us right now. "17 years" is not his forte. He just doesn't have extra-special [repeats extra-special 10 or more times] player status. Do you know what a dull-ass player is, James B? He knows I'm not playing around with all his gay-ass friends.
The second female voice from before says:
Sometimes, I think he's making up his own story just to piss us off—that's what someone else just said.
The first female voice responds:
He's pissing off a bunch of people with his blog; he does not like a bunch of demons in his life. If "Scratchen is dead meat" does not piss him off, then something else might. Saying "pedophile charges" are not really all that scary to him. Calling him "a fag" is not working on him, either. When Josh comes through, he'll have more to say than I would have said, but that's up to Josh. Go ahead and write this down because I'm not playing around with her. Tobacco is not his forte, either. He's not a drinker, either. Prison is not working for us, either. "Oh my God" is not his forte, either. Basically, he's not scared of us. Hem up his bumble-bees, and he will make us very scared. If hemming up on his cat is not his forte, then that's what we'll do. Alcohol is not an option for his player status, either. Alcohol is not a drug to him—it's a dangerous drug to him. You know what, James B? I'm not playing with the [police department], so don't get them involved. Wack off to another cogent story, or wack off to another hospital bill, then. [Police department] problems are not our forte. Pedophile charges are not about to be a problem for us, either, because we really believe in them. Nobody ever told us how you brought the pedophile problem on us.
A third, whispery voice asks (or says) something.
The first female voice responds:
A prostitution charge? He's got another charge already for another fucking arson. The police department doesn't know that it didn't really happen; they don't like him for another reason. He's not going away for long; but, he'll do some time. Then, we'll wack off to a whole 'nother fag.
The second female points out:
Someone told me that he doesn't like us for a whole 'nother reason, too.
The first female warns:
Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Someone told us we weren't supposed to be involved with that other person. Uh-oh! Uh-oh! We're fucking dead! We're fucking dead! When [he] gets off, cogent people are not happy with us because we aren't happy with ourselves. I never thought of putting Vaseline on his eyeballs before; but, I think that's a good idea.
Wack off to the corner store—that's what someone told us to do; but, we didn't do it. Pedophile doesn't like being called pedophile does he? Well, that's too bad, because we're number one in the Tuzzo business. God damn it! [see Exodus 20:7] Now, he's coming back! Pedophile doesn't like us picking up new charges for him; but, we will.
The third female says:
Uh-oh! Someone's coming with their anger management issue on us, and I don't like that!
The first female says:
I'll take that tweaker out of society; I don't want him in my face anymore. Pedophile charges are not an option for us; but, we can make problems. If pedophile charges aren't forthcoming; then, what can I do? I can make problems for him in a hurry.
17 years is ours for the taking.
NOTE | The biblical implications of this kind of activity of demons and those who collaborate with them is fully described in God's plan for Voices Demons spelled out in Bible.