Friday, July 20, 2012

TRANSCRIPT | Yet another song about my sexual preference and penis

Fact: There are now more songs sung about me in the demon world than there are dollars in my pocket. Here's one of them:

WOMAN #1: Your dick is very sad, little-dick, little-dick fag!
ALL: [singing] He's a little-dick fag, with his little dickie; and, when he's in the pen, they'll kill him with a stick-y.
WOMAN #1: Hi, faggot!
WOMAN #2: He's fag! He's fag! [sic]
Me: Hey, what's up?
Man: Where were you yesterday?
Me: At the house.
Man: Okay. 
WOMAN #1: Faggot! He's a little faggot. Fag! Pedophile, kill! 
This is a recording that was played out loud by another resident of the house I live in, while I sat in the backyard, which has occurred during every demonic attack I have sustained over the past six years— even while I was in jail for three years—which now numbers in the hundreds.

This type of harassment, which blends insults and epitaphs with normal conversation while in the presence of a target, is usually done by live persons; however, it is not unusual for these to be recorded ahead of time, and then played on car stereos or, in this case, a laptop.

Sometimes, the blending is so overt, you do not have to strain to decipher the message; other times, words are so subtly slurred, that only the target picks up on the message, primarily, because he has heard that message on a repeated basis for years at a time.

When humans are participating in this form of harassment, it lasts up to two to three days, non-stop, and is referred to what the Voices Demons have dubbed, "The Anger Management Ritual." This is the term applied to the joint demon-human effort to anger their target into committing a crime of retaliation, even while their frightened target sees any act as self-defense. In the event that the target so much as raises a fist and shouts back, all of their human followers are prepared to call 911, and then lie to police officers using a pre-fabricated story of how "crazy" the target was acting, and so forth.

Typically, this activity only happens in the jurisdiction of demon-allied officers, and only when they are on duty. The Bay Area is suffuse with such officers; so, rarely is there a place a target can go to be safe during these times.

To drive this point home, other demons cast the illusion of a police car's emergency lights on the top of white cars to make them look like police cars, while the Voices Demons threaten to have the target arrested. To see pictures of these illusions, see Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay.

To hear the Voices Demons' part in their Anger Management Ritual, see The voices of evil don't want to be heard by everyone.

To see how demon's change a target's environment around them in order to frighten and intimidate them, see Tree-shaping trend grows more sophisticated.