Saturday, August 25, 2012

#376 - VIDEO | Demons (or other) hinder efforts to post to Facebook

This happens every time I try to post something to Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) that the Voices Demons say I can't:

First, even to post to my own page, I have to go through Facebook's Captcha security check. That includes each individual edit to a photo or video starting yesterday, including when I pinpointed a photo on the map, tagged it and added a description. Including sharing and adding it to an album, that's five security checks to post one picture.
NOTE | The preview video is above is too low-res to see adequately; to view the video in requisite detail, download the source from MediaFire [74.18 MB].
Tonight, however, was a little different, in that security checks didn't work (they were either not there, disappeared while typing the text, or said it that the entered text didn't match when you can clearly see from the video that it did); and, my connection—which is always reliable—was slow, as you can see.

Another thing was the video upload confirmation e-mail:
"Facebook" Video Upload Confirmation E-mail

Instead of "your video has been uploaded" in the message body, it reads, "you video has been uploaded."

By contrast, the notification to my Facebook account did not contain the same error:
Facebook Video Upload Confirmation Notification
Efforts like these are par for the course for demons, whose first-and-foremost goal is to socially isolate their targets, in order to have as much of their time and attention as possible. Also, by eliminating an adequate amount of social interaction with people, demons are better able to skew perspectives in the minds of their targets.

While social network hacking a way to sabotage (or preclude) relationships, rumor-mongering is by far the preferred method. Demons who attack usually lay the groundwork in the mind, meaning that they are intuitive to the point of actual mind-reading. Insodoing, they can cull your worst fears about relationships and others from your mind, and then report back to you anything they see or hear about those relationships, and then make connections between your fears and whatever ambiguous fact they find (it's happened a hundred times on every episode of every soap opera ever made, so don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about).
NOTE | This tactic also is used to make you feel dependent on them for your safety. Once that's achieved to some degree, they will tell you that you are "indebted" to them, and that you have to listen to them, or else they will allow the things you fear to take place (sounds hokey, but, they will make that happen).

#375 - VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark

An account of the most horrendous pattern of surreptitious and chronic abuse of children at the hands of their "monsters," and their "drug-induced hallucinations," as adults; however, the bottom of the barrel is scraped, however, by a video showing people (called, "gang-stalkers," when working for demons doing this kind of activity) taking part in it, knowingly and willingly.

A video made just tonight shows a person throwing a rock at my house from a neighbor's house across the street as part of an intimidation and terror campaign, involving dozens of people mostly running around my house, in the dark, from hiding place to hiding place on the go-ahead from a Voices (or otherwise invisible, but audible) Demon, who signals them to run so that I'm sure to see them running; it also involves making noises outside my windows and doors at all hours, running through my yard, throwing things at my house, making threats, and aiming by shouting or loud conversation slurs at me.

The man throwing the rock—and several others—had been skulking around in the bushes and surrounding houses for hours tonight, as well as every other night for the past two nights. The video starts shortly before they trigger a security light in the neighbor's driveway. When it comes on, they mill about trying to look casual, but do a pretty poor job at it.

In the enlarged and enhanced version of this video (downloadable from DropBox [11 MB]), some of the men appear to be talking to a demon, which could be due to an odd shape or bulky clothing. You can also see two very short, cloaked demons posted up against the house.
In the enlarged and enhanced video, a neighbor is shown throwing a rock at my house
This video essentially shows part of a series of crimes that comprise what I used to call (and what was to everyone else then, and still others now) a gang-stalker noise campaign, by which a group of demon-led people and other demons intent on making you feel as if there is danger either outside your house or about to enter your house. The people are on the outside making the noise, and demons are on the inside threatening, frightening, harassing and being physically violent. It has been ongoing since it started in 2006 at my home in Sunnyvale.

Since this latest gang-stalking campaign of stalking and harassment had been going on for awhile—three days by my last count, and at two, four-mile-apart houses—I decided to try and capture some of this activity on video again, even after having failed at every attempt for the past year (my cameras don't pick up objects that are far away or in the dark).

I still haven't captured the running to and fro from hiding place to hiding place and kept it long enough to distribute it. That would be where people stands behind a fence or something else where only their head is visible when they stand, while a Voices Demon (or other) tells these people to duck right as I look at them. They have to dress in black during this joint exercise.
NOTE | This is done to great effect when traveling on the light rail. The noise-dampening walls
Almost as soon as a video showing this kind of supernatural dodging is made, the people are blotched out. In their place is a splotch of color, sampled from the immediate area surrounding the person.

This particular campaign has been going on for several days straight; but, it has also been going off-and-on for over six years (minus the nearly three in which I was in custody).

Santa Clara Police Department refuses to take report on incident
As a precautionary measure, I reported the rock-throwing incident to the Santa Clara Police Department via an online report; however, like most crime reports to that particular agency, it was refused (see Persistence pays off with police, report taken on crime by former landlord for a series of recordings in which Santa Clara police initially refuse, in derivation of law, to take a report for a different incident of crime).

Following is the e-mail response received by Sergeant Fraser:
Santa Clara Police Department Online Report T12000640
Gang-stalker noise campaign identical to childhood bedtime terror ritual
There are perfect parallels between the gang-stalker noise campaign and its variant from my childhood, in terms of the method and the apparent intended results. From the ages of 5 through 8, "monsters" would creep around in the dark. I could see their flitting shadows (which are all over my raw video footage collection), and they made noise as they came on, which started quiet and far, but ended up surrounding you and with its own sense of presence and self-awareness. During this, I would be overwhelmed by fear, so much so that I would hide under my blanket, unmoving and taking slow breaths. The sensation of the fear was a unique to all other sensations of fear I had ever felt before (or since). I knew that when I felt that specific kind of fear, they were near. The intensity of it was as palpable as any physical assault.

The injuries and other consequences resulting by repeated episodes of childhood trauma and abuse at the hands demons remain to this day, as it was meant to be. It is exploited by demons in every way that it can be, which means that it is ongoing, and unabated.

Now, though, I know what was doing it, and what is doing it now, namely, Things-that-go-bump-in-the-night demons and other demons adept at skulking in the dark and artfully orchestrating noises to cause fear that comes from believing you are surrounded by extreme danger, and are imminently destined to be carted away to wherever monsters take children or, as an adult, to die a deplorable death.
FACT | For an accurate example of how such demons can use noise to create fear, refer to Poltergeist (1982), the movie in which the two siblings are counting the seconds between thunderclaps in order to gauge the distance (in miles) of the storm head; that's them.) During this, a demon with a device specifically designed to generate which makes you believe that you are The exact flavor of fear is called a sense of impending doom, causing frozen terror.  
Aunt Bee, a childhood demon that I thought was just an element of my nightmares, was trotted out by the Voices Demons last winter, at which time she showed me a device used to create the specific kind of fear felt during a demon attack. As stated, this device accompanies the noise-making and other tactics by other demons, and causes the unique flavor of overwhelming and uncontrollable and unabating fear that is as intense at the end as it is at the onset. It makes you feel unsafe no matter where you go or who you are with, not under your blanket, in your house or outside of it.

Still, as a child, under the blanket was better than not; but, demons have a way around that, too. It's all part of their plan to force you to make decisions while in fear, that are fearful to make, and that will result in even more fear once you make them; and, if you don't make them, they want you to expect to feel physical pain or discomfort.

As a child, the choice I had was to either pull off the covers and expose myself to the monsters, or I could choose to suffocate. Blanket demons can heat themselves up, and they can remove air from the pockets formed underneath them by the wearer. So, when they decided my fear was just at the right level, they would decide it was time for me to choose, and the blanket would get extremely hot, and I couldn't breathe.
NOTE | Last fall, a blanket demon showed me that this is one of its kinds' abilities; they can also cling to your face so tight that you can't breathe, and are so strong that you can't remove them under your own power. I found this out (also last fall) while taking cover from a demon burning my head with my bedspread.
So, as a child, I know now, I was being harassed by demons by being scared by an intense (but false) sense of equipment-generated fear, and had been conditioned to hide under my blanket under the combination of events and circumstances.

For adults, demons do the same using a mixture of adult fears, such as the fear of a burglar outside your window on a dark, scary night. A night's scariness still comes from a demon-made device, one of which is shown in demon's hand, which is stretching its arm around a corner in my former apartment, pointing it towards me and my camera in Demons exploit children's fear of the dark and monsters and physical abuse by parents.
FACT | Chemicals and other surgical techniques and physical-related things are done to enhance the results.