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#581 - PICS | Scores of "Little People" demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment

Welcome to the jungle; we got fun 'n games...
- Axl Rose, Guns 'n Roses

I posted up in "Dragon's" tent, which is located at the border of the trees and the dirt parking area, approximately where the silver car is pointing
"Itty-Bitty People" make an appearance at homeless encampment
Probably up to 100 demonic entities called "Itty-Bitty People" by Voices Demons and demon people attacked in a homeless encampment known to San Jose residents as The Jungle; this post shows only but a few of those. As usual, all the demons could be seen most clearly on video by panning the landscape with my iPhone camera, and then examining the stills for signs of demons blending with other objects, or, for the first time I've ever seen, appearing right out in the open.
NOTE | I learned new demonic vernacular this weekend, specifically, that demons call blending, "hiding right in front of their faces." Search this site for camera in motion to see other examples of finding demons by camera panning.
A perfect example of a demon appearing right in front of your face, without the hiding, though, is this gray-faced, black-hooded demon perched in a tree branch (upper-left corner):
Enhanced original Enhanced original, enlarged
Original still frame
The still frame shown above was taken from a portion of the video in which the camera was panning the landscape (i.e., in motion), hence the blurriness of the surroundings; without the movement, the demon would be less visible, ironically.

At least that's how it normally works; but, then, after reviewing a second video at a point at which the camera was not panning, you can see the same demon:
The same demon as shown above, as seen by a non-panning camera Original image, enlarged
Here's a couple of Facebook reader comments on this Itty-Bitty Person's photo:
Reactions ranged from "Is it your imagination? Strange..." to "I see something, but not quite what you see..."
Egg, the Itty-Bitty Artist/Childhood Trauma Inducer
Inside a makeshift tent under that tree was also this white-faced, black-hooded demon:
A little, white-faced, black-hooded
demon named, "Egy" (shown center)
Enhanced image, enlarged
The energy that comes from a demon distorts its image on a digital camera, depending on the proximity of the camera to the demon and the type of demon; as a result, what you see on camera is often not representative of the demon's actual face (i.e., what your eyes see), at least not exactly. In the image above, Egy actually looks similar to a white-masked hobgoblin demon. I assure you, however, he is nothing like them in appearance; his face is not mask-like at all, but very much flesh-and-blood.
NOTE | Speaking of hobgoblin demons, I'd say there were easily 50 of them in attendance, which means there are a lot of human medical experiments being conducted in the encampment. As reported before on this blog, hobgoblin demons typically post up in hospitals, where it's easier to do their work on people and get away with it. Apparently, homeless camps are good spots, too. To see an image of a hobgoblin demon at a local hospital, see Rare Photo of Voices Demon at VMC or Hoax? [see also The hospital bill from Hell (literally)]
There were a lot of interesting "firsts" on this particular day, not the least of which was a demon who blended with dirt. In this still frame, you can see the profile of a black man's face next to the wheel of a pushcart, looking straight up at the camera, using the shadow from the wheel for hair effect and a rock for the white of his left eye; he's looking up at me through half-lidded eyes:
Original still frame of a black man's face
(next to the wheel of the pushcart)
Original image, enlarged
Another first is this: a demon that looks like a human and blends, too. Demon half-breeds do plenty of other things, but never that. This makes me wonder if perhaps this is demon art, which the white-faced, black-hooded demon named Egy (shown above) is renowned for. I found that he is incredibly talented, and specializes in drawing images that you can look at three different times and see three different things.

UPDATE | It's not demon art, as is evidenced by preceding and successive frames in the source video. The first frame shows an indistinct, but rapidly emerging face gathering definition (below), the second shows the face seen above, and the third shows the face in a degenerated (or decomposed) state (also below). The fourth shows my foot covering half of the face in the dirt, evidencing the fact that I didn't notice it until I reviewed the video footage later. Based on the number of frames the it took for the face to appear and disappear, it would have only been there and gone in the blink of an eye:
A demon face begins to emerge from the dirt The same demon face, only one still frame later in the video, fully defined
I stepped on the face, not realizing it was there until after reviewing the video later  The same demon face, decomposing, appearing only a few still frames from the one showing the fully-defined face
If you're having trouble understanding what I'm talking about, then examine this image created by a human that does the same thing Egy's specialty artwork does:

This is either an old woman or a young woman, depending on where you're focusing
It's called the Chica o Vieja, or, Old Maid or Young Woman. Egg does artwork like that, but with far more complexity. He tends to prefer the company of human artists who share his talent, as is the case with the resident of the tent I photographed him in, i.e., Dragon (or "D").
NOTE | Read more about demonic artwork by searching for art and artwork and draw and tree on this blog.
Demonic smells spell "bitter pill" episodic attack in the making
The Itty-Bitty People moniker is sort of an inside joke to demons and their people because these types of demons are anything but itty-bitty in power and ambition. When a Voices Demon says to you, "Itty-Bitty People are unhappy," that usually spells trouble of apocalyptic proportions.

On this day, Itty-Bitty People were unhappy; and, one thing you notice first is the smell they generate as their ranks are called up (or out of) their realm. It is a smell that is designed to produce a fear that is buried within your subconscious. It reminds you of a horrible, terrible time you endured, but somehow have forgotten until now.

When I smelled it, I immediately remembered such a time that I had in a nightmare a very, very long time ago, when I was a child.
NOTE | For more on my demonic encounters as a child, read Childhood demon behind most recent attacksWhat it feels like when a demon possesses you, Demons mock childhood abuse prior to committing acts of violence, and Demons refuse questions re ties to childhood terror. For other peoples' experiences with same or similar, read Australian parents spot ceiling-crawling demon, Lullaby Demon in infant's nursery, READER | How do you kill a childhood demon?, and Demons exploit children's fear of the dark and monsters and physical abuse by parents. 
Upon smelling this peculiar scent, instantly, I remembered Egy and his people, and what they are capable of doing. This is called a "bitter pill," for some reason. When a demon says someone had a bitter pill to swallow, it means that they had a traumatic encounter with demons in which this smell was infused at the time, and which the reintroduction of that smell at a later time would cause a flashback of sorts, and, of course, generate fear.

Sounds fishy (smells it, too, pardon the pun); but, it works very well.
NOTE | Read more about demonic smells and the fear factor associated with them in The Devil smokes Double Diamond Cigarellos.
Childhood demon resurfaces as reflection of light
Panning a video camera across an area of high demonic activity and then reviewing the stills in-motion for demons is never necessary when it comes to this particular childhood demon; he's always right out in the open. He will miniaturize himself, though; so, you'll still need a good set of eyes.

In these stills, he is posing as a reflection of light against a wall of a makeshift tent. If you zoom in, you can see his trademark miniaturized head (tufts of hair on sides, bald on top) right over another all-blue demon's head, which I've seen many times, but have never shown on my blog.

To see other pics and videos of this particular demon, search for 'childhood demon' on this blog.

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Preview of upcoming stories and images
There's more coming up on the attack following the scent, including images of spikes to the eyes and scalpels to the neck, as shown here:
Notice the spike headed for the right eye and the incision being made under my ear on the back of my neck
Interpreting this image requires familiarity with similar images and videos from the past, which you can see in PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs and VIDEO | Demon pierces side with metal spikes. These are just a few of the plethora of posts showing definitive proof of demonic torture being inflicted on myself and others. Read the entire blog if you're concerned, but need to be convinced.
NOTE | Most importantly, search for attack on this blog. Also, learn how a camera in motion reveals surgical operations conducted by demons "in the ether" and "out of time" by reading Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically altered) guest.
Also, it'll help when this post is complete because it will show a series of still frames showing the spike and scalpel coming from one point and headed for another. This is just one of those pictures that long-time readers get, and new ones get turned off by. If you invest the time in the other posts, though (and even long-time readers should do this), I guarantee you'll be on-board.