Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#402 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons

A video clip made hours ago at a residence in Santa Clara shows several pillow demons, all of which appear on the same corner of my pillow; and, just like the old maid and the young maiden in Chica o Vieja, the faces overlap each other. This enhanced still frame highlights the most prominent one:
A color-enhanced and sharpened still frame (enlarged x2), showing an apprehensive, beret-wearing pillow demon peers sideways out of a fearful eye, with his upper lip coiled in snare, bearing gritted teeth
There are at least four other faces overlapping the one shown above; however, unlike the aforementioned painting, in which each face has an equal presence (e.g., same size), you might have to do more than just change your focal point as you stare at the image to see the face of each pillow demon. Specifically, you may have to make adjustments to color, as well as other enhancements (such as sharpening), to images of pillow and blanket demons to visualize faces that are less prominent due to overlapping.
NOTE | To enhance your own images showing demonic activity (or other), see Enhancing photos of demons.
Such faces include ones that share most of the same features as the face overlapping it, or ones that have less definition (fewer features and/or less depth and shading) and/or less surface area (by facing profile, particularly when the overlapping face is facing front). Others may require the imposition of a border mask (as was used in the still frame above) to assist in defining the outer region of the face appears.
NOTE | For the typical post on blanket demons, I only highlight the demon with a face that appear to have a round dark dot in their eyes, where the iris/pupils should be.
This was incidentally discovered when I viewed the same still frame in two different versions of Quicktime. Specifically, in the still frame made from the video played by Quicktime Player 7, only the face shown above was apparent; however, in Quicktime Player X, which uses a blacker black and a whiter white (i.e., an extended gamma range), another face emerged:
The extended gamma range of Quicktime X over Quicktime 7 revealed another face
The video clip is my first one showing a demon blending its face with a pillow. Like their blanket demon cousins, a pillow demon creates a face by bending and folding the pillow's fabric, and otherwise shapes the topography of the pillow to create contrasts between light and shadow, which are necessary to add realistic depth to facial features; and patterns and stripes are used to define the borders of those facial features, outline the region of the face, and for eyebrows a:

This video was made at same Santa Clara residence where I acquired the video and photo showing a blue-tinted demon blending with light and a photo of the white mask of a female hobgoblin demon hovering over a human woman's face.