Thursday, January 8, 2015

Clandestine surgical mutilation, hidden demonic "bomb" uncovered via demonic-activity video filter

The following still frames were created using the image-processing video filter script provided in TECHNOLOGY | Demonic-activity video stream; tween-frame video filter and others. In short, it couples consecutive still frames in a videos and overlaps them, and then creates a single still frame based on the difference and similarity between two. The difference is determined by the change of certain values in each pixel between the two frames, which occurs wherever the camera or subject was in motion in the video. The first frame is the starting point and the second is the endpoint, and only where they are different when they overlap will a difference be rendered into the new frame; otherwise, if the camera or subject is not moving, and the two frames are virtually the same, the newly created still frame would appear pitch black.

The advantages to processing video in this way are:
  1. Detect motion and the subject/object in-motion in otherwise pitch-black video. As discussed in Demonic Feng-Shui [see also Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow], shadows can serve as demonic entry and exit points (i.e., nexus or hub). Without this script, a demon in shadow is nothing more than a general outline of its body filled with slightly darker shadow on video; after the video is processed, you can actually see its facial features. The difference is shown in the new still frame, no matter how small the difference is; that's how motion is detected in the dark. To our eyes, there's not much difference between a dark shadow and a dark room; but, to a computer, the difference is a million pixel values wide. All it has to do is expand the difference once it recognizes one to make the shadow visible to us.
  2. Detect in-the-ether (demonic) activity by filtering stronger lightwave frequencies that block light reflected or emanated from cloaked (semi-transparent) subjects/objects/entities. Lightwaves from a cloaked demon, person or object are scattered by strong lightwaves from natural light sources; that's why it's easier to see demons in the dark, than otherwise. Even still, they do leave an imprint on the CCD image sensor in digital camera, which is considered by the differencing algorithm when determining changes between two still frames. So, even though the eye cannot see the image data left by cloaked light (because it's overlapped by image data from the stronger lightwaves), the image-processing software can see it, and marks changes in its values between two frames, just as it does for all other data that you can see.
These benefits come at a low-price as compared to the old methods of processing digital media for activity such as demonic possession, which consists of dozens of manual steps taken in Photoshop or GIMP just to process a single image or frame [see TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video; see also PHOTOS/VIDEOS | Further demonic possession revealed].

There is only one trade-off, and that is that the image-processing differencing filter creates an unnatural color to objects, just like satellite imaging (which uses some of the same scientific principles at work behind those of the image-processing script); but, that's nothing compared to what it reveals.

For example, processing just 15 seconds of a video made during the most recent period of high demonic activity (and while in the company of certain demon persons) revealed the following:

Additional evidence of a specific kind of surgical mutilation, which involves removing the front cranial plate and face of a human, and then replacing it again—all in-the-ether (i.e., cloaked and outside of the flow rate of normal time)—was detected:
Frame 1 of 4, showing frontal cranial plate and fascia removal in-the-ether [click to enlarge]Frame 2 of 4, showing frontal cranial plate and fascia removal in-the-ether [click to enlarge]
Frame 3 of 4, showing frontal cranial plate and fascia removal in-the-ether [click to enlarge]Frame 4 of 4, showing frontal cranial plate and fascia removal in-the-ether [click to enlarge]
In the above still frames, notice the detached border between the front of the face and back of the head, and the lifted frontal cranial plate (forehead and scalp). This very thing was first shown in Frontal cranial plate detached from head, looks like hobgoblin demon mask:

Surgical detachment of my front cranial plate and face, made evident in an in-motion still frame from a video made nearly two years agoSame still frame shown left, color-enhanced for better detail; the man shown in the still frames above exhibits the same elevation of his forehead
Other posts showing surgical mutilation of humans by demons and their people include:
Detection of hand-based, human-deployed demonic weapons fire, specifically, a type of demon weapon which emits "wires" (as they are called) from the fingertips of the bearer of such arms, and which lance the target at a specific body point in order to contribute to a cumulative damage that is intended to result in the gradual—but eventual—loss or diminished capacity of a particular bodily organ or the like (such as the eyes, liver, kidneys, brain, teeth, neck, head, knees or heart). When fired, either the assailant or someone else may announce the intended target, and the anticipated result; for example, "heart attack" might be mentioned in casual conversation right before or after being struck in the heart by such a weapon.

A still frame from the same series shown above, blurred by an in-motion camera and highlight-processed by my demonic-activity filtering video filter......shows the beginnings of an assault with a hand-based demonic weapon, shown best in Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon
For reference and comparison, here is a close-up of that same demonic weapon, minus the processing performed by the video filter:

A lucky break allowed a pristine image of a hand-based demonic weapon in mid-mutative form [fromClose-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon]; going forward, it's more likely that all such weapons will look like the still frames shown in this post
The man's otherwise human hand mutating into a demonic weapon is clearly shown, even after heavy processing by my video filter scripts......which not only enhance the visibility of otherwise undetectable demonic activity, but preserve the visual integrity of that which is already visible
Several still frames show the same demon person whose face was ripped off by his supposed demon friends penetrating my forearm with a weapon as aforedescribed; specifically, they show the fingers of his hand transforming into wires (shown above) and lengthening to three times their normal length (as does his arm), and then his hand buried up to his wrist into my forearm:

Viewing the entire series of still frames one-at-a-time helps visualize the attack; that series is available on Flickr:

Hidden cloaked demonic weapons also detected
The absolute and sheer beauty of the video filters is that they highlight cloaked (semi-invisible and fast-moving) demonic weapons, no matter where they are; if you're holding the camera and a weapon of this nature is fired at you, my video filter will discover it upon processing that video. Once this technology is further developed, there will be more posts about finding and dismantling such weapons; but, for now, proving their existence will have to suffice.

This still frame shows the same three prongs on a demonic "bomb" that are seen in the one shown in VIDEO/PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas, and even more clearly in Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC:

A three-pronged demonic bomb, concealed in a toilet-seat dispenser behind me, spears the back of my neck on video at Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC
The only difference is, this time, instead of coming from a toilet-seat cover dispenser, it is coming from an overhead ceiling lamp in the motel room:

The three-pronged "bomb" on-a-wire lashes out from an overhead ceiling lamp in the motel room [click to enlarge]
With my video filters, they are easy to detect on video; they will always look like a string or rope in in-motion still frames, and will be the only thing that is clear, while all other parts of the image are blurry:

Another still frame showing the three-pronged head of a demonic "bomb" on-a-wire [click to enlarge]
A close-up of the tendrils shown above, as viewed through my kitchen window, in passing
UPDATE | Even better than frame differencing is setting the aperture for over-exposure, and recording these types of weapons in a darkened room. Because the light reflected from their cloak leaves a "heavier" imprint on the camera sensor than the surrounding, natural light, the weapons will not only be sharp (versus blurry like non-cloaked objects) but will resemble their natural look:
These two still frames were made with an iPhone 6 Plus using a camera app that allows for high-exposure frame capture

The same kind of entities or weapons shown prior, made visible by frame-differencing (versus high-exposure)
The Devil's-Pitchfork array of weaponry is prevalent in the Bay Area, and could probably be found in nearly every home and every square inch in between; they are even found on and in demon people and victims alike (the only two types of citizens in the Dachau that was once Silicon Valley), embedded in their skin and various bodily orifices. They are detonated on verbal and/or physical cue, or predetermined proximity by a target's "tag."

Differentiating between weapons often becomes a game of count-the-prongs; in one video, you can see a pronged-weapon striking me in the neck, one that is clearly made from different technology than the one seen in the ceiling lamp, and in so many yet-to-be-posted videos:

Another pronged weapon, striking me in the neck, having been embedded in the lining of my jacket [from VIDEO | Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle]; clothes that disappear and then reappear (as mine often do) should be considered suspect [see VIDEO | Demon doll-maker turns jacket into actual demon]
The difference, other than appearance, is not yet clear (by difference, I mean manufacturer, capability, use, association, etc.).

Update: Another three-pronged weapon attack
On Monday, June 22nd, 2015, while being bombarded with demonic weapons, I captured another three-pronged demonic weapon, striking me in the side of my face. It would likely be invisible or as blurry as the other images were it not for one of the imaging filters I developed, which completely eliminates motion blur, and solidifies moving objects:

The Devil's Pitchfork, buried in the side of my face
Although the filter completely sucks the realism from images processed by it, moving objects are rendered as if they sat completely still for the camera.